Putting Myself Out There

I’ve been thinking for a little while about how to get myself out there as a writer, and one of the most terrifying but necessary things you can do is submit your work. I always feel a little like I’m kicking a baby bird out of the nest when I do it.

After some consideration I decided that I’m going to submit one of my very short stories to some romance magazines and see if anyone would like to publish it. I would love for it to get a wider audience and get my name out there a bit more. I have a few shorts that I was planning to put up here on the site but there hasn’t seemed to be much interest in them so I’ve been focusing on my books instead.

I’m also thinking of doing some of the Yeah Write writing challenges! They’re fun weekly writing prompts and a great way to make new writer friends. I’ll try to keep them in the realm of Texas historical fiction and you never know, it could end up being a book idea or further writing prompt!

I was reading a blog from an old friend and saw that she used to participate in a weekly writing challenge called the Trifecta Challenge, which looks like it was a lot of fun! Unfortunately it closed in 2011 so I had to look around for a similar challenge. Writing a very short story a week might be a little much for me, but their microfiction challenge might be fun to try.

Last night I officially made it to 31 Christmas squares! I’ve got the last 9 white centers made, so now I start on adding the red rounds, then the green and woo-hoo! I’ll be finished with the swap and can focus on the scrapghan squares. I’ll probably post each square as I finish it on Twitter with a weekly roundup here, so if you want to see the progress as it happens, follow me over there and read all the other goodness I post.


I’ve been putting my swap squares in these plastic stackable crates and they’re the perfect size for 40 or 50 squares and one of those one pound yarn skeins that I use for the joining. It leaves me a significant amount left over but that’s what the scrapghan projects are for, right? They stack perfectly too, and fit right under the clothes in my closet so they don’t take up too much space. The only problem is that they’re all full right now!


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