Scrapghan Starters

I’ve gotten a lot more work done on the Friendship Scrapghan than I expected and I’m so excited to share the results with you!

Stage 1

I started last Sunday with a little work on the borders of the squares and ended up edging the entire first row, which I joined to get to this stage on about Tuesday. My husband and I have been binge-watching old cop shows and it’s the perfect thing to work on while we make our way through the season of The Shield that makes me want to fling things at the television.

Stage 2

Next thing I knew I had another row edged and joined in spite of some strangeness in the sizes of the squares. You always expect a little variation from person to person – tightness of their stitches, size of the hook, and of course the fact that we had free choice of scrap yarn – so I had to do a little creative joining but a couple of days later I had the two rows joined.

Stage 3

You can’t really tell the color of the edging/joining but it’s a dark brown the label says is “Coffee.” It looks really nice close up. I also found that the perfect light for photographing the true colors is the overhead light in my living room against the wood floor. The colors come out pretty true and much richer than the natural light I was using before.

As of last night I had three rows edged and joined, which is almost halfway done. I’m planning on eight rows of six and am working right now on edging the fourth, which should be done by next Friday. I have next weekend off so I’ll have plenty of time to get it (and maybe more!) done.

Since I’m going so much faster on this than planned, I’m probably going to need an interim project until I get the Christmas squares back. The Christmas swap officially ends on October 31st and the squares will get mailed out at the beginning of November, which means I’ll have those by the end of the month. NaNoWriMo means I probably won’t get those started until December but I’ll still have a few weeks with nothing to do. I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet. I’m thinking about finding random squares on Ravelry to make into a random afghan but we’ll see how that goes.

I was looking back through the past swaps on our Facebook page and it looks like there aren’t any swaps between September/October and February/March so I’m going to have a couple of months of idle hands unless I find another project. Suggestions are appreciated!


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