Revenge of the Nanny Cam

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This week on the Blog Hop we’re talking about nanny spying.

Honestly, I have to say I have mixed feelings on the subject. Both my husband and I work, but we are fortunate enough to have in-laws who are happy to watch our little one so I can’t really say I have a first-hand investment in the topic.

Any time you have a stranger in your house with your child I can see where the temptation could be to put in a camera. Monitoring your family can be a good thing; many of us use baby monitors to make sure our kids are okay while they’re in their rooms. However, I feel that in some cases hidden cameras may be going too far.

Accidents happen, even with the most careful parents and caregivers. I felt guilty for days when our girl ran into the coffee table, and worried about what people would say if they saw a bump on her forehead. As a nanny I imagine that the worry would be much worse because they are afraid they’ll be blamed or fired because the parents would interpret something like that as proof that the nanny wasn’t doing her job. In that case a nanny cam could be a good thing, confirming that the kids weren’t being neglected, it was just an ordinary “clumsy toddler” moment.

If a parent suspects abuse or purposeful neglect of their child or elder, I would definitely say to install a camera both to confirm the issue and give as evidence when the abuse is reported. Many children and elders don’t have a way to tell us when they’re being harmed, or are afraid of being hurt worse if they do tell someone. In that case, having a nanny cam could not only help these vulnerable people but even save a life.

Putting in a camera just to be able to check on the kids and house might be very helpful, too. I know I’d like to look in and see what my girl is up to, but I wouldn’t do it without telling everyone involved. Unless I suspected abuse though, I probably wouldn’t install one. I wouldn’t want to be spied on if I was helping out with the kids!

I know people have a lot of differing feelings on this topic, so I’m really looking forward to reading all the blogs and see how our friends are weighing in.

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5 thoughts on “Revenge of the Nanny Cam”

  1. I had mixed emotions too. I lean more towards being okay with it for the safety of the children. My protective instincts are so willing to overstep. But, it’s true that while it can provide evidence, it can also bear false witness–things might look what they’re not. Babysitters/caregivers are under pressure to be perfect despite not being able to control situations. That said, we do want to catch the bad ones. It’s such a catch-22.

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    1. Exactly. I am not a very trusting person. The people I trust can be counted on one hand and there might be a finger to spare. But some people I trust and when I do, they’ve never failed me — well, mostly. I would only use this technology if I didn’t trust someone and if I didn’t trust them, I wouldn’t let them take care of my kids.

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