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Leaves Book Signing

img_4680I had an amazing time at the book signing on Saturday! Leaves is a cute little tea shop in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth, which is becoming more and more artsy and fun. I was excited to sign books but also excited to meet other local authors.

My table mates were Michelle Marlow, Wanda Means, and Mike Baldwin, an eclectic group if ever there was one; multi-genre, memoir, children’s book, and historical romance. Yup, I’m the nerd.


I was relieved that people showed up and bought my books. As a newer author (with anxiety) I’m always terrified of being rejected but everyone seemed really nice! I sold all the copies of Sam that they had on the shelf and they had to restock. Which, awesome.


Leaves also has some of the best tea ever. They gave all the authors one free tea of our choice and after smelling Wanda’s butterscotch tea there was no question about which one we’d all pick. As a sweet tea enthusiast, I rarely drink unsweetened tea but this one didn’t even need sweetener! It was very butterscotch’s and nice, and I would love to have more. It would probably be fantastic as a latte!

I didn’t have room to set up all my stuff but the most important stuff was on display, which was really all that mattered. I was expecting to just display The Search for Sam but this worked fine. I felt a little over-prepared armed with my promo cards, business cards and business card holder, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.


At the end of our time, there was a book reading by the other authors and while I am far too nervous to do a reading, I enjoyed hearing the others. In fact, I bought Wanda’s memoir and subscribed to her podcast because I was so blown away by her reading. Look for a review soon because…wow.


All in all, I had a great time. I’m looking forward to going again next year if they’ll have me, and maybe the Fort Worth BookFest too!


Arts Goggle 2018


Guess who’s going to be hosted by a local bookstore this weekend? Arts Goggle is an annual local celebration of all things eclectic that takes place in the Near SouthSide and Magnolia districts of Fort Worth. I’ve been a couple of times and sampled a spinach grilled cheese, deep friend whole okra, considered a ride in a pedicab, got instructions on how to make my own terrarium, and listened to some live music. One year there was a booth where you could screenprint your own t-shirt, and there’s been a graffiti wall where you could spray paint to your heart’s content.

For the second year, Leaves Book and Tea Shop is having an event where they’ll be hosting local authors and I was accepted to participate! I’m taking three titles with me – Drowned History, Only a Rogue Knows, and The Search for Sam – and will have them for sale at the shop all day. Not only that, but I will be in the shop from 4-6 PM to sign books, meet people and generally have a massive internal panic attack. I wonder if they’d let me bring a glass of wine or a flask. Either would be suitable.

So if you’re local, mark it on your calendar! October 20th from 4-6 PM at Leaves, and I’ve placed the address below just in case:

120 St Louis Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76104


October is shaping up to be another September!

And I might have just committed to writing a book set in the early 1930’s.