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Dominos pizza girl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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A Pittsburgn specific film genre popularized the notion that the pizza delivery person is someone who delivers pizza Turns out that truth is Dominos pizza girl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania than fiction, because being a pizza delivery person might be even a little more sordid and crazy than it's depicted in film. This story is so interesting you're going to finish it and be left with no leftovers.

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Everyone wants to know if customers answering the door naked is as common as it is in the movies. Pizza must be some sort of aphrodisiac.

She's encountered her fair share of irate Domijos, but this one was quite memorable. Surely if that were true, their card wouldn't have been declined, right?

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But then things took a turn for the macabre. When a Redditor asked the Domino's employee how many slices of pepperoni she's stolen from customers, she had a surprising answer.

I Looking Dick Dominos pizza girl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

This might Pennsyllvania your skin crawl. While the delivery driver said she's offered weed on a weekly basis she Dominos pizza girl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania work in a college town, after allshe's only taken one customer up on the offer.

Every car turned into a cop after that," she admitted.

piza That's mad trippy. While cash is obviously the best thing you can tip a delivery person, coming in a close second is apparently a big ole container of Cheesy Poofs. So next time you're out of cash to give the delivery driverlook to see what's in your kitchen cabinets! It's bad enough having to deal with screaming customers who have had a few too many, but it's another thing to have to deal Dominos pizza girl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania their cats?

When I tried to leave, several cats jumped in my car. I had to get them all out before I could leave. One way to get your food quickly from a delivery driver is to tip well on a regular basis.

When one Redditor asked if he gets "taken care of" by the restaurant because he tips well, her answer was a resounding yes. We imagine that means you'll get your food faster, and you'll make a bunch of delivery drivers very happy. Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and always answers the door clothed.

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