Merry Christmas Exchange!

Finally, a new crochet post!

It would seem that November was a bad month for me to try and start the mystery crochet-along. Thanks to NaNoWriMo and my rewrites, I didn’t even finish the first week’s assignment. I may go back to it later when I’m between projects but for now it’s on the back burner.

However, my Christmas squares arrived! I was so excited to open them and see what everyone else came up with, but I saved the real rifling through them for when I was finished with my writing. They were certainly worth the wait.Xmas Exchange

Here they are, 28 squares made by 7 friends. Everyone’s greens were so much brighter than mine I feel kind of jealous. I thought the deep green looked like a Christmas tree but it kind of just ended up looking blackish in the pictures.

My Xmas

These are the ones I made! I wanted it to be a rectangular blanket so I made the 4 for myself and um, 10 more. It kind of got out of hand.

Xmas Final Placement

Here’s the final placement. I just put all of mine on the outer columns and I think it looks pretty good. It’s still a little more square than I really would like but I’m not making more squares. It would never end. 35 squares would have made a nice rectangular (if a little small) blanket. Sigh.

Now that I think about it, I might move the poinsettia squares up to the middle. It looks a little unbalanced this way. I’ll have to remember that for when I start putting them together. I plan on using the rest of the pound of white yarn that I bought for the project. Hopefully it will look nice. I don’t trust myself around white blankets, clothes, etc. so I don’t think I’ll ever use it. Maybe one of my mothers in law would like it. They’re far more festive than I am.


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