Behind the Scenes

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After a couple of weeks of hiatus, I’m back on the blog hop!

This week on the Blog Hop, we’re pulling back the curtain and giving our readers a glimpse behind the scenes of our writing.

I don’t talk about it much but I work a full time job in the medical field, which means I’m on my feet 10-12 hours a day with no time to think about anything besides vital signs and drug dosages, and I come home tired and wanting to doze off on the couch.

As a result, I do a lot of my writing in short bursts just before bed. I won a Kindle Fire in a raffle and gave it to my husband, so he usually sits with me and catches up on his reading or sometimes plays video games so that we’re spending time together even if my head is back in 1885. I also get some tidbits written over my lunch hour, though they’re usually more disjointed scenes that I put together later when I have more time.

My favorite place to write is on the couch with my feet up while a horror movie of questionable quality plays in the background. I get more writing done that way on my days off, and I’ve actually amassed quite a collection of horror movies that I’ve seen so many times I could recite the script. If it’s too quiet I invariably end up getting stuck on things that I would have flown past.

When I was in college writing fan fiction (also of questionable quality), I did my best work in the University Center with Tri-Sigmas talking about their sorority drama or professors complaining about their office hours. I couldn’t get anything done in the library, so my laptop was my best friend back in the days when a laptop weighed ten pounds. I still carry my writing computer with me everywhere just in case I get a stroke of inspiration when I’m in the cafe waiting for my husband to get off work.

Speaking of my writing computer, it’s a cute little blue number with only the most basic software needed for writing. I don’t use it for music or movies, just work, which limits the distractions I face when I’m trying to write. The two programs I use almost exclusively are Word and Scrivener, switching back and forth between them as I go, and Scrivener keeps me moving forward along my outline but also gives me the flexibility to add scenes and info whenever my characters decide to do something completely out of left field.

When I get an idea for a story, it’s usually not more than a single line or two, and the first thing I do is fire up Scrivener and start making notecards. I start filling in the blanks later but once things start falling into place it happens quickly. One thing that isn’t hard and fast for me is chapters. Sometimes I’ll feel like a chapter needs to be added or switched around, and Scrivener lets me do that easily. Almost too easily sometimes. And once I start doing research, it’s all over for me. I’m neck deep in a new story and I won’t see daylight for a couple of months.

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3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes”

  1. You and I have similar writing processes. I write what I can, when I can, and fit it around work or family obligations. I’m not sure I’d get as much done if I didn’t have a job. I’d probably rise late and dally half the day away instead of using those hours for productive writing.

    We all have different ways of working and sometimes distraction and short bursts works for writers.


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