Book Review: Empath (Flawed Series #1)


Ever since she was a child, Jade has had to deal with an empathetic power so strong that her first day of school started with convulsions. Since then she has been protected by her family and her own fear of herself, but all that changed when her college didn’t offer an online version of a course she needed. Thanks to that, she met Cam Schuyler and his welcoming siblings but at the same time something dangerous is hiding around the corner.

I really liked this book! I was hooked right away, not just by Jade but by the mystery of the sadistic serial killer whose story was told right alongside hers. I was really interested to see how the two of them would end up in each other’s worlds, especially since she had such heightened empathetic power and he was just plain terrifying. But whereas Jade’s story was told pretty much right away, Ethan’s took a little longer to tease out.

The supporting characters were fun people, from Jade’s friends from home to the Schuylers that kind of become her family, and though I’m not sure I could handle hanging around with them too often they really did make a good counterpoint to Jade’s reclusiveness due to her “handicap,” as she puts it.

I really liked Logan, one of the love interests, right from the start, which was why I was disappointed that after a couple of chapters that heavily featured him, he sort of disappeared for a third of the book and apart from Jade talking about him he was just kind of gone. It made me wonder if he was going to be the subject of another book in the series and not explored further.

I’m not going to give anything away, but the ending was really exciting once the serial killer and the friends’ worlds finally collided! Once I got there I couldn’t put my reader down, and though the ending was satisfying I was dying to find out where one of the characters was headed. Literally.

Empath is a fun, quick read and I think it is the beginning of what promises to be a great series of books. You should definitely check it out on Amazon!


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