Give Me a *#%$ing Break

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This week on the blog hop, we’re talking about swearing!

I work in the medical field, so I rarely swear in public. Having so much contact with patients has really influenced my speech patterns, and I find myself talking quietly and calmly most of the time even in my daily life. I only swear in the privacy of my own home or in the car, and it’s usually when I’m really angry or worked up about something.

My husband and my mother-in-law, however, are quite loud and boisterous. When we go out to eat you can hear them in the next room while the server has to ask me to repeat my order more than once. In addition to being loud, my husband also has the mouth of a sailor. Have you ever seen the movie A Christmas Story? The way Ralphie describes his dad’s swearing is pretty much how I see my daughter describing my husband when she gets to be a tween.

There is some occasional swearing in the music I listen to, and since I try not to swear much it sends a little thrill through me as if I’m listening to something illicit. When I’m singing along I don’t skip over anything and I feel like I’m getting away with something. Since most of my music is pretty clean, I don’t feel strange listening to it at work when I’m away from patients and my playlists are safe for listening with kids. Some of the stuff my coworkers listen to, as I discovered on our ride to the holiday party, would sound more like R2-D2 had a verse with everything that had to be beeped out.

I feel like in books, swearing should only be done in extreme situations or if it suits the character. For example, a serial killer or train robber might curse more than a countess or sheriff, but even the sheriff might call someone a son of a bitch when he gets thrown off his guard! One of my favorite series is Harry Potter, and when Molly Weasley says her one big swear at the end of book 7 it gives it a power that it might not have had if we just heard it every few pages, both because it comes from sweet Mrs. Weasley and because we’d never heard its like in the book before.

Swearing has its place, I think, but for me personally I keep it a little more clean. I promise not to judge you if you do curse a lot, though. Mostly.

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4 thoughts on “Give Me a *#%$ing Break”

  1. Just as it sometimes appropriate for our characters to swear, I truly believe their are moments when it’s okay to let a “bad” word slip through our own lips!


  2. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I prefer not to swear either! I must admit this week, I was having a very bad day and dropped a very thick and important file of papers behind my desk and a few words escaped! Each to their own…neither of my parents swore—my father occasionally, my mother never.

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