Book Review: Pulled (A Flawed Short Story)

imagePulled is a short story from the Flawed universe, which I have become completely immersed and attached to. After falling in love with the characters from the main series, I knew I had to read this as soon as I read the description.

I was really able to identify with Juniper, who couldn’t control her power and was frustrated because no one believed her. All of Campbell’s characters are so wonderfully written that it’s like I know them, and the story is so rich that it’s hard to believe it’s just a short story.

Having read all three of the full-length novels, I jumped up and down in my seat when one of the villains showed up, hoping he wouldn’t do anything to Juniper. He wasn’t someone you had to know about, though, so it still worked as a standalone short.

I wish it wasn’t so short! The end came way too soon for me and I really wish it was a full novel of its own because I really want to find out what happens to Juniper and the other “specials” and see how their abilities manifest themselves.

If I hadn’t already read so much from this universe, I would be really itching for more of the Flawed series. As it is, I am pacing the floor waiting for Book 4 to come out so I can find out what kind of havoc the new villain is going to wreak.

This story counts as a book toward my Goodreads 2016 challenge, which feels a little like cheating, but it’s the only book I was able to read with all my editing craziness. I’m working on another book right now that’s a bit longer so I’ll hopefully have more for you next week!

Check out Pulled at Amazon here!


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