Aim for the Head

Open Book BH 2This week on the Blog Hop we’re talking about zombies.

Strange topic, huh? But for a creature that was only slightly referenced for years, zombies have become a hot topic in pop culture. Zombie books, zombie movies, even a sort of serious debate on whether zombies would be fast or slow.

As much as I’d like to say that I’m above the whole zombie craze, I really love The Walking Dead. My husband is a huge fan of comics and horror movies, so he had already read a lot of the comics before the show was even announced. We both agreed that for a long comic like it, the best way to adapt it was to do a TV series. I was kind of curious to see how they handled the gore but just as in the comics, the show is really more about the people than the zombies. I haven’t seen the most recent season, though, so no spoilers please!

My husband also loves video games, and one of his favorite games is Dead Island. He also loves the zombie DLC for the Call of Duty games, even though he’s not a huge fan of first person shooter games. I think it’s a case of his liking to play with his friends more than the actual shooting, and he only ever seems to play the zombie version.

I’ve only read one zombie book that I can think of, Stephen King’s Cell. I read it when it first came out and don’t remember much about it other than the fact that people were turned into zombies (or zombie-like people) by a pulse that went through their cell phones. I can’t even really remember whether or not it was good, which probably says something about it. I have seen a lot of zombie movies, though. And as far as that debate? I can see both sides of it but I’m firmly in camp “Classic Shambling Zombie.”

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3 thoughts on “Aim for the Head”

  1. The ones that can move fast are definitely more scary. The last season of TWD that I’ve seen showed how Rick’s group dealt with a band of walkers when they were out of resources — they basically played “dodge the zombie” at the edge of a bridge and walkers being not very bright, they fell into the ditch. I could handle that.

    But the ones in 28 Days Later and World War Z — you have to be very fast on your feet and that would get tiresome quick.

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