Author Interview: Tammy Andresen

Midnight MagicToday I have a special guest on the blog, Tammy Andresen! She’s the author of Midnight Magic, which I reviewed on Thursday, and she’s an awesome lady.

What was your inspiration for Midnight Magic?

Midnight Magic was inspired by a trip to St. Louis. We visited the Museum of Westward Expansion. I was so inspired by the artifacts there. Though it is a small part of the story, I absolutely love Gateway to the West and will feature again in a historical romance!

What drew you to historical romance?

I was an English major and a history minor in college. I have always been fascinated with history. It is a story to me in and of itself. When you use it in a book, it adds so much drama. I just love that. In terms of writing romance, I can’t help it. I am drawn to boy meets girl. It is the oldest and best tale.

What are you working on right now?

I have four projects in the works. A novella, Seeds of Love, will be in a box set, Love’s Prelude. It comes out April 25th but you can pre-order it now! A full length novel, Taming a Duke’s Reckless Heart, is set to come out the same time. The Golden Rules of Love is in the writing process and a Pirate Novella will come out in November!!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job!!!

You’ve written in a couple of different eras, which is your favorite?

Most of my work is is the Victorian era. I love the development of the Untied States during that time. Regency is also very romantic!

What is your favorite genre to read and who are some of your favorite authors?

My very favorite is Jude Deveraux. Her novel, Mountain Laurel, put me on the path. Today, I love Sabrina York and Meara Platt.

Where can readers find you?

  1. The best places to find me are:

Thank you for joining me today, Tammy! Now, everyone go out and pick up her books. She’s an amazing author!


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