Three Cheers!

Really exciting news! Gaslight, the story I submitted to the Yeah Write fiction challenge this week, won Editor’s Pick!

I was really nervous submitting it – what if it didn’t get any votes at all? I got some great feedback from readers and editors on it, though, so I figured even if I didn’t win it was a great experience and I was looking forward to participating in weeks to come. I checked to see the votes and was a little dismayed to find that I was basically in 4th place but super excited when I saw that the editors picked my story! Here’s what one had to say:

If you’ve ever wondered how a title could be important to a piece of fiction, look no further than Rebecca’s Gaslight. It guides the way the reader interprets the nameless protagonist’s movements through the empty house and clarifies the motives left unsaid by the two characters. In fact, not much is said in this story–everything is illustrated, from the empty frames to the half-empty house. We know what’s going on based on the scene the author’s set up, not because anything has been explained. To add to the disquieting mood set by the title and strange actions of the characters, the piece is also filled with muted, colorless colors–gray, stainless steel, blonde hair. This type of color motif reinforces the story’s noir-like feel, and is very effectively done.

I’m really happy about this! I may submit it to a couple of places as flash fiction. I thought it was really good and this proves it! I can’t wait to share next week’s story with you all!


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