Book Review: The Father Hunt (A Flawed Story)

The Father HuntThe Father Hunt is a novella set in the Flawed universe that I love so much, and I was lucky enough to have been given an ARC to review!

Graham Vega never knew his father, and whenever he asked his mother about it she was secretive and told him he didn’t need to know. Finding an old letter from his father in his mother’s closet made him want to find out more, but spending Christmas holidays at the beach with close family friends seemed like he’d have to wait until he got back to figure out where to begin. When he realized the matchbook in his mother’s things came from the resort, the search was on to see if he could find his father and an important part of himself.

I loved Graham immediately once I found out he was a writer and wasn’t confident about sharing his work, and completely understood what it felt like to spend vacations with my head in one of my notebooks. I also loved the Rousseau family, dysfunctional as they were, because they all felt very real and well-written. All of Campbell’s characters are, as a matter of fact, so even when they drive me crazy it’s fun to read about them.

Graham’s struggle to find his father began by accident, and when they arrived at the resort and found evidence that he might be there it seemed almost too good to be true. Things got interesting quickly for Graham and Violet after that and it became both a game and a serious hunt.

When he finally discovered his father’s identity after a false start, I had pretty much already figured it out but still really enjoyed the journey to find out that I was right. Once it was out, though, it seemed like Graham’s problems only multiplied and the truth might have gained him a father but lost him a very dear friend. Since he’s going to be a main character in Enchanter, book four of the Flawed series, I hope we get to see how things work out between them and how things work out for Graham once he gets home with his new knowledge.

My only complaint about the novella was that unlike the other books in the series, no one seemed to have any special powers. I’m hoping that either Graham or possibly his love interest Brooke will find out some spectacular thing about themselves, so I’m now waiting impatiently for Book four to come out this summer!


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