Scrapghan Round Two

I thought for some reason that I was slowing down on the progress of my scrapghan but it turns out I was wrong. I got almost the exact same amount of work done on it this week as I did last week!
4 rowsAt this point the joining of the squares is officially halfway finished! I’m going to have eight rows of six squares, which should make a nice sized rectangular blanket.

I’ve been taking pictures of each individual row as I complete them but I didn’t want to put them all on here and completely spam you with pictures. It’s really looking cool now, though, and the slideshow on my phone is this neat time-lapse thing.

5 rows

Five rows now, and you can see that the square in the upper right hand corner is joined a little differently. That’s because the squares are quite a bit smaller than the others. I think this is due to the fact that one of our swappers was an 11 year old who had just learned to do a granny square, but the ones she did are cute and bright, and all I had to do was crochet an extra round onto it to join it.

6 rowsAnd this is what I finished just last night! Another cute square from our youngest crocheter and a black and white one that is my husband’s favorite. Only two more rows to go, and I was able to edge a couple last night as well. The joining part will definitely be done by next weekend and maybe a little of the edging. I’ve got something cute planned for it, so I hope it turns out. My cute ideas have a way of not panning out.

Since I’m almost out of that nice coffee yarn, I went to Michaels with my coupon in hand (well, phone) and picked up another one-pound skein. While I was there I found what I think is going to be my next project while I wait for the squares from the Christmas exchange to get to me. Speaking of, those are going to be sent out soon. Anyhow, they have free patterns in the yarn section and one just called out to me – it’s done in squares! Here’s the pattern, it looks cute! What color, though? I like the blue but I’d really love purple or green…

Now, back to the squares!


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