NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerToday is the first day of NaNoWriMo and I’m off to a great start with almost 3000 words! I had planned to stay up until midnight and get right to business but I got sleepy after binge-watching Sons of Anarchy and crocheting.

So here’s a little bit about my novel.

A few years back I started writing a story about a teacher, two men, and the unexpected bond between them. It was a contemporary romance before I discovered my love of historicals, and I really had a great time with it for about 30 pages. Then I just sort of stopped. I put it away in the virtual drawer and went about my business.

Then one day I decided I was going to write a story set in the Old West about two detectives and a suspicious series of events, and that became The Detective’s Brother. I discovered that I really enjoyed writing historical romance and enjoyed reading Western history and researching it just as much. I wrote another story called Framed that needs a bit of polishing but will probably be my next book, and then turned my attention to If I Hadn’t Met You, the story I’m rewriting for NaNoWriMo.

I’m not sure what possessed me to rewrite it in 1880s Texas but I kind of reworked the characters, wrote a comprehensive outline, and went over some of my old notes. I’m really enjoying rearranging things to fit my 1885 Fort Worth setting, and coming up with names from that time period is especially fun.

A lot of people say that you can’t really produce anything of quality in 30 days and to be honest, I don’t expect to have the story completely finished in just a month. Detective’s Brother took over 70,000 words to tell the story so I’m assuming this will be about the same. But if I can get 50,000 raw words down, I can finish it up in December and get the first editing pass made, then send it to my beta readers.

I’m excited to get this story told the right way and excited to be a part of such a wild and crazy group of writers! I’ll post some excerpts as I’m writing if you promise not to hold the first draft against me.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriPost!”

    1. So far it’s going well! I’m enjoying the changes I’ve made. I’m starting edits this month with my editor so I kind of feel you there. But even if I don’t make 50K at least I got something done!


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