Tape Flags and Highlighters

Open Book BH 3Today on the Blog Hop we are talking about our favorite office supplies!

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE office supplies. I have always loved roaming the aisles at Staples or Office Depot, checking out the latest pens (I prefer fine or extra-fine point), and buying way too many Post-It notes and highlighters, all of which I use when I’m doing my first round of edits.

My favorite office need by far, though, is the humble tape flag. I use them as a quick way to mark a page that needs a change, and I prefer the ones from Post-It because they’re like tiny horizontal Post-It notes and I can scribble a quick note on them if I need to. I can also put some on the top and some on the sides if I need to remind myself where I was at during the last editing session. They come in all sorts of colors (I prefer the neon-colored ones) and they’re surprisingly cheap.

Once I decided I was going to try and make my own tape flags out of Post-Its, but it ended badly and I ended up walking to the drugstore to buy some of the real deal instead. Ditto for the ones made like tape, which are hard to write on. I always come back to the Post-It ones and try to keep a pack of them handy whenever I have to do some editing.

Another thing I love are Sharpie highlighters. They’re liquid highlighters which seem to go on smoother and last longer than regular ones, and despite being liquid they don’t smear ink as badly. When I go through the manuscript for the first time I do it on a hard copy, so highlighting and tape flags are immensely important to me. This is a very timely post, as I will be starting edits tomorrow on Turn the Page and need to make sure I have all this stuff!

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10 thoughts on “Tape Flags and Highlighters”

  1. My most recent boss at work loved tape flags. Now I have an assortment and am hoping the next boss will like them too. They are very useful for marking the posts you’re looking for. I use sticky notes at home, but that’s just me being frugal.

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  2. Hi Rebecca! Nice post…I’ve tried the post it notes as flag notes, too. ;-( Not one of my best ideas. I also like the color sharpies.

    I enjoyed your post.

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