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Scrappy Squares

Working super hard on the green/red squares and almost have 10 of them done, which means I only need another 10 and I’ll be finished with the Christmas swap. When those are done, I finally get to start working on putting together the scrapghan swap squares!

If you’ve never heard of a scrapghan, it’s kind of a fun thing. You take all the little ends of yarn you have left over from previous projects and you make it into a blanket. Squares are perfect for this because you can make small or large ones depending on how much yarn you have and put them together however you like.

This swap was called the Granny Scrapghan swap because you could use whatever yarn you had on hand but it had to be made in the standard granny square pattern. It’s a very simple, quick pattern – we even had an 11 year old in the swap who had just mastered it! I was a little low on funds when it was going on so it was perfect for me since my yarn collection is getting a little out of hand. I was so excited to get the box of squares from our swapmaster, I couldn’t wait to see what everyone else did!

Everyones Squares

Here are all the squares laid out. There are 35 here; each of us made 40 and sent 35 to the swapmaster.

My Squares

My blanket should have 40 squares but, um, I got a little overenthusiastic because we hadn’t heard from the previous swapmaster and made 48. These are the ones I’m adding to the blanket as my own.

Final Placement

I shuffled them around and added mine in, so this is the final placement of the squares. I’m using a coffee colored yarn to join them so it should look kind of dark and funky where my last one – the Summer Sunshine swap – was more light and airy. I’ll post some pictures of that at some point because it was my first one and I really liked it.

Project Box

Once I’d set them out where I wanted them, I carefully bundled them up into rows and tucked them into one of my project crates with the pound of coffee yarn for joining, then put them in the closet with the rest of the projects. Only 12 more Christmas squares to go and I can start working on them!

I went ahead and told the editor that I liked that I’m willing to wait for her until November. I really think she and I are a good fit, so she’s now officially my editor! The only person I need on my team now is a proofreader and I reached out to one but she never replied so I guess I’m back to looking again. I’m not really too terribly fussed about it because we won’t be starting edits for another month and a half but it would be nice to at least get a reply. Still, I’m excited! I have an awesome book and project manager, a top-notch editor, and a cover designer whose work is absolutely gorgeous. I can hardly wait until November to get started!


Hello, Old Friend

The Boing Boing store had a great deal a few days ago in which they were selling Scrivener for more than half off. It was a phenomenal deal and I had been having trouble getting my old serial number back, so I decided to just go ahead and buy it again. It’s well worth the money.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Scrivener is a program that lets you plan out and create books, screenplays, graphic novels, whatever. If you need to write it, you can do it there. It’s really cool and I always had a good time using it. I had an even better time once I figured out how to embed images and links because it meant I could keep everything in one place. I never tried the word processing part but I’m thinking of using it this time. My Office 360 is going to expire at some point and I’m not paying a monthly subscription fee when I only ever use Word.

I booted up an old computer to see if I could rescue my old Scrivener files and was extremely happy to discover that they aren’t OS-specific (my old computer was a Mac, rest its soul). I pulled out one of my many, many flash drives and transferred the one I decided I wanted to use for NaNoWriMo – I SWEAR I’m doing it this year – to see if it worked. Not only did it work beautifully, all my images and research were still embedded.

To make things even better, the entire story was laid out and plotted. I had forgotten I even did it! This idea was kicking around in my head for a little while but I never checked back up on it after my computer stopped charging properly. Now it’s ready to go for November and I can just flip back through the cards to refresh my memory.

I went ahead and transferred the files from Framed, which is probably the book I’m going to put out after Detective’s Brother, and for DB as well just to have them all on my writing computer and in the same place. I might go through them and see how much I embedded in them. I forgot all the work I did on my soon-to-be-current WIP, maybe I forgot stuff about them too!

My car is still officially not fixed, though the downswing in temperatures has made it a lot less uncomfortable to be in during the day. The mechanic wasn’t able to find a problem with it so they just shot a bunch of dye into the system and want me to bring it back in a week for them to check out. Awesome. On the plus side, the rental car we got cost us a whopping $36 for the weekend and it was amazing.

I honestly don’t know how we are going to get the car back there for testing with my stepdaughter back in town, though. It will involve maneuvering a car seat and possibly begging for child care for a couple of hours but it may have to go on the back burner because it’s just such a hassle and it seems to be all right now. Ugh.

Some Exciting News!

Now that the contract has been signed I can officially announce that I have signed with Sinnful Ebooks! My historical romance, The Detective’s Brother, will be published through them soon. They’re a new publishing house based in Canada and although they only have a few authors now, everyone starts somewhere!

I’m looking forward to publishing this book so people can read it and fall in love with the characters as much as I have. I hope lots of people read and enjoy it because I have two other historicals set in the same world and I’d like to get them out there. The more romance in the world the better, right?

Keep checking back here for release dates, a cover reveal and more info about my new book. Maybe I’ll even have a little bit of a teaser! You can also follow me on Twitter @becca_el or like my (just created) Facebook page, I’ll be posting things as soon as I know them and I hope you’re looking forward to these huge changes as much as I am!

Finally, a Website!

Now that I’ve started seriously sending out my work to small publishers, I figured it was time to make a site. I’ve been rejected by a lot of agents so I thought I’d try the direct route. I’m nervous and excited at the same time and I plan on sharing everything I can about the process.

Since I do most of my writing from a beat up netbook with no reliable wifi, most of these posts will be written on my iPad. Any way I can write, I will! I honestly can’t imagine not writing, I’ve been doing it so long, so I’m not gonna let a little thing like this stop me.

I’ll try to update this blog regularly but not on any particular schedule so if you want the latest, please subscribe and get new posts sent directly to your email. Convenient!

And if anyone wants to spring for a new laptop for me I would LOVE one.