The Detective’s Brother Backstory

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This week on the blog hop we are talking about the backstory of our novel, which is quite timely now that I’m getting close to publication!

The Detective’s Brother isn’t actually the first Western romance I wrote, it was one called Framed that I wrote on a whim. I’ve always written stories that had some romantic elements to them and decided I would give a real romance a try. I had a lot of fun writing it but I was two chapters from the end when I had the idea for Detective’s Brother and started writing it instead.

I decided on Quinn and Simon’s characters by creating a headstrong, smart girl who knows exactly what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it, then going with a damaged and brooding man who would test her dedication every chance he got. Not exactly your fairytale couple, but one that was incredibly fun to write.

The main idea of the story itself was easy to write; I loved my characters and let them do whatever they wanted, even if that led me down paths that I hadn’t planned on, and the story and world expanded from there. I’ve always enjoyed the whole “dark secret” aspect of romance novels and writing about one was just as enjoyable as reading and figuring out one.

Writing historical fiction was a lot more challenging than I expected, because while I adore history and always enjoyed reading about my hometown’s beginnings as a teenager, things like detectives and what men wore under their clothes weren’t exactly in my history books. Thanks to a lot of internet searches and some thick books from the heritage section at the library, I managed to get a grasp on what Fort Worth was like in 1885 and now I can’t imagine setting my stories anywhere else.

Have you written a book too? Tell us the backstory of your novel and join the blog hop! If you have a Twitter handle, leave me a comment and I’ll tweet your book into my timeline as well!

Before you go, check out Lela Markham’s book Life As We Knew It!

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