Houston Marathon Hopeful

IMG_7373In the time I wasn’t updating here or doing much writing because why bother at this point (just kidding, it was depression), I got into running. Really into running. And at some point, 5Ks were just not doing it for me anymore. 8 months after I started the Couch to 5K program, I did my first half marathon. Last summer, I decided I was going to be super-amazing and try marathon training.

Let’s back up a second. So I have this friend I’ve known for like 15 years at this point, and he’s a very dedicated multiple marathon runner. He’s also the worst influence on me in the world. He can hype me up faster than anyone I’ve ever known, and he was super excited when I tentatively asked him questions about the Houston Marathon. My original goal for the year was to do the Houston Marathon Warmup Series, which is a series of 3 races that lead up to the Marathon in January: a half marathon, a 25K, and a 30K. Then my friend happened and my friends in the 10 Mile Club backed him up. The next thing I knew, I was signed up for the marathon. Twenty Six point Freaking Two.

I actually did really well. I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever pushed, running 4 times a week with a peak mileage of 32-35 miles. I was incredibly proud of myself when I not only made it up to 20 miles, I finished the Warmup Series with my friend cheering me on (and turning Deadpool into an inside joke). I’m so proud of these dang medals.

And then…INFLUENZA H3N2. The week of the marathon.

Obviously someone with a 103 degree fever isn’t running 1 mile, much less 26, so I stayed at home and stayed off Facebook where all my friends were running the marathon. I was so angry and bitter that I didn’t even congratulate anyone. Because all my hard work was wiped out by a horribly mutated virus and no fault of my own, I became depressed and lost all my motivation.

I’m proud to say that I’ve managed four races this year; The Cowtown 5K, Cowtown Half Marathon, Dash Down Greenville 5K, and Green 6.2 10K. Unfortunately, because I haven’t been training, I barely made it through the 10K. Even though my motivation still wasn’t there, and I suffered through some bad runs and another illness, I still applied for the 2019 Houston Marathon. And got in.

IMG_7598It is now critical that I get back into the training groove. I’m joining the marathon training group again in the summer, doing the Houston Half, then a 22.5 miler in late November, and by that time I should be ready for the marathon in January. Today, I started the dreaded cross-training.

It went pretty well. I did an hour of spin class – haven’t done THAT in more than a year and my butt is telling me all about it – followed by 3 miles on the track. My next run will be on Sunday before work, and I’m planning on 3-4 miles. My eye is on the Skyline 10K in Dallas on April 28th and dammit, I’m going to crush it.


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