Sibling Envy

This is my first week doing the Open Book Blog Hop! I plan on posting these on Wednesday or Thursday from now on but I just couldn’t pass the subject up. This week we are talking about brothers and sisters.

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As an only child, I have always wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister. My friends all either loved their brothers and sisters or hated them with a passion, and I wanted to find out what it was like for myself. My husband, also an only child, is the opposite. He’s happy to be a singleton and never thought about having a sibling.

The closest thing I had was two cousins that I spent a lot of time with. Our grandmother took care of the three of us until the oldest one was old enough to take care of us younger two and I, being the youngest, was extremely ambivalent about the entire situation. My cousin was excited not to be the baby, and I was excited to have sisters until they started dressing me up and crimping my hair. It was the eighties and there is lots of embarrassing photographic evidence, none of which I am able to locate at this moment. Be happy about this.

Because I never had siblings I tend to explore these relationships in my stories. Loving siblings and siblings who missed each other play a big role but I also have siblings who hate each other and would do whatever it took to see their brother or sister fail. Sometimes I wonder whether I’m getting these relationships right since I don’t have firsthand experience but I do read a lot of books, which I hope are steering me in the right direction.

My book, The Detective’s Brother, which is in production right now, deals with the relationship of a young woman to her sister who has passed away. The grief she feels is based on my loss of my parents rather than a sibling but I feel like it rings true. Your family, whether it’s a sibling or parent, is always and will always be a part of you no matter your relationship.

I still wish I had a brother, though. I would have loved stealing his clothes.

Share your story about your brothers and sisters!

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