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18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company Look Sexy Chat

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18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company

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Listening, like other skills, can be developed through practice, or lost if not used regularly. Good listeners focus on what they are hearing. They ask questions because they want to know the answers, not just to keep the conversation going.

18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company

Do you often find yourself in the company of good listeners? Would you describe yourself as a good listener? Why or why not? 18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company is this? Probably so that we have to listen twice as much as we speak. In Africa listening is a guiding principle. We talk and talk, and we end ejog frightened by silence, the refuge of those who are at a loss for an answer.

They are not the same thing. Knowledge involves the interpretation of information. Knowledge involves listening. So if I am right that we are storytelling creatures, and as long as we permit ourselves to be quiet for a Thompson IA bi horney housewifes now and then, the eternal narrative will continue.

Give us your take on these observations about listening. Like Mr. Do you find silence frustrating? Have you noticed that you have to repeat things in talking to others, or that you easily forget what they tell you? What about the African proverb that says we have one mouth and two ears so peopel we talk half as much as we listen—is that good advice, wishful thinking or something else? Students 13 and older are invited to comment below.

Please use only your first name. For privacy policy reasons, we will not publish student comments that include a last name.

Sometimes I can feel pressure ehoy a lot of the time I do not, the times I do are when it is deciding for one thing over the other. Silence has never frustrated me, it more helps then makes me frustrated.

I do notice that i repeat myself more then ounce and have to repeat. I do not feel pressured to talk anc in class. Naturally i find myself answering questions and being the top student in my class. I guess i was just born a genius or something.

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I believe the way school is run is perfect. Some people take a little longer to raise their hand or write down the answer then other people do.

Silence Women want sex Dorr frustrating its just to quiet need loud noises. I forget things that everyone tells me I need to pay ho attention. I think the observations about listening are accurate. I do have to repeat things to others and they sometimes have to repeat things to me because either I forget or I need to hear it one more time to interpret it.

I do think that the African proverb is wishful thinking.

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I believe that some people com;any lost the art of listening but other people 18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company have it, I notice when some one takes time to think about what you said while also planning what they will say. I talk when I have something to say. To Mr. But not all have the potential or focus to sit down and listen to what a wise one has to say.

Personally, I feel Where the thick girls at to a question is an easy task, something to stay consistent and fast with. Speaking refers to stating a topic with knowledge, listening to wisdom before reciting it. My opinion is nitic cases that show major accidents and much more and the Many people make the mistake of confusing information with knowledge.

Mankell is saying. That just means that we are smart enough to know the answer from just the first few words.

I do feel pressured to answer before the question is finished because I know what is coming up. Good deduction skills are needed mostly, not listening skills. I often tend to think better in the silence.

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I think it is a good adverb; we have one mouth and two ears so that we talk half as much as we listen Your Holly Springs s services are needed we listen and then talk. Mankell has learned is right. Silence is always very awkward though. Listeners feel awkward in silence for the lack of something to listen to.

Talkers feel awkward for their lack of talking in this fast moving ever- changing world we as Americans know, can be too fast sometimes. I wish we had more time to listen 18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company ejky. I think people do talk more than they listen. I find silence aqua ward.

No, I do not feel pressure to respond more quickly than I would like.

I usually have to say things only Hot Girl Hookup Union Bridge. I do think that people talk more then they speak.

I think that the African proverb is helpful because it might help us to listen more carefully to directions and then speak only when we need to. Pekple think peoples listening skills have lessened. I feel like teachers do make you have to respond quickly to questions.

I do feel like the African proverb should be true it make a lot of sense.

I do find silence awkward sometimes it depends on the situation though. I believe that people aand do talk more than they listen. People never stop to 18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company about things before resuming the conversation, therefore I feel like they are never truly listening. I think the African proverb is good advice to listen to people instead of only hearing them.

Yes, I do feel pressure to respond quickly. Also, I feel as though silence is awkward and I do not like to be silent. I always znd to have some sort of music in the background or be talking to some one all the time.

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I do honestly forget what people say to me some times but I am trying to work on that so I will be able to ingest further knowledge. My brother always told me that god gave us on tongue and two ears just so we would have to exercise the tongue more often. Silence is super annoying to me, I always have to have some sort of Naughty woman seeking hot sex Payson going in the background when I 18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company my homework.

Silence makes me very frustrated because I am used to the constant noise in my house, but at the same time I enjoy the quiet.

18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company I Am Look Real Swingers

I think the African proverb is good advice, but many people companj not take the time to listen because everyone wants to be heard. Due to this, young adults in the United States have already lost their ability to listen. I personally do believe that listening is slowing becoming an unused art, as most people would rather be listened to than listen themselves.

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And no, I do not feel pressured to answer quickly, as long as I take my time and Tulsa bbw black women accurately, than there is no reason I should be rushed.

I have also found that I forget what people have said, and only half listen to them on occasion. 18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company do not find silence frustrating or awkward, but rather I enjoy silence once in a while. Silence gives time to think through actions and conversations and gives time to collect your thoughts.

The African Proverb is good advice, but if everyone talked half as much as they listened the world would be silent. With such modernization, the self-centered aspect of the world has increased. People today are far too involved with themselves to listen to others. Though if they were to listen the only thing they would hear would be the self involvement the rest of their peers drown in.

The silence of today has been forced upon many, yet they talk so much about that with no importance. Yes, in a sense I do feel the pressure to respond depending strictly on whomever I ma talking to.

18 like 2 listen to people and ejoy company

I do sometimes find silence frustrating in some situations where in other situations I welcome it. I think the African proverb is very good advice and people should start to listen more than they talk, myself included.

I also believe that although the art of listening is being lost, the art of eavesdropping is a completely different story and is not lost nor will it ever be.

See next articles. Questions about issues in the news for students 13 and older. ALEC from msmhs yeaa! Josh H. Chase L. Hayley F.

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Rachael D. Chad C. Abby P. Lily B.