The Littlest Firefighter Outfit

A week or so ago, my coworker sent me a text message asking if I could make her a cute pink and gray firefighter outfit for her sister’s baby. She’d seen it on Etsy and said that she’d rather pay me to make one for her and wanted to know what I would charge. I kindly told her that I would need a pattern to make it and she said okay. Then, on Saturday, she sent me a photo of a similar one in red and black and I finally caved and searched Ravelry and Craftsy for a pattern.

I found one on Craftsy that looked close to what she was looking for and sent her a picture for approval, along with an estimated cost and hoped she got back to me before I left work and got into my comfy pants. She was thrilled and I headed for the craft store with my work clothes on. I picked up some pretty pink and heather gray super-soft yarn and bought the pattern, wondering how long it would take me to make it.

Firefighter Set

Turns out, it takes about a day and a half.

diaper coverThis thing is just too adorable for words. I started off with the diaper cover and suspenders for a 3-6 month old because I had no idea how old this baby was. It occurred to me as I was making it that I should have asked, but it was a little late so I just went with the size I was making. The pattern recommended using little buttons on the inside to make the suspenders adjustable, so even if the baby is smaller they’ll fit for a photo shoot.

Booties 1The booties reminded me of why I love the idea of booties and want to tear my hair out while I’m making the first one. I work out my frustrations by the second bootie but the first one never fails to make me frog at least half a round.

Booties 2The pattern called for a little strap at the top but I omitted it. These look just like the ones she wanted!

FD HatThe hat posed some problems. Once I started working on it I decided I didn’t like the hat from the pattern, so I frogged about a third of it. Started on a simple pattern from another site and somehow managed to increase a ridiculous amount – it looked more like a coaster than a hat! Third try was the charm, and I added a cute scalloped edge to it along with the badge I cross-stitched “FD” on, and it was complete!

My coworker absolutely adored it, so staying up until midnight-thirty working on it was totally worth it. She was surprised at how fast I made it – her sister hasn’t even had the baby yet! Oh well, it’ll be a cute baby shower gift for her.

Speaking of baby shower gifts, one of my other coworkers is pregnant and in the course of searching for simple hat patterns I came across some seriously adorable and easy things that would be perfect for me to stick in with a pack of diapers and a Target gift card.

I am the QUEEN of baby shower gifts.

If you want to try this one for yourself, you can find it here :


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