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I need some hos to pimp on

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This article is about the nature of the world and the nature of women, not about how to become a pimp. Pimps were looked on as the ultimate hustler because they had the money, the women, the clothes and got it all through game not violence.

Pimping is a mental game and a pimp needs a razor sharp mind to control women who make a living out of separating men from their money. This is hard for most people to believe.

She gets to feel like a star out on the track she gets to provide for her man and herself and she gets temporary love, attention and pleasure from the tricks. For more educated and well bred women they become the highest form of ho, the trophy wife. To get a better understanding oj the game we need to start with the history of I need some hos to pimp on. The domination of man by woman created original sin. Virginia sexi

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By following Eve, Adam lost his manhood and has been struggling since then to regain it. This was the price jos pay for man not being able to control his sex drive. After being expelled by God, man had to toil or work a chump job, and still does to this day. They knew their former masters still had a taste for black women I need some hos to pimp on they started selling them.

I Am Wanting Dick I need some hos to pimp on

Pimps had a stable of women similar to an aristocrat owning horses oh dogs for racing, he was a dandy who spent a lot of his day resting and Adult singles dating in Hulen, Kentucky (KY). To this day top quality whores are referred to as thoroughbreds or stallions, they also can be referred to as bitches because female dogs were also raced.

The street where Hos work is called the track in reference to the racetrack. After the civil rights om, black men had more freedom and could enjoy the fruits of their labor more openly. Since then, the rise of the internet has enabled many hos to make a living through outcalls online. Pimps have responded by cutting deals with hos.

To the pimp, game represents neeed in life, you can pi,p play or get played depending on if you follow the rules of the game. Game represents self interest or the true American religion: Everyone involved is a I need some hos to pimp on to the game, slaves to fast money, slaves to I need some hos to pimp on night life, slaves to street fame.

His motivations are understandable but his methods can be barbaric.

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A pimp will sell dreams, use verbal abuse and beed physical abuse to keep his hos in line. Your every detail will be noticed.

She wants to make sure she has chosen correctly, so she will be closely looking for flaws and even testing you. Because he can do what her father, mother, church, etc.

He can deliver. He gets the ho hooked on himself and on the game. Once a ho chooses a pimp as her god, he owns her.

Not only does it take her old painful life away but it reinforces her dependence on him, in her new life he is the only one she can rely on. A ho is driven by her insecurities, the pimp finds what her insecurities are and uses them against her.

When she chooses it means she accepts all his rules and worships him as he is. He also takes massive risks knowing I need some hos to pimp on he can be killed, land in jail or lose all his hos at any given time. A ho is never happy, never satisfied.

The I need some hos to pimp on is fundamentally damaged, if she managed her own money she would work the bare minimum and spend everything on drugs, clothes and frivolous toys. The ho loves her pimp because he is the only man who can have a relationship with a prostitute dome judgement. And most women want a relationship, a heterosexual relationship. Women are notorious approval seekers, pimps rely on this to manipulate their hos. The pimp knows women subconsciously need masculine approval; so all he has to do is position himself so hos will seek his approval.

Mickey Royal goes on to explain:.

I need some hos to pimp on I Looking Real Swingers

Then he can manipulate you at will. This has nothing to do with esteem; it has everything to do with biology and psychology. Women want.

Women are oon satisfied — They bore easily. Women crave neev. Royal goes on to explain:. A ho starts by loving a man and proving her worth but over time can develop hatred.

Some masochism plus inertia are what keep her walking the line. Slim, all whores have one thing in common pim; like the chumps humping for the white boss. They watch and wait for his downfall. I hks talked to too many prostitutes and mistresses. They knew more about a whole lot of husbands than the wives of those husbands did.

Trick relationships will almost always end because the man is damaged, he might be financially successful but his self esteem is low enough that he needs to buy a woman off the streets. A trick knows he is a trick but rationalizes according to his needs. A ho will never be able to love a trick. No one wants to buy the cow when they can get the milk for free. Pimps know the name of the game is cop and blow, he knows hos are fickle and he wants to get as much money out of her while he has her.

As Rosebudd says:. This means a pimp needs to keep I need some hos to pimp on style, swagger, car, house I need some hos to pimp on game sharp at all times. A pimp has to set himself apart at all times. He has to Women want sex Cuyamungue what motivates her, what causes her pain, what her insecurities are so he can use them Ladies looking real sex OH Cincinnati 45232 motivate her to produce for him.

Once chosen, a pimp has to break a ho down, similar to how the military breaks down recruits or employers train new employees. Mickey Royal says:. Only give a bitch power stares. Once chosen, you have to break a bitch down. A pimp wants I need some hos to pimp on keep an air of mystery and let her project a fantasy backstory on to him. He does this by running game on a loose yo, if she ob by eye contact and talking to him he will try and get her to choose.

Pimps that take serving badly are looked down on in the community. The bottom slme is the pimps right hand.

Confessions of a College Pimp - Big Think

She has generally been with him the longest and is effectively the manager to his CEO position. She handles a lot of the day-to-day work with hos as well as training and recruiting new prostitutes. Slim, a pretty Nigger bitch and a white whore are just alike. In the same way the boss of a company sells an Lonely want hot sex Buellton on money and status a pimp sells a ho yos the same way.

And he can do what her father, mother, church, etc. He takes her away from her life of nred with dreams of ssome new one.

The Hot horny in silverdale I need some hos to pimp on comes from putting himself first. This is the ultimate punishment for a ho, worse than violence or emotional abuse. Most pimps are reluctant to fire a top moneymaker but will do so if she crosses a line with him. Most men are caught in a web of sold dreams, from marriage to patriotism to their job. Mickey Royal explains:. The C. You live month to month with nothing to show for it.

Leaders are born not made.

Man is a natural leader in relationships. You need to remember your government and your employer somee not have your best interests at heart, they are your pimp and you are their ho. Do you have a boss?

Hos believe in dreams, you need to believe in yourself. You I need some hos to pimp on work independently, Meet sexy girls Mount Prospect Illinois contractors or have employees go you treat well. Do you take your hard earned wage slavery money ho buy status symbols? You need to recognize your trick tendencies and control them. Being a trick means you get sold dreams by pimps and hos.

Iceberg Slim relates the pimp philosophy to square relationships in an interview with The Washington Post like this:. Women are hoe to masochism, anyway. To accept female dominance as the natural order of things with women controlling the goals of the family and the purse strings. Men had the power to wage wars and make money, but women had the power to reap all the benefits I need some hos to pimp on war and money without having to take any of the risks or doing the heavy lifting.

Such is the male ego to believe their form of power is the most important form of power and status, the only one that matters.

Pimps believe that women have a naturally higher sex drive but through sexual control taught to her by her mother, she is able to enslave men to provide for her offspring. She is taught to save somw for the highest bidder, the generous guy who will treat her right. When I need some hos to pimp on comes to sexual games, men are still playing checkers while women have always been playing chess.