Happy Early Christmas (Squares)!

This weekend I finally finished all the Christmas squares for the friendship swap! There are 40 squares in two color combinations, 20 red/green/white and 20 green/red/white.All Xmas

That’s a lot of squares! Just looking at them is making my hands tired.

All Xmas 2

Nice top view so you can really see the two color combinations. They’re just your basic granny square with a couple of color changes. I kind of limit myself to granny squares for the swaps so I can do them fairly quickly and can watch TV or sit around and chat with people while I work on them.

Xmas Squares

20 green/red/white squares! For some reason I finished these faster than the red/green/white ones. We have been binge-watching a lot of TV shows so I’ve had plenty of time to work on them. Right now we are watching The Shield, but before that we had a Hannibal marathon during the Scrapghan swap and I really went crazy!

I think I mentioned before that I go a little overboard with the squares, purely by accident. This swap was supposed to be 36 squares total, but I didn’t want another square blanket, so I figured I’d make a couple extra to make it rectangular. Somehow I got it into my head that I’d be sending out 36 instead of 32 (oops) and said “I’ll make 42, that’s only 2 extra!” Ha ha ha!

So now I’ll have 32 squares from my friends and 10 that I made. I did almost the same thing with the scrapghan swap. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to do these things properly!


Instead of another two squares I decided I was going to make two extra squares for myself in a special, different pattern. I looked up patterns for 7″ squares and one of the ones that came up on a roundup page was a Christmas poinsettia square. I modified it a little with the red border so it doesn’t get lost in the white joining I plan to do but I think it came out nicely!

So now I’ve got 42 Christmas squares all tucked in their project crate waiting for the okay from the Swapmaster to be sent. The swap isn’t actually over until October 31st so I’ve got some time to wait, but last time she let us send them early.

The next project I’m going to work on is putting together the scrapghan squares. If I continue on at this rate, I’ll spend two months making the squares for a swap and the third putting together the previous swap. I was going to hold off on the next swap (which hasn’t actually been announced yet) because I thought I was behind but I guess I was wrong!

We’ve got plenty more of The Shield to watch – we’re on Season 4 and I have all six seasons – and then we are talking about starting to collect The Wire. Half Price Books has all five seasons just waiting for us and all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy! Can you tell we’re really into cheerful, lighthearted shows with happy endings?


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