The Scrapghan, Completed

Here it is, the last scrapghan post. I hope you’re excited to see the finished project as much as I am!


Here we go, seven rows all joined together (please ignore the tiny bit of my toe at the bottom). This was the row where almost all the squares were the exact same size so I didn’t have to do any fudging, which meant it went together faster than any of the other rows.

Scrapghan 8 rows

And here are all the squares joined together! I took a little while to admire it at this point. It looks pretty good just like this but I was excited to put on the edging and make it into a real blanket!

Finished Scrapghan

Finally, the finished scrapghan! 48 granny squares of various colors and yarn types/sizes made by 8 sets of hands all around the country, joined and edged by me. I’m really loving the way the coffee yarn I used for joining and edging it makes it look a little funky, and the dark color makes the neons pop. It puts me in mind of a vintage afghan you’d see on your great-aunt’s couch and I love it.

Scrapghan border

Here’s a little close-up of the edging. I had some turquoise yarn hanging out from a thwarted project and thought it would look good with the brown and it turns out I was right! My husband loves the way this combination looks. I intended to put a row of double crochet above the two blue stripes but this way it looks like the second stripe is thicker and it looks really classy.

I am completely thrilled with this scrapghan. It took me a little under a month to put it together which is way faster than I expected considering my first one took a month (I was being lazy). I’m considering making another one once I get enough scrap yarn in the old bin, but I doubt it’ll be as much fun doing it on my own. Part of the joy of doing these friendship afghans is seeing what everyone else comes up with. Looking forward to seeing how the Christmas squares come out!


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