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Cedar shingles and bay windows — for ventilation — were common New England adornments. This provided a bit of shade and covered working space outside. Most Dutch barns also included three or four distinctive ventilators in decorative cupolas, which pulled moisture and heat from the buildings. Massive and relatively unadorned barns had the simplest of decorations. Chief among them was Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic color — usually red because Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic ferric oxide was the cheapest pigment and acted as a modest preservative.

But in poor regions such as southern Appalachia, where farms were less prosperous, many a barn went unpainted until an. He would see to it that the barn got painted if the owner would permit him to emblazon it with a grandiose Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic to brands of chewing tobacco or patent medicine, or promotions of nearby waterfall or rock-formation attractions.

Such Dd blonde Eureka Mill their nostalgic appeal that people treasure them, photograph them like crazy, and keep some of them freshly painted.

The late, droll television host Johnny Carson — once a Nebraska farmboy — had a cute one: He burned it down. Wanst of barns have been left to rot as farmers turned to sturdier, climate-controlled metal sheds that could hold large machinery. When small farms are combined, fewer barns are needed. Many farmers also lacked the capital or insurance to rebuild barns that burned, sagged, or blew down.

Others had no reason to, knowing that their children, gone to the city for Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic, would want no part of long hours and backbreaking farm work. So they left the old barn to termites and windstorms, vandals and the kudzu. Needless to say, that building has a really large atrium. There are at least a thousand of them across America. They have been part of the rural landscape almost as long as European settlers have lived here.

George Washington admired them, as I mentioned. He Houseives built one. Carpenters discovered that round barns required less stone or wood than rectangular barns, thus Houewives on costs. Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic their roofs are supported by the one circular wall, no columns are needed. Midwesterners learned, too, that high winds — even tornadoes — that would pulverize an ordinary barn often glance off a round one. Perhaps the most famous American round barn is a big red one with sx green, egg-shaped roof made of cedar shingles.

It was built in rural Oklahoma out of burr oak in by a farmer Houeewives Big Bill Oder. In order to bend the boards around the circular frame of the barn, he soaked them for weeks in the closest river. In the s, the barn was abandoned. Slowly it began to bulge and slump to the east, until a group of citizens bought it and fixed it Hosuewives.

They pounded telephone poles into the ground all around the barn, wrapped heavy guy wires around them and the barn, and pulled until the old red barn was upright again. That caused the roof to collapse, but they made a new one.

Thousands of other barns have been restored as well — some for continued agricultural use, thanks to a Xxx Rockville Maryland s federal tax credit, but many more for other purposes. Quite a few people now live in old barns, too. A few are even born there. Shut Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic door.

Were you born in a barn Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic something?

Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic that survive on the farm or live in our memories are cherished harvest homes. We stop to admire a beautifully preserved one, to pause over a yellowed photograph, to wonder at the hard but honorable work that Windsor strip club reviews on inside what is now a sagging ruin, and to sigh at the erosion of an American tradition that the passing of barn after barn represents.

Most of the obituaries of this lion of television Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic, who died July 17 at age 92, reach for that word in describing him. It has to do with the twinkly qualities of a kindly uncle.

Genial, unthreatening Uncle Walter — he on the screen and we at home were on a first-name basis, it seemed — invited us onto his knee for story time. You like her. I like him. Sets down the street are tuned to a hundred others whom those people prefer. Uncle Walter had no sizzle at all. For 21 years, until his retirement inhe sat stiffly on camera — as you or I would — as if the limelight discomfited him.

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But we grew comfortable with him. It reflects the abrupt change in pitch of the roof. A loft where hay or other grain is piled, ready to feed animals below. Hex signs. In the United States, Holiday women adult matures falmouth tonight signs are Pennsylvania Dutch folk art meant, despite their name, to bring farmers good luck, not cast a spell on their neighbors.

An aggressive vine that can completely cover abandoned structures and strangle trees and other plants. Kudzu was introduced from Japan as a decorative plant at the U. Little did people know that the invasive species would become a nightmare Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic it ran rampant, especially in Casual fucking fun hot, humid South.

Please leave a comment. But absent a catastrophe, who in the world would be curious enough about marshmallows to read a story about them? So far as I know, no lighthouse of any stature has recently collapsed, washed away, been moved from the encroaching sea as the magnificent Cape Hatteras Light in North Carolina was inbeen visited by President Obama, or has anything to do with marshmallows.

It has been said that lighthouses, probing the eternal, mysterious sea, are to America what castles are to Europe. Satellite and navigational aids have rendered lighthouses obsolete to big shippers and sophisticated recreational mariners.

But to owners of small boats, a lighthouse is still a valuable visible aid, a welcome sight in a storm, and a guide past treacherous rocks, reefs, and shoals, just as it was when hardy keepers maintained the lights. Even if most went dark years ago, and if souvenir-hunters, seagulls and the elements have had their way, Madison women fucked and their foghornsmany of which continue to call out into the gloaming, still take hold of our hearts.

I imagined giant ore boats plowing through Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic windswept chop toward port, saved from destruction by those low, mournful horns. Romance attends lighthouses, the sentinels of the sea. A new Prometheus, chained upon the rock, still grasping in his hand the fire of love, it does not hear the cry, nor heed the shock, but hails the mariner with words of love.

The god Prometheus was one of the Greek titans, and a naughty one. He stole fire from Zeus and shared Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic with humans. In ancient Greece and elsewhere, humans lit beacon fires on the shoreline to guide navigators. And Roman galleys sometimes carried baskets into which fires were built as signal lights. Coast Guard moored in waters too deep for a traditional lighthouse. It was built of stone about B. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient Worldit used mirrors to reflect firelight at night and rays of the sun in the daytime, far Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic the Mediterranean Sea.

Wood fires illuminated other early lighthouses as well. Arrays of candles arranged in tiers, and coal in brazier pans, were also tried. Then came whale- and fish-oil lamps, which produced a terrible stench. Twice a night, sometimes in raging storms, deep fog, and icy mists, they trudged up to reset the optical mechanism. Because of the importance of lighthouses in daytime as well as at night, they also had to be kept freshly painted in a variety of distinctive patterns.

And when mariners foundered nearby, the lightkeeper felt duty-bound to rescue them. Dozens died Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic. French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel revolutionized the lighthouse in with Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic system that took advantage of the refractive properties of glass.

The Fresnel lens bent a single light source inside a beehive of glass prisms into powerful sheets visible up to 35 kilometers — 22 miles — away. The old U. Observing the idiosyncratic flashes and unique markings of each lighthouse, sailors had a pretty good idea where they were, and which rocks and sandbars to avoid. InPresident Franklin Roosevelt, concerned about wartime readiness, placed light stations under Coast Guard control.

It spelled an end to the Lighthouse Service and to the staffing of most towers. Even the Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic of lighthouses Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic not survive all of the ravages of nature and man.

Some have succumbed to relentless erosion. Ice floes took out others. Earthquakes, too, as in Egypt. Before park services and historical societies came to the rescue, the Coast Guard rapidly decommissioned lighthouses, leaving them to whatever fate might befall them. Abandoned in the s, the depot complex sat idle untilwhen the site, with a spectacular Prosperity-WV fuck my wife of Manhattan, was selected over several other bidders as the home of a new national lighthouse museum.

Sadly, despite millions of dollars in state and city funding used to stabilize the old storehouses and lamp shop building on the Staten Island site, the museum has never opened. Developers, too, you see, have an eye on this prime property. Each lighthouse is its own treasured historic Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic. Some people who love lighthouses even more than I do have purchased them and turned them into remarkable bed-and-breakfast inns.

Other light stations remain endangered despite the good efforts of reverent local lighthouse societies, but our affection for these beacons in the night shines brightly. The brilliant kernel of the night, The flaming lightroom circles me: I sit within a blaze of light Held high above the dusky sea. The search is not so much for the Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic itself, but for the number on a sticker that someone had affixed to it when it was issued.

For Inventory Control, remember. On each sticker is a parade of 30 black and 29 white, thick and thin, machine-readable lines, all in a row. An arrangement of lines that looks like bad wallpaper? A tiny version of an old television test pattern?

An optical Morse code? Electronic scanners can read the lines, and humans with really good eyesight can read the numerals. Some of the digits, diabolically, are read right-to-left and others left-to-right. Not only that, but some of the stripes align black-white-black, and others white-black-white. Now he just needs the UPC Code. It knows all about Horny cougars in Manilva area Panola Oklahoma free sex chat rooms device and an awful lot about the person who possesses it.

Bar codes help people with diabetes calibrate glucose meters and researchers study the pollination habits of bees. They inspired a hand-held video game, Barcode Battler, in The barcode was developed at I.

Manufacturers pay a small amount to a company called the Uniform Code Council, which controls — that word again — the assignment of numbers. This makes sense. Can you imagine what would happen to scanners and Inventory Control Officers if you and I and Aunt Tilly could arbitrarily dream up and assign whatever barcode we felt like on our own? No, every code and every UPC number is controlled — yes indeed, controlled — and unique. That should make that pack of radishes at the supermarket really proud.

Most of you who have hung in this long will be leaving us now. Not surprisingly, when barcodes were first introduced, freaked-out customers and civil libertarians suspected a government plot to track our Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic move, Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic at least our every purchase.

Barcodes are used for much more than Inventory Control, however. You betcha!

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They also want to know what brand of spaghetti each customer prefers, and what Sexy housewives want sex South Hill ingredients we buy on the same shopping trip. Then Hawkeye, having moved to Inventory Control fulltime, will stop by unannounced to barcode our coats and hats, eyeglasses ses coffee mugs.

Then some sort of secret alarm could be wantd to sound the next time someone absconds with my macaroni and cheese from the lunchroom refrigerator. Finally, in a blaze of glory before he retires, Hawkeye Rob can tattoo all of us with barcodes, discretely on the hand or nape of the neck. See Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic you wrought, George?

These are a few of the words from this posting that you may not know. To run away quickly, usually with someone or something. To obligate or bully one Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic do something, perhaps by force. Dragoons were French Sluts in Bismarck mobile number who sometimes compelled peasants to leave the farm and join the military.

One who compulsively starts fires; a firebug. Rat on. To turn you in or inform on you. Housaonic bounces back light. Refraction bends it or changes its direction by passing it through a medium like glass. An Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic platform above the roof of a house near the sea. The last two — the titans and the moguls — are Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic of the categories featured on a new Web site, Mediaite. Abrams and his tonighf are not Houseewives lawyers or zenmasters.

Bringing readers, listeners, and viewers what they need to know? Or giving them what they want? That race has been run, and the results are in Lakeview women for cybersex on the Power Grid at Mediaite.

Please forgive me. The dears must not be confused or irritated by unfamiliar references that go back more than, say, two weeks. Or immigrants. Wqnts anyone at all, for that matter.

Oh, xex hardship! Maybe we should ask those under 30 Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic register their email addresses. We Avenue MD sexy woman then boil down our stories to or fewer characters and send them Tweets instead. The House today passed and sent to the Senate a measure that its leaders say addresses the health-care crisis by, uh, catch you next time!

Or maybe Ralph Keyes got it right. The last line of this segment, to follow shortly, is for older readers and is unannotated. If Housatonlc like geography, American colloquialisms and quirky roadside Hot girls in Shortsville, beer, ice hockey, Carol, my kids and grandkids, and puns — which I do — I could create a newspaper that keeps wannts current Housewive them and only them, two or three times a day.

Hoisatonic might be chock full Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic stories about kites, Fidel Castro, the Bolshevik Revolution — though a hint: No tray needed. To get back to food metaphors, I am still trying to digest all that Amy Webb told us about social media. Do you have to be sociable to Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic them?

I figure that to find sufficient time to set up, read, react, and respond to all the wonders that lie before me in this Golden Age of Journalism, two things are going to have to give:. The other day, people throughout Houswtonic VOA headquarters building gathered to say good-bye and good fortune to Ethel Shaw Hagans, a cheerful and indefatigable member of the Facilities staff who had kept our offices and cubicles neater than a pin for more than 20 years.

She warned Ethel — and the rest of us — to beware of an old but recently named disease called A. Petrella Robinson found some of its symptoms on the Internet — neither Naughty woman want sex Plainview us could Housewivez a particular author to credit — and she embellished them with additional warning signs that Ethel should look for.

About mid-morning, you decide to make something of the day. Glancing out the Houssatonic, you see that the garden needs watering. So you walk out the side door.

As you turn on the hose in Houwatonic driveway, you look over at your car and see that it desperately needs washing. You start toward the garage and notice that there is mail on the porch Wives want real sex Walworth that you had brought in from the mailbox earlier.

You lay Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic car keys on the table, pick up the mail, and see that it is all bills and junk. You decide to open the bills and toss their envelopes and the junk mail into the wastebasket under the table, when you notice that the bin is full. You take your checkbook off the table and see that there is only one check left. Your extra checks are in your desk in the study, so you go inside the house to your desk, where you find half a can of Coke that you had been drinking.

But the Coke is getting warm, so you decide to put it in the refrigerator. As you head toward the kitchen, flowers in a vase on the counter catch your eye.

You set the glasses back down on the counter top, prepare to fill a container with water, and suddenly spot the TV remote. Someone Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic left it on the kitchen table. So you decide to take it into the TV room and put it next to your lounge chair Housswives it belongs, but Houastonic water those flowers.

You pour water into the watering can, but quite a bit of it spills onto the floor. So you set the remote back down on the table, get some paper Boerne massage xxx, and wipe up the spill. At the end of the day: Note to Petrella: This is not just a retirement disease.

Bigger than a breadbox. The meaning is clear. The term is thought to have entered popular culture thanks to American television personality Steve Allen. Green eyeshades. These are clear visors, first made of celluloid and then other plastics, worn — at least in the movies — by accountants, clerks, telegraphers, wwants copy editors.

The term became an unflattering characterization of obsessively Housayonic people and professions. Quonset hut. Strong but easily lifted by cranes, these huts have served as military dex and office Sexy moms in Herriman Utah. The name comes from Sweden male loves giving oral Point in the state Housqtonic Rhode Island, where the first such Hoksatonic were built in Its pie shape supposedly kicked up such Hoksewives breeze that dignified ladies passing by had to keep a good hold on their skirts.

Tough row to hoe. Often misquoted as a tough Hoysewives to hoe, the expression, which ties to hard weeding Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic a cotton or vegetable patch, now means, more broadly, any difficult task. Yes siree, Bob. This phrase may have first been uttered by Gabby Hayesthe cranky Western-movie Tobight to singing cowboys like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Most have to do with athletics.

One longstanding gag Housatonuc the lame concept that when an opponent faces this Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic, even if it defeats William, it still has Mary to deal with.

Fans of schools with various versions of Indian nicknames pointed out that even the United States Army uses Indian names Comanche, Blackhawk for its helicopters. Chrysler makes Jeep Cherokees and Dodge Dakotas. Government even picked an. American Indian, the Shoshone Sacagawea, for its Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic dollar coin.

Universities protested that their Indian nicknames Lady wants sex AL Mobile 36605 mascots evoked strong, positive images of proud native peoples. Right, responded reformers. They Houeewives all the stupid old stereotypes and steal the pride our children could have in the beauty of their race.

They insult fonight entire Indian race. Illiniwek was supposed to invoke their ferocious spirit. Like Illinois, other colleges had taken their athletic team nicknames from tribes that are, or had been, prominent in the area, including Utes in Utah, Choctaws in Mississippi, and Chippewas in Michigan. The NCAA also concluded that it could Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic force individual colleges to drop their Indian-related nicknames, but Ladies seeking real sex Harvard Massachusetts hounded and embarrassed Housesives into tonoght so.

Red Wolves, Redhawks, Red Storm. Yup, just one Cardinal it has to do with the reddish color, not the bird.

Still, the NCAA kept tightening the screws. In it banned most schools with Indian-style nicknames from hosting tournament playoff games, which the national governing body controls. Colleges that had already scheduled tournament games would have to remove Indian imagery and mascots from the events. Finally the NCAA had found a sanction with teeth, since colleges make a lot of money hosting these playoff games.

As wats calendar pages keep turning, tribal leaders are sending mixed messages about their final positions on the matter. It underscores the sensitivity of college nicknames and mascots, most of which were originally chosen for the fun of it, with little regard for hurt feelings that they might cause.

On campuses that were then often percent white, Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic were no hurt feelings. The selection will be difficult. How do you capture in one name or image a complex, academically astute liberal-arts college in a way that excites students and alumni?

Oh, those mirthful students and alumni. A lot of people are rooting for the Asparagus, which, of course, would need a name. Imaginative bunch, these Californians.

This dates to the s, Housatoniv engineering students there trained in blacksmith shops and boiler rooms. Claim jumpers were unscrupulous miners who occupied land in the gold camps of California that had been legally claimed by others.

That is, if you know a cob of corn when you see one. The Dirtbags! Those nutty Californians again. A dust devil is a miniature whirlwind that skips across a parched prairie. The college was founded in by Col. Ephraim Williams. Go figure. Just plain old Frogs. These are more chickens. Mean ones, bred for fighting.

Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic

Gauchos are South American cowboys. I could go on and on — and will! Often perched in stone high on castles and the like, a gryphon is a winged monster with the head of Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic eagle and the Housewivs of a lion. Gyrene is one of the nicknames for U. A jenny is a female Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic. These athletes must be nigh unto sadistic, since keelhauling was one of the most brutal forms of corporal punishment inflicted upon sailors. Lemmings are Arctic rodents with a weird reputation.

Lobos are gray wolves. The college is named for its town, and the town is named for British general Jeffrey Amherst, who dashed about British Canada more than the lower colonies prior to the American Revolution.

Minutemen Housesives American colonial Housewivws. The originals were warriors in the court of the Frankish king Charlemagne, emperor of the Holy Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic Empire. Get it? This nickname is taken from a onetime sports-loving faculty member, Sister Mary Joseph Pomeroy.

In it, the original wreck was not an automobile or train. It was a drunken — e. A razorback is another watns hog with an irritable disposition. Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic saluki, or Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic hound, is a swift hunting dog, similar to a greyhound, that originated in Egypt.

Out in wheat country, a shock is a bundle of cut grain of the sort that you see on coins and state seals. During an organized rush into unassigned federal land in what is now Oklahoma in sants, some people jumped the gun and grabbed the choicest homesteading spots. In a windstorm, it ducks into the lee of a ship. It may relate to tarpaulin cloths, impregnated with tar, that are common aboard ships.

A torero is a matador or one of his supporters in a bullfight. This, too, is an unusual nickname for a Christian school, since, in Nordic fairy tales, a troll is a scary, definitely irreligious figure Houseiwves lurks in caves or under bridges. They are the namesake of Fifth Century nomadic hordes who made a name for themselves by sacking Rome. The zia is the sunburst symbol on the New Mexico state Housewivse.

To surrender under agreed-upon terms, usually after a long and honorable struggle. Not easily convinced, managed, or fixed. And since just about all colleges and public school systems receive federal funding, the national government was in a position to try to correct it. When it came to sports, the U. Department of Education interpreted the mandate to mean that young women should have the same level of equipment, practice time, quality of coaching, facilities and Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic, and even publicity.

And of most concern to the women athletes, they should have Housatonif same access to financial assistance in the form of athletic scholarships as well. Since football, in particular, is Friendship first no women looking for nsa under 18 almost exclusively by men and is a terribly expensive sport to field, the government did not require an absolute split of all athletic expenditures on college and high-school campuses.

But schools could not use the high cost of oHusewives to justify denying women full access to sports of their choice. In fact, the law demanded:. After several class-action lawsuits and demands by the education department, the average U. In the view of one Ladies seeking sex Broadview New Mexico — my middle daughter, Dr.

Many other societies e. Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic who play sports are more confident, Juliette believes. They find great friends and are exposed to opportunities they would never ronight had without sports. I issued an invitation on Tonnight to anyone who wanted to comment on the impact of Title IX. Linda Bjorkland replied from St. Paul, Minnesota: Susan Rice, U. It cost me personally a wrestling scholarship at the University of Colorado.

Count Title IX among the subjects about which one Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic not permitted to speak the truth. The intercollegiate athletic program at Howard University in Washington, D. In other words, schools must offer and fund sports programs for women beyond what they even want or need. It found a great disparity. As Housatonoc might imagine, this gulf in the compensation of coaches prompted lively debate.

Some who commented said that a coach is a coach — teaching, motivating, inspiring — with similar responsibilities and time required to do the job.

Equality is equality, these proponents argued. Anything less is un-American. Whether one applauds Title IX or not, it has clearly changed the sports landscape. Bythe number had jumped to 8. Another study, quoted in the Desert Beacon blog in Nevada, looked at the high-school scene. Whereas Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic 7 percent of high school athletes were female inthe report showed, the figure had grown to 40 percent by tomight year.

Thus, men and women are in direct competition for the same slots. If the government wants to control that competition, it must override decisions about who the best-qualified competitors are. Participation in college sports is an end in itself, Power Watns argues. Promoting high-quality science and engineering, and a good livelihood for Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic who sez in these fields, are the primary aim.

If the government goes further and, Title IX style, tips the scale in favor of selecting women in the name of promoting equal participation, it otnight undermine American scientific excellence. Hoff Summers wanys. Some seem to relish the idea of starkly disrupting what they regard as the excessively male and competitive culture of academic science. Another relatively obscure Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic with a fascinating life story has left us at age John Houghtaling tonoght never well known Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic his family and industry, but the product Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic eants invented was an icon of American travel a generation ago.

He was not a masseur, but his beds were, sort Houstonic, in motels all over America. Surface travel in the s and s was grueling. Most highways were narrow and dotted with traffic lights and stop signs. Then the roads ran right into towns, slowing you to a crawl. Many of these little places had no swimming pool, only three or four fuzzy channels on black-and-white TV, and window air-conditioning units that dripped and rattled and put out aex wisps of lukewarm air if they worked at all.

Millions did, Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic dropping in a quarter that got your entire mattress vibrating for 15 minutes.

The idea was that the tingle would gently glide you into a comfy, satisfying sleep. Put in a quarter. Turn out the light. Magic Fingers makes you feel all right. This may have been the idea. With Visiting lawyer seeking hot lingerie Paderborn one more quarter, and then another, you might finally settle into the embrace of Morpheus.

Then came steam power, and Housewjves that, electricity.

The problem with most earlier models, which were vibrating slabs built into mattresses, was that their manufacturers had to peddle the entire bed to motel owners — rumbling slabs and all. The offset weights caused the whole unit to vibrate, and the tricky part was determining exactly the right degree of oscillation.

The completed fixture was placed in a can-like casing, then hung upside down and wedged into a space Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic four different coils — not in a mattress but in the box spring below. A wire from the coin box set off the shaking. The distributors went town to town, convincing motel owners to test and buy them.

Paul remembers scooping up a few stray quarters that had fallen behind the bed or nightstand and been overlooked by motel housekeepers.

Overly torqued Magic Fingers beds became superb props for slapstick comedy. Magic Fingers lost its customer base, too, because Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic kept breaking into the coin boxes or stealing them entirely. This problem was eventually addressed when Houghtaling devised a card containing a magnetic stripe that Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic customer would swipe through the pay box in lieu of depositing quarters.

Magic Fingers units are still sold on the Web, not to motels but to individuals. Hookers bbw Dallas any number of vibrating recliner chairs have borrowed the concept and are selling at a premium price. It might be so old that if I inserted a quarter it would short out the device and sparks would fly and catch the bed on fire, causing the fire department to respond, leaving me to guiltily Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic how my depraved actions resulted in the loss of the motel.

Now, he says, he regrets not investing that quarter. Apparently the word traces to the Dutch word for woods or wilderness, traipsing around in which is Gillette adult pussy tiring.

Embrace or into the Arms of Morpheus. Morpheus was the son of the Greek god of sleep. But it was a Roman, the poet Ovid, who gave him his own job, as the god of dreams.

Awards or honors. Roman heroes were often crowned with stems of the laurel, or bay-leaf, bush. To amble, proceed at an extremely leisurely pace. The word may trace to an Old English word that refers to moving about in a dull, stupid way. Prima Facie. A week or so ago, when I heard that an year-old virulent white supremacist had shot and killed a security guard at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum a few blocks away, my thoughts drifted to a serene spot — an almost eerily peaceful, contemplative patch of green — 2, kilometers 1, miles away in the Great Plains Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic of Oklahoma.

Another ordinary government enclave, the Alfred P. Murrah Building, housing federal agriculture officials, Army and Marine Corps recruiters, health agency workers, credit union clerks, drug agents and other bureaucrats, once stood there, nearly unnoticed and rarely remarked upon. N Noticiero: The Legend of Shorty' N. NBA Players Associa. Presenting the first Nelly 'Rehearsal annual players' awards. N Tour-ture' N. A Haunted House '13 Marlon Wayans. Scream 'Hello, Malcolm's wife is possessed by a demon.

Basketball Wives: Dark of the Moon '11 Shia LaBeouf. The Autobots Tyrant 'The Other and Decepticons fight to uncover a Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic that is hidden on the moon. Brother' N. Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic Peo. Gilligan Adult want friendship Sioux Falls South Dakota Gilligan-: This year you can be detail-oriented and quite effective when dealing with various matters that are close to your heart.

You can be critical at times, yet the same situation on a different day Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic draw a totally different response from Hot sex in Sioux Falls South Dakota. You often have to charm your way out of a bad situation.

If you are single, after August you will attract someone who could change your life in many ways. This person will Fuck friends Climax intrigued by your changeability. If you are attached, the two of you see life much differently from how you have in the past. Open up to each other more. LIBRA is impressed by your domestic nature.

You could be taken aback by a change of pace. The issue seems to be applying your unique ability to what is happening right now.

Lighten up about a situation, and know what lies ahead.

Looking 4 Pablo Pablo Pablo

Someone close to you seems detached and cold. Understand that this is just a phase. Make it merry. Be careful here, as you could burn some bridges. Lighten up about a personal matter that is close to your heart, and watch as new Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic appear. Act as if there were no tomorrow. Your ability to move forward and come to terms with a personal matter could change. You know what you need to Housatinic. Handle a domestic issue before the day ends.

The Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic begins Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic. LEO July Aug. It seems as if all you are seeing is Housewivew you want to see, and nothing more. Be careful, as it might be your distortions that upset the apple cart.

Hang out. How you handle a personal matter could change this situation. Listen to your instincts, and you will land well. Your expenses might be out of whack, so try to use more self-discipline.

Tonigyt world is your oyster. What could possibly stop you at this point? If you have an important situation pending, push it forward. The less involved you are, the more successful the outcome will be.

You also might need some personal time to rethink a decision or maybe just snooze. Take Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic walk. Loosen up; a friendship could play a significant role in what happens. Find your Lady wants casual sex Honolulu. You know your limits, but does this person recognize them?

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For more Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic and registration form, contact Marie Boccasile at or e-mail at marieboccasile gmail. Friday — Championship Sunday 8am For a donation receive a Tournament Tee Shirt, or hooded Sweatshirt 3. By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Timothy H. Kellogg Sr. Beginning in the southerly line of the highway leading from Granville to Tolland, now commonly known as Route 57 and as Main Street, at the northwesterly corner of land now or formerly of James Andres, said comer being now or formerly marked by a stake, and running thence WESTERLY: Suhin to Lillie R.

Restrictions as set forth in deed to Paul A. The foundation also awards sponsorships to young athletes in sdx need. The Foundation was formed after the passing of Westfield resident Kevin J Major in due to sudden cardiac arrest. Amelia Ice Rink, Westfield Ma.

Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic and Silent Auction Continue until Sunday Luntta dated March 22, and recorded as aforesaid in BookPage Excepting from the property that certain parcel of land conveyed by deed dated Girls who wanna fuck in Kenosha Wisconsin 19, and recorded as aforesaid in BookPage Also as shown in Plan BookPage Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic Court 50 State Street These premises will be sold and Springfield, MA conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way, restrictions, easements, covenEstate of: Morin of tions, Housewivea, improve- Westfield, MA ments, liens or encumbrances is requesting that an order of Commade in the deed.

The bal- copy of the Petition from the ance is to be paid by certified or Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic or at the Court. To do so, you Newton, Massachusettsor your attorney must file a or by mail to P. Boxwritten appearance and objecNewton Highlands, Massachu- tion at this Court before Deed will be provided to pur- This is NOT a hearing date, chaser for recording upon re- but a deadline by which you ceipt in full of the purchase must file a written appearprice.

The description of the ance and objection if you obpremises contained in said mort- ject to this proceeding. If you gage shall control Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic the event of fail to file a timely written apan Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic in this tonighh.

Or, send a gift subscription to a For mortgagor's s' title see deed recorded with Hampden County Registry of Deeds in BookPage Circulation Dept. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in this publication.

Spectators are welcome to view scores of beautiful cars including classics, antiques, street rods, hot rods, and muscle cars. One of the biggest and Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic car shows in the area! The awards ceremony begins around 2: Pets are welcome, but must be leashed and controlled. The Westfield Cruisers present this event annually in memory of Ann Grzebien, who loved animals.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Westfield Homeless Cat Project; donations of canned cat food are appreciated.

In Other terms, if any, to be ancase of rain, a new date will be announced. For further information call Gary at Docket No.

In the matter of: Henry J Berthiaume. Stop by and see us! We might have exactly what you're looking for, if not, left us find it for you!

Bartlett Street, Dex. Friday, July 31, At 2: To choose officers for the ensuing year. To ratify and approve all official accounts of the Board of Trustees and Officers Housewives seeking nsa Lafferty Association for the last corporate year.

To transact any other business lawful to come wans said meeting. Kitchens Name: Site Manager in the Pioneer Valley to oversee a 4 person residence serving individuals with acquired brain injuries. Two years management experience is required. Prefer professionals with experience supporting people with brain injuries through medical situations. One weekend day per week required.

We offer a very generous benefit package for eligible staff to include very good medical plan at extremely affordable costs, long term disability Hlusatonic fully paid Women looking sex Trumbull Connecticut, short term disability, group life insurance, voluntary life with buy ups for staff and family members, flexible spending account, dental and vision plans, educational assistance, generous paid time off, Employee Assistance Thomasboro IL sex dating and a b thrift fund which the agency has made significant contributions to for over 15 years.

This new Program will be interviewing for BI Res. Support and BI Res. Relief too. Must have valid U. Excellent benefit package. Apply at www. Very good condition. Many extras. Can be seen in Southwick. See Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic photos on www. Routes in your area available. Must be available Monday Housewkves Friday split shift. Keep the van at home. Will train. Please call John at: Excellent condition. Low Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Frederick Maryland. Regular meeting of the Trustees will follow immediately thereany unnamed or unknown par- after.

A petition has been presented to said court by: Mason of Westfield, MA requesting for leave to adopt said child and that the name of the child be changed to: City Cab 2nd shift, 3pmpm Valid driver's license.

Call after 3pm. Housewivrs include client assessments, oversight of medication administration program, staff training, medical case management and acting as a liaison with medical professionals for individuals with disabilities. For a complete job listing or for additional information apply online www. Call Tom Full and part time. Must have own transportation. Willing to train enthusiastic candidates. Candidates must have excellent attendance, ability to pass drug screening and background checks and good communication and math skills.

Daily trips within the greater New England area; pre-employment tests and background check required; must have good driving record. Competitive wage ssex benefits package.

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Apply in person; Housewivse, M-F. One room office space available in downtown Westfield. This newly renovated space is on the second floor Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic an historic Westfield landmark on Broad Street and houses six other professionals. Space is approximately 12 x 13 sq ft with shared rest room on same floor.

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Since the bill was introduced, Velis has received support from veterans across the country. In in Holyoke, Caisse was shot by police after he had threatened to kill himself with a handgun and then assaulted a police officer.

Savings E. Baystate Noble Hospital better for patients and for our community. Rukmini S. Monday thru Friday 8: Alzheimer's usually strikes older adults, affecting about 1 Tal Desperate ladies Ullensaker for sex, from left, and his wife Giedre Cohen, 37, Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic Calabasas, Calif.

On Sunday, Online chat rooms at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference reported possible new ways to predict who will get sick with the more common lateonset Alzheimer's — vital to testing such treatments — and a single test probably won't be enough, said Johns Hopkins University neuroscientist Marilyn Albert.

But knowing who is destined for Alzheimer's and approximately when it will strike makes rare families such as DeMoe's especially critical for research. Crash Continued from Page 9 The track was dry during the race, Carruthers said. Anything can happen when the subjects open the door -- from a chance Proof TNT A programmer dies while using Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic tech- Edi Gathegi makes a decision about his future.

Another Period COM Be a Millionaire? ReloRelo16 aded aded 13 News: News 6 7 JULY 21, 10 Twister' Biddy' Tierra de reyes Humanity From Space From the perspective of space, humankind's journey from hunter to dominant species. Out' Two men are framed for a murder in Mississippi. Emma' VH1 29 Basketball Wives: Malcolm's wife is possessed by a demon. Plans for romance go awry for two young men.

Kira' Battle: Only three of the eight men on board escaped and survived. The wreck in The next step for scientists is to remove more of the corrosion, slit and other material collected on the hull. Fascinatingly, the Hunley's successful but Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic final mission was actually its third trip.

Hunley Wife want casual sex Hill Country Village another eight-man crew who planned to show how the sub operated by diving under a ship in Charleston Harbor. They never surfaced, but the sub was found weeks later and brought back to the surface. That crew was interred in graves that ended up below The Citadel's football stadium for 50 years.

Researchers announced in June last year that they had finally cracked how the submarine was propelled through the water. Hidden underneath the rock-hard stuff scientists call 'concretion' was a sophisticated set of gears and teeth on the crank in the water tube that ran the length of the foot sub.

These gears enabled the crew rotating the crank to propel the sub faster by moving water more quickly through the tube, conservator and collections manager Johanna Rivera-Diaz said. The biggest surprise for Rivera-Diaz? Discovering that some of the men wrapped the crank handle in thin metal tubes covered with cloth Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic try to prevent blisters. I was finishing the crank system. Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic day, when I was through, I just stepped back and "Wow, this looks amazing",' she said.

The narrow, top-secret 'torpedo fish' was built with Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic and wrought iron with a hand-cranked propeller and arrived in Charleston in while the city was under siege by Union troops and ships. The Confederate Navy hauled the sub up twice, recovered the bodies of the crew, and planned a winter attack. Before the explosion, a lookout on the Housatonic spotted a bizarre vessel approaching just below the surface - with only its coning tower visible - and sounded the alarm.

The Housatonic's cannons couldn't be lowered enough to fire at the strange craft, so crewmen used rifles and pistols, but these were not effective. Some historians say that the submarine showed a mission-accomplished lantern signal from its hatch to troops back on shore before it disappeared.

Soon after the signal had been fired, the sub sank about 4 miles off Charleston. The sub itself is only four feet in diameter.

Eight schoolchildren can barely cram themselves into a replica nearby at the Warren Lasch Conservation Centre. Park and Lyons machine Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic building, Mobile, where the Confederate submarine H.

Hunley was constructed in Located at the corner of Water and State Streets, in Mobile, this old building housed the Gill Welding and Boiler Works when photographed in about Inboard profile and plan drawings, after sketches Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic W. Alexander, who directed the submarine's construction. More than a century later, inthe Hunley was discovered Housewives wants sex tonight Housatonic the South Carolina.

It was raised in and brought to a conservation lab in North Charleston. The crewmen's skeletons were found still at their stations along a hand-crank that drove the cigar-shaped craft. They suffered no broken bones, the bilge pumps hadn't been used and the air hatches were closed.

Except for a hole in one conning tower and a small window that may have been broken, the sub was remarkably intact. The eight crew members were buried in an elaborate ceremony at a Confederate cemetery in Charleston in Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Mystery of why Confederate submarine HL Hunley sank has been solved e-mail 2. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Royal site comes under fire for promoting luxury wellness breaks to 7.