Summer Sunshine Afghan

As promised, here are some pictures of the first friendship swap I did! It was called the Summer Sunshine swap and the theme was all colors of yellow, no set pattern. Unlike the last two swaps I’ve done, I actually made the correct number of squares, which led to a square blanket.

Summer Sunshine 1

This one was a little different! We had 18 participants, so everyone got 2 squares from each other. Nowadays the group is a little smaller so we each get 4-5 squares from each other and usually still end up with about 36 squares each. Then you can overmake squares like I do, ha ha ha.

Summer Sunshine Border

Originally my border was going to be a sage green (that doesn’t photograph well), the same color as the joining. When I was a couple of rows around it, though, it was kind of boring so I added a butter yellow stripe that I think really made a difference.

Summer Sunshine 2

The finished blanket! Please ignore the clutter and my husband standing over at the edge, we still had kind of a mess from moving. Crocheting is a great way to de-stress when there is a living room full of boxes and bags in your living room, though! I highly recommend it.

So that’s the first friendship afghan I ever made! I’m very proud of it and you can bet I carried it around in a shopping bag with me for a while and showed it to everyone. Now it’s folded up in a project crate in my closet but if I come across a family member or friend who really likes yellow I might consider giving it to them. Maybe not, though. I’m kind of a project hoarder.


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