That Sneaky Ice

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This week on the Blog Hop we’re talking about our favorite winter pastimes.

For a couple of years, I lived up North in Wisconsin and Illinois. When I was there, winter meant cold and snow, but it also meant that the snow plows and shovels were out in full force. Even when it was below zero I wasn’t worried about walking to work or driving around town. I even went running out to the lighthouse in Wisconsin because someone had shoveled the path off.

It’s a completely different story in Texas. Last year we got a few inches of snow and the entire city shut down. I spent the last few years in South Texas where it gets quite cold but very rarely snows, but I spent several mornings earlier this year slipping on my way across the parking lot to use the business center and asking for rides to work from people who had 4-Wheel Drive.

Snow doesn’t worry me. I used to enjoy the crunch of it under my boots when I was walking to my friends’ houses in Chicago and it wasn’t too hard to drive on if you were careful. Unfortunately in my current neck of the woods, snow is usually piled on top of a nice slick sheet of ice just waiting for you to step on it the wrong way. Ice is the real enemy, and a devious one.

It doesn’t snow very often here. Mostly it’s just semi-solid rain and a lot of wind. Last year I was out on New Year’s Eve and I don’t think my nose has fully recovered. So I’d have to say that my favorite winter pastime is staying inside and reading, or hitting up a Starbucks for a chai latte while I use my computer. Not very exciting, but it’s better than freezing outside while there’s not even any snow to play with.

In spite of this, I can’t help hoping it will snow again this year. My husband was out of Texas for most of it and when he came home he had a lot of fun picking up the random bits of snow that were still lying around and making snowballs. Oddly enough, he refuses to move up North with me. Men are so strange.

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7 thoughts on “That Sneaky Ice”

  1. “Houstonians and snow … not a good combination.” So said my sister-in-law, who lives in Houston, during that snow storm. She knew her brother, my husband, would be laughing hysterically at the entire town shutting down. You know from Wisconsin that people can cope with snow if they know it’s coming, but Texans are surprised by it … as surprised as Alaskans are with rain in January.

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    1. I lived just outside Denver for a few years for school and we got 8 inches one day about two weeks after I got there. I tried to call out that day and literally got laughed at. No skipping the commute to Denver that day!


      1. Fairbanks calls school off for -50 below or rain. I’ve never known us to cancel anything for snow. I work for Dept. of Transportation and we never tell drivers they can’t drive the weather. Regardless of the weather, we advise people to use their good judgment and remind them that we are under no obligation to rescue poor decision makers.


  2. We do not get a lot of snow here in East Anglia. However, just one flake has to fall and all the local schools close down, usually with the excuse that staff cannot get to school. It’s strange how everybody else struggles to their workplace but teachers seem unable to!


  3. When I lived in Florida, people got excited on the one occasion there were a few ice crystals floating around. Not real snow, more like tiny shavings from a block og ice. I had to hide my laughter.


  4. I had the same kind of experiences so I know exactly what you mean. I still love the snow but not here in the deep south…where no one except others of us from the North know how to handle it. A few flurries is all I need these days to make me happy and enjoy a southern winter.


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