Week 4 of the Cross Stitch Project

img_4202Amanda is a stitching demon, and it seems that she’s rubbing off on me because we put another four squares.

The Art Deco flower is one of hers, and I love the way it came out! The ladybugs and snail are mine, and there are a couple of stitches I’m not happy with in the ladybugs. It was late when I finished them, though, so I didn’t want to tear everything out and start over again, especially since Amanda was so anxious to get it back. She did this cute little variegated duck as her second square and I really like the way it looks.


I did figure out this week how Amanda gets these squares done so fast. When I look really closely at the stitches, I noticed that they aren’t all in the same direction. My first cross stitch piece was the same way and it did go a lot faster, but when it comes to crafts I tend to follow the rules once I learn them. Hence why I was sitting in the parking lot of a city park madly trying to finish the snailio.

I’m excited to get the piece back again, most likely on Tuesday. I still haven’t done that damn budgie but I’ve got a really cute toast and jam idea for the next square!


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