The Sweater That Ate My Life

I saw this adorable little sweater in The Crochet Crowd and decided that since I had never made a piece of clothing before and I was cocky from the firefighter outfit I was going to challenge myself to make it. So I got out my trusty iPad and headed over to Michael’s for some yarn.

I’m not a huge fan of pastels, so I bought one skein each of the Caron Simply Soft – the brand recommended by Crochet Crowd – in Dark Country Blue, Iris, and Pagoda. My little one is wearing mostly 18 month stuff so I chose the 24 month size because I usually crochet kind of tightly and play fast and loose with gauge, and I figured it would come out smaller than the measurements. Crochet Crowd made the 6 month size and said one skein was plenty but said they might need 2 skeins for bigger sizes.

We were watching a movie last Friday evening and I decided to start it then, but when I had to break out the stitch markers I knew this wasn’t going to be something I could do while watching TV. My husband started playing a video game, so I was able to concentrate much better and I got a good portion of the bodice made.


Our work holiday outing was the next day and it took us an hour to get to Dallas in our party bus, so I crocheted while we all chatted and had our annual Frozen sing-a-long. I got almost all of the bodice finished and when I got home I got one round of the puff stitches in before bed, completely confident in the fact that I could blow through this sweater on Sunday. What I didn’t realize was that the 11-round pattern repeated multiple times. Oops.image

I worked hard on it for the next couple of days, even taking it to work so I could finish it on Tuesday to post about it. Then tragedy struck. While I was making one of the sleeves, I was distracted by the movie we were watching (nope, didn’t learn my lesson) and forgot to turn it every row to get the right pattern. I had to frog a quarter of a sleeve and was pretty bummed about it. I started the sleeve over and got halfway through before I figured out that the sleeve was REALLY wide and I had somehow managed to increase 15 stitches. I frogged that and was about ready to throw the damn thing across the room but was determined to finish it.

imageI finally finished it yesterday! I really love the way the colors came out. I ended up shortening the sleeves a little because otherwise they would completely cover the baby’s hands and she’ll have outgrown it by next winter. I think it’ll look really cute on her!


Here’s a little detail of the neck. I had to learn a new stitch for this; the crab stitch, also known as the reverse single crochet, and it was kind of frustrating at first but I got the hang of it. I added a little purple stripe to the arms to go with it, and added a couple of rounds at the bottom so it ended with purple. It’s so cute!

I’m planning on making another one with some leftover baby yarn in the 6 month size to see how it comes out with thinner yarn, and because I had a good time with it. For now I need to start planning my friend’s baby gift. I found some cute, cute patterns and my secret Santa gave me a gift card to Michaels so I can’t wait to make it!

If you’d like to try this one for yourself, you can find it at Yarnspirations and there’s a tutorial video at The Crochet Crowd!


2 thoughts on “The Sweater That Ate My Life”

  1. If it’s any comfort… I screwed up a number of times in the planning stages. I didn’t turn with my sleeves either and messed up on the multiples…

    It’s a great pattern but it can test your patience.
    Great Article… I appreciated your candid approach.

    Michael – The Crochet Crowd

    Liked by 1 person

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