Book Review: Outsider (Flawed Series #2)

OutsiderAll his life Josh has felt a little bit like an outsider in his family, and it only gets worse when his two siblings end up with special powers and he remains painfully normal. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s about to get a crash course in what it means to be one of the special Schuylers.

This is the second book in the Flawed series, and it started out a little differently. Instead of one of the Schuyler siblings that have their own special powers, it’s about Josh, the one sibling who was completely normal and a little introverted compared to his brother and sister. It was interesting to see how the others were viewed through his lens of “normalcy,” especially when he’d always felt a little left out.

Once again we are taken through a villian’s perspective in each of the chapters, only this time he met the siblings and their friend Alex almost immediately, with disastrous consequences that also revealed that Alex had a power of her own. Josh was really feeling left out by this point and I felt really bad for him until he had what they should just call a “Schuyler Family Incident” and things completely turned upside down for him.

One thing that kind of bugged me about Outsider (that didn’t bug me in the previous book) was how irritating Chloe became once we spent more time with her. She seemed completely oblivious to the emotions of everyone around her and always got her way. Whether this was just something we were seeing from Josh’s perspective remains to be seen, since her other brother Cam seemed to adore her and want to protect her all the time.

You definitely need to have read the first Flawed book, Empath, in order to fully enjoy this book. Many of the characters that she introduced in it are brought back here with little to no backstory, so it’s not a standalone by any means. In a way, I like it because I don’t have to read the same story over, especially since I just read Empath.

When Josh finally developed his power was when things got really exciting, and it wasn’t long after that the villain(s!) caught up with Alex in a very similar way to how Jade was trapped in Empath. It was more creepy and unsettling than in the first book, however, because there was more description of the violence. It would be easier to say that Outsider was more violent, but that would only be because Campbell went into greater detail.

The ending had me gasping in frustration again, and I can’t wait to see a couple of characters get what’s coming to them. I can only hope it’s in the next book, Protector, because I’m starting it tomorrow. What I’m going to do when I actually have to wait for the next book (providing there will be one) is beyond me.

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