A Very Uninteresting Holiday

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This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we’re talking about how we spend the holidays!

Because of my job (and my husband’s as well), we don’t really do much for the holidays. He’s not allowed to request time off in November or December, and my job requires a shift at work on holidays. No exceptions, everyone has to put in their shift and we’re all anxious to get out as soon as possible but we stay until the work is done so I never know just when I’m getting out.

Last year my husband was over on the East Coast, and his half of the family spent their time with their kids who were in the state so I pretty much kept to myself, went to work, and came home. My father is a certified workaholic and he has a key to his work’s shop, so we went to dinner and exchanged gifts but didn’t spend much time together.

This year – now that my husband is back in town – my mother in law is coming to take us to dinner and exchange gifts, and I’m sure at some point I’ll get in touch with my father for some of the same. We’ll see my father in law and stepmother too, but I’m not sure when. My work shifts vary so it’s hard to make very definite plans and honestly, after I come home I just want a shower and something to eat.

My husband and I celebrated in our own way last weekend. We went to the used book store and each picked out a few items, swapped them, and paid for each other. Not the most exciting of events and definitely not a surprise, but it makes us happy and we don’t feel pressured to find “the right gift.” I’m just happy to have him back this year so I can say “Happy Christmas” to him when we wake up on Christmas morning (my shift is in the evening)!

48 HoursBefore you check out the other blog posts, you should check out Stephany Tullis’ very appropriate 48 Hours ‘Til Christmas.

Christmas music, holiday food and festivities, and a few angelic hosts make this Christmas novel a holiday favorite; a beautiful story about the magic of Christmas, the strength of family and friends and the power of forgiveness.

Check it out on Amazon!


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5 thoughts on “A Very Uninteresting Holiday”

  1. Are you a nurse? When I worked at the hospital, nurses didn’t work on New Year’s Eve if they had worked on Christmas Day. However, staff shortages often meant that l had the unenviable task of ringing up nurses who had worked on Christmas Day to ask them if they would work extra shifts on New Year’s Eve. You can imagine the answers I received…..

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  2. Depersonalized shift work stinks. I know hospitals, airports and taxi cabs need to fill those holiday shifts, but there should be some accommodation like Stevie suggests. What shift work I’ve done has always had a degree of flexibility — I would swap Christmas Eve for Christmas morning or New Years Eve. Everybody’s happy. I HATE businesses that treat employees like cogs in a machine. They reduce productivity and morale.

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