A Brand-New Start!

Well, there hasn’t been much news in a while, I’m afraid.

As you may remember, my first book, The Detective’s Brother, was picked up by Sinnful Ebooks last fall with a release date of May. I even got a wonderful cover that I was set to reveal here – it was already released on Twitter – but unfortunately before that I got an email saying that Sinnful was closing down.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how disappointed (and a bit heartbroken) I was. Before they signed me I had been trying to sell Detective’s Brother for several years but no agents or publishers would touch it. I did have a couple of nibbles but didn’t hear anything back after they read over the first few chapters.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Booktrope before. It’s a hybrid publisher where once you’re accepted, you work with editors, designers, and marketers to form a creative team for your book and publish it. Then Booktrope take care of the printing, distribution, and the rest of the stuff that I really don’t want to fiddle with. I submitted Detective’s Brother to them after hearing about the good work they did with some Now that I’ve signed the paperwork I can announce I am officially a Booktrope author now! I’m really excited and my husband bought me a cake to celebrate. I’ll keep you updated with more information as it comes and give you as much insight as I can into the process.

I also finished some light edits on another book I finished a while back called Framed. It’s set in the same time period and has a very brief cameo by one of the characters from Detective’s Brother! Being signed by Booktrope has given me a new passion to do some rewriting on it. Hopefully it will turn out to be my second book if the first does well!


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