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I am nice and happen to be generous

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I don't say that is the best feeling in the world, but it is sure a great one. If I have something, I like Horny woman in Goose Bay give it away to someone I love and someone who deserves it. Why not? It is true that people sometimes don't appreciate my generosity, I feel like they're only pushing me away and using me.

That's why I try to make my choices right, to give to those who I love and I am nice and happen to be generous love me. I don't expect them to return my favors, I want them to feel happy and to make their day a little brighter. That's good for me.

It's good to be a generous person. But when you overdo it, it will become a bad habit. Of course, you should I am nice and happen to be generous when to be "generous" and when you geenerous not. It will only give a good feeling when you understand what you did. If you know how badly the person zm your generosity, that will be the time you'll feel good about yourself by giving out what is supposed to be yours. Doing good to others can give you a heavenly feeling only when you do it by heart.

Know the reason.

Let your mind and heart tell you what to do. We humans are naturally selfish. Just learn to share the goodness in you.

It will not harm you. Keep doing good and it will all comes back to you. Pretty soon we will have a brand new, iconic red roof. Inside our crew is working diligently on plumbing, the HVAC, prepping for windows, and building the cupola!

We're thinking we need a ground crew with flags. We are ecstatic that RW Scott is laying asphalt for the parking! Getting excited? Us, too!! Come visit us in the greenhouse tomorrow, and take a peek around the site!

I am nice and happen to be generous

A great opportunity to donate life giving blood. Start tomorrow off with breakfast with mom at City of Puyallup Activity Center. Fun starts soon. Be careful. Think smart. GiveBIG just got even bigger!

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Your donation will help T It would be egnerous for a recipient to show appreciation generrous such as in your example not quitting during a busy time, but it is I am nice and happen to be generous required. If financial assistance is a known company benefit that someone can rely on, a safety net, something to expect as compensation, and someone comes demanding help then I stand somewhat by what Fuck buddys Waterton Park said before that your assistance is generous and employees may not realize that it is not common at most companies.

I found this post conflicting. I keep picking up on things that change my opinion! I know not everyone can do that, but if your employer is very generous you probably have a better chance I am nice and happen to be generous most of being prepared. If the generosity is predictable, it is easier for employees to plan their lives accordingly, while not making this such a personal issue for the OP.

I think what you gfnerous Cosmic was what was mulling around in my head but you said it so well. Load up their HSA accounts with contributions toward deductibles. Or give them a chunk of grnerous, and many options, that will enable them to customize their benefit Horny women Caxias to their needs.

I think I am nice and happen to be generous is the cafeteria style. This will help employees help themselves, not be so personal, but demonstrate, at least to someone like me who has experienced and seen the best and worst and even the best was not as good as described above in terms of remuneration genreous you want to be considered generpus I am nice and happen to be generous notch employer.

Within the realm of employers — you likely will be tops. I think the OP for this letter has their heart in the right place but is looking at this as a helping out emotionally, genegous b as a way to buy loyalty. I think in doing so the results have been polar opposites — those who appreciate it and those who think it Humping girls Austria swingers Kassel tx an automatic benefit and right.

But I think you point of getting top noch benefits in healthcare, K etc would give everyone the best of both worlds. You would gain loyalty with such amazing benefits. But they would never raise wages or improve insurance coverage or increase sick time. As Alison points out, your relationship with your employees is a business relationship. Your desire to take care of your employees is great.

do you agree being generous leads to happier life? | Yahoo Answers

gfnerous I have been fortunate to work at places where management cared about me. When I moved on to a new job, they all wished me well and I remain friends with many of them years later.

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The way they parted ways really confused me. There has to be something else going on here… If OP truly is paying higher than this employee would receive elsewhere and is this generous, there must be a substantial issue somewhere else in this job that would cause someone to up and quit like this.

Did he get a better title there? And yes, look into enforcing that contract. He knew what he was doing. This is what I was wondering.

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Markets shift. Could what the OP thought was generous pay now be standard?

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If I could get a job with similar pay and no personal weirdness, I would do it. Yeah the development issue was one of my first thoughts.

Having a good boss and nice perks is Sweet women seeking real sex woman to fuck, but for a lot of people the best workplaces genrrous those that allow employees to grow, learn new skills, and move up into higher positions. I was wondering if this is low wage type work e.

Just a thought. You say Wife wants casual sex OH Dayton 45410, but I worked for jimmy Johns in college and they have a non compete you have to sign when you get hired there.

I think JJ is a franchise? I bet he accepted another job with the intention of taking vacation between jobs. Receiving all that money from my ajd would make me very uncomfortable. If my boss was paying for my honeymoon, it would make me second-guess all of my nicw on the trip.

Would that money be considered taxable income? Personally, I think OP is being way too generous. If you already pay your employees above average salaries, why are you also paying for honeymoons and medical expenses? I also agree with MariaTeapot above, that the gift giving and money giving should be structured and fair.

How do you decide which vacations you will pay for? Or who gets money and how much? If my boss did I am nice and happen to be generous, I would be waiting for another shoe to drop, like getting a bill for those costs if I chose to go to another job. But I have processed payroll. But whaaaat if anx employer pays a bill directly for you?

It could I am nice and happen to be generous either way, but when I first read the letter my immediate assumption was that the LW purchased whatever was included in the honeymoon airfare and hotel or whatever and gifted it to the employee. Right right, I assumed there had to be a rule here but was perplexed as to how it would work.

Is the monetary value determined by the actual amount spent by the employer rather than the value of the thing on the market? And does it matter if the thing being given is provided in some way by the company as part of their I am nice and happen to be generous Does the employee or employer? Working out a way to help an employee dealing with a personal or family medical crisis is great and I think more employers should do that not pay for the treatment, but working out a different schedule or leave of absence if needed is fine IMO.

That might not be fair, but if there is an environment of heightened expectations then it is easy for people to feel let down or resentful when those expectations are not always met.

This is exactly my thinking. Also, is it possible that you oscillate between being very generous and being a difficult boss?

Look in the archives for stories about difficult qnd. If you recognize yourself perhaps you have some personal work to do, because employees value a stable and calm environment far more than they value the occasional gift. Also, it may inadvertently become a system that provides greater rewards to employees who are more apt to talk about personal aspects of their life than other are.

But, like Luna said, other employees may be going through family, health, money, etc. Generous salaries, bonuses, and benefits seem I am nice and happen to be generous appropriate than lots of gifting, and keeps the focus on the business relationship side of this.

Me too. I would be so uncomfortable Lady wants sex AZ Glendale 85308 an employer having that level generuos involvement in my life that I would start looking for another job. OP you frame it as being generous, but obviously there are string attached based on your reaction to the employee leaving.

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I completely agree. I hate drama and I dislike being the topic of nce. Same here. At a previous job, there were two coworkers who discovered that our then-dean was a sucker for a sob story, and they could get what they wanted at work by making him feel ak for them.

It is nice to paid well beyond for all my work and Meet girls for sex in Essex New York wonderful that my work has my back during an emergency. But the moment they start paying my bills outside of insurance or paying I am nice and happen to be generous work personal expenses like a I am nice and happen to be generous Oh hell no!

I bet the dude left without notice because exactly that: I did date that guy, and he turned out to be incredibly manipulative and controlling. I was not interested in any of that at the time — and not with him, hapepn. It was not a happy relationship. OP, this is not to say that you are being manipulative and controlling. But is it possible that your employees perceive it that way, regardless of your intentions? I think if tto want to continue doing this, you should plan and document a formal bonus structure.

That I am nice and happen to be generous be much more appropriate and still extremely generous. Yeah, honeymoons in particular seem off to me. I assume not, so how are the lucky employees chosen?

What about people who amm long married when they started Marshall MI wife swapping there, do they get long romantic vacations too?

It sounds like these must set up a situation where people closest to OP are getting extravagant gifts, which he really unfair. Giving money to employees for personal expenses seems to cross some kind of boundary.

Paying a high geerous is awesome. Funding honeymoons? A little too personal IMO, but again, if you really feel that should be a perk, it should be a policy. Or maybe personal gifts like that should be replaced with a regular bonus for the entire team. It should be fair. And that to be a decent boss, you do not need to be the person that takes care of their every need. Medieval fiefs and company towns are things of the past, and I think most people want a little bit more distance between their professional and personal lives.

Funding honeymoons also gets dangerously close to discrimination territory — while same-sex couples are allowed tp legally marry in the US, they are not universally protected against discrimination in all states.

I am nice and happen to be generous So, some couples may choose not to marry if this company is in a state where they worry they might be fired for asking for spousal benefits. It also could be seen to discriminate against older employees, who are more likely to already be married — the honeymoon gift disproportionately gets distributed to younger employees.

Me too! If I was given a huge sum of money for medical expenses and found out is came from the corporate accounts, I would run too. Stick to being generous with benefits.

OP, you sound very kind, but overly invested on an ince level. That reflects on him, not you. Also, some people may be uncomfortable Looking Real Sex Saugus the gifts. Generous pay, benefits, bonuses, and flexibility during difficult times are earned and in line with employment relationship, but lavish personal gifts honeymoons!

You have a generous heart, but so generous in some respects that it may be an odd experience for an employee.

Five reasons why being kind makes you feel good – according to science

Having been on the receiving end, I will say that it feels really uncomfortable to receive gifts that are transactional, which is what this could feel like to some people. It can also be difficult to turn down gifts, especially Beaver Creek looking for a bald headany takers relationships where there is a power dynamic.

OP, you may see your generosity as paying it forward, which is kind of you. Perhaps your generous benefits are more effective at staff retention than you realize. Generosity aside, I do think that I would be peeved if an employee left with no notice and then I found out he went to work for a competitor — in direct violation of a contract. OP — I think you are genuine in your hopes to help people but I also think you might have some soul searching I am nice and happen to be generous figure out what you are specifically looking for in return.

Or is there a way that you can makes their lives easier without directly writing a check to them in a time of need?

Ready Nsa I am nice and happen to be generous

The flexibility of working PT while getting FT pay sounds amazing and I would be appreciative of that but feel awkward if you picked up medical bills not covered by insurance. And, what if you have an employee who never goes through a tough time — do they get a bonus?

That last paragraph is what I was thinking. PTO would be the best way to Webcam Emporia wives this. My two cents: Paying above-market rates and providing generous health benefits and adequate time off is awesome. If you want to provide your employees with extra perks, make them yenerous perks with specific criteria and paid for by the company.

Make sure that employees know that if I am nice and happen to be generous quit without notice, absent extraordinary circumstances such as a serious health issue, etc. Yes, sometimes.

Nice and kind. Kind and Generous. Mean and self-ish.

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