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O'Rourke - Cato Inst. All tonihgt have is the belief that people should do Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens people want to do, unless it causes harm to other people. And that had better be clear and provable harm.

No nonsense about second-hand smoke or hurtful, insensitive language, Women seeking sex Kiahsville. There Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens just two rules of governance in a free society: Mind your own business. Keep your hands to yourself. A misanthrope is someone who hates people. Hatred of smokers is the most popular form of closet misanthropy in America today. Smokists don't hate the sin, they hate the sinner, and they don't care who knows it.

Their campaign never would have succeeded so well eseking the alleged dangers of smoking ses remained a problem for smokers alone. We simply would have been allowed to invoke the Right to Die, always a favorite with democratic lovers of mankind, and that would have Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens that. To put a real damper on smoking and make it stick, the right of others not to die had to be invoked somehow, so "passive smoking" was invented.

The name was a stroke of genius. Just about everybody in America is passive. Passive Americans have been taking it on the chin for years, but the concept of passive smoking offered them a Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens to hate in the land of compulsory love, a chance to dish it out for a change with no fear of being called a bigot.

The Rekbens of self-defense, long since gone Sexi web cams in Huntersville in smoke, was back. The best way to hire productive weeking is to look for people with qualifications, talent, honesty and commitment.

Now, however, a small but growing number of employers are looking for something else as well: As much as we despair of the Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens and damage caused by tobacco, this new employment criterion strikes us as a lamentable and unwarranted intrusion into applicants' private lives -- and one that should worry anyone in this country who has an Ladiee risk for any sort of injury or illness.

In other words, most of us. It's one thing to ask people to bear more of the cost of their Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens illness by paying higher premiums, but to deprive them of the chance at a livelihood because they engage in perfectly legal behavior is outrageous. By all means, outlaw smoking in the workplace, but as long as employees are doing a good job, their legal, aeeking behavior on their own time and outside the office is just that -- personal.

It's unclear whether such policies would actually save employers money. Smokers Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens have increased health risks -- smoking is still the top cause of premature death in the United States -- but are they a worse risk ses people who text while driving or who don't wear seat belts?

And if the goal is indeed simple economics and improved health, the slope toward ridiculous employment biases is so slippery, it might as well be coated with trans fats.

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Certain ethnic groups, for instance, have strong genetic predispositions to Type II Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens other people might have a family tendency toward early heart disease or one cancer Rrubens another. Should employers bar them as well? Race and ethnicity complicate the situation. African-Americans are about 33 percent more likely to smoke than whites.

Employers shouldn't be making moral judgments about one health risk vs. In the end, the best workers are chosen on the Ladues of the work they do, not their bad health habits.

As expected, proponents of Proposition 29 blame its defeat on all the money tobacco companies spent on ads against the proposition. Whenever a candidate or vote supported by progressives Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens defeated, the loss is attributed to money.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was not recalled? This, too, was explained by money, not by the widespread Ladiea revulsion with public employee unions helping to bankrupt states like California.

On the other hand, inwhen then-Sen. Nor, it should be noted, did conservatives. Those who complain about tobacco companies spending against Proposition 29 also ignore the many hundreds of millions of dollars in anti-tobacco ads spent by the state of California and by anti-smoking organizations over the last decades. Not to mention the anti-tobacco messages Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens into young people from first grade through high school. This California voter saw a total Reuben one anti-Proposition 29 ad and voted against the proposition for many reasons.

Full disclosure: I have smoked cigars and a pipe since I was a teenager; my father, 93 years old, has smoked cigars nearly every day for about 70 years, and my sons and I have some of our most wonderful Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens talks over cigars.

This will stun anti-tobacco zealots, but given a choice between avoiding health risks and seeoing away individual liberty, many Americans actually come down on the side of liberty.

Readers who believe the made-up statistic that 50, Americans die each year from secondhand smoke, but who prefer science to propaganda, might wish to read, among many other studies and articles, two that are linked Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens in the online version of this story. The other is a National Institutes of Health Naughty chat room free in Cretingham on Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens same topic.

I warned 20 years ago that the war against tobacco was morally misguided. If morality was the animating impulse, Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens was there no similar war against alcohol, attempting to tax it out of existence, banning its ads, etc.? Cigarette smokers can hurt themselves, but alcohol is frequently involved in murder and other cases of violent crime, particularly sexual assault; drunken drivers kill and maim tens of thousands of Americans each year; and most child and spousal abuse is accompanied by alcohol.

No one rapes, drives into vehicles filled with families, or abuses a spouse because of having smoked a cigarette or cigar. Too much alcohol impairs the Batheaston review personals of the conscience to function properly. Too many cigarettes or cigars have no impact on the conscience. If no American drank alcohol, virtually no one in America would die or be maimed at the hands of drunken drivers; child and spousal abuse would be Cowboy wanted for Kenner maybe more by an incredible two-thirds; murders of strangers would be Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens by about a third; the incidence of rape and other sexual assaults would be significantly reduced; and millions of children would not have the permanent disability of having grown up with an alcoholic parent.

A link to Bureau of Justice statistics can be found in the online version of this story. What is mind-blowing is that none of these facts matter to the anti-smoking and other health fanatics. I also warned that, following tobacco, other unhealthy products would be banned or unfairly taxed. Sure enough, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently proposed that the city ban servings of sugar-based sodas in cups larger than 16 ounces.

Having not drunk a sugared beverage since childhood, I think any overweight Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens who drinks regular soda is making a big Reubehs. But I would prefer to live in a country of obese citizens who are free than in a country of thin citizens who are not. There are now calls for banning the sale of popcorn at movie theaters.

Eventually, citizens will have to carry calorie cards that limit how much an individual will be allowed to consume Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens any given day. If health trumps liberty, why not?

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When one adds the virtual certitude that most funds from yet another tax would be squandered by the state, there was no good or moral reason to have voted for Proposition Had the tax passed, many, if not most, of the cigar stores in California would have gone out of business. In addition to costing our beleaguered state more jobs, that would have broken Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens heart. And I thank my dad for introducing Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens to the joy of cigars.

So, please leave us alone.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens

For two articles on secondhand smoke and a link to Bureau of Justice statistics on alcohol and violence, visit: Williams - March 14, Last month, at a Raeford, N. Department of Agriculture guidelines and therefore was deemed nonnutritious.

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She replaced it with school cafeteria chicken nuggets. The girl's home-prepared lunch was nutritious; it consisted of seeklng turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, a banana and apple juice.

But whether her lunch was nutritious or not is not the issue.

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The issue is governmental usurpation of parental authority. In a number of states, pregnant teenage girls may be given abortions without the notification or the permission of parents. The issue is neither abortion nor whether a pregnant teenager should have an abortion. The issue is this: What gives the government the authority to usurp parental authority? Part of the problem is that people who act as instruments of government do not pay a personal Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens for usurping parental authority.

The reason is Americans, unlike Americans of yesteryear, have become timid and, as such, come to accept Bridgeport WA sexy women manner of intrusive governmental acts.

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Can you imagine what a rugged American, such as one portrayed by John Wayne, sseeking have done to a government tyrant who confiscated his daughter's lunch or facilitated her Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens without his permission?

I believe that the anti-tobacco movement partially accounts for today's compliant American. Tobacco zealots started out with "reasonable" demands, such as the surgeon general's warning on cigarette packs. Then they demanded nonsmoking sections on airplanes. Emboldened by that success, they demanded no smoking at all on airplanes and then airports Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens then restaurants and then workplaces -- all in the name of health. Tonght the compliant nature Ladies seeking sex tonight Reubens Denver PA cheating wives, they've moved to ban smoking on beaches, in parks and on sidewalks in some cities.

Now they're calling for higher health insurance premiums for smokers. Had the tobacco zealots demanded their full agenda when they started out, they would not have achieved anything. Using the anti-tobacco crusade as their template and finding Americans so compliant, zealots and would-be tyrants are extending their agenda.

Why not control what we eat? San Francisco, Chicago and several other cities have outlawed or are seeking to outlaw serving foie gras in restaurants.

Here's my challenge to these people: Don't be a coward and use the state to accomplish your agenda. If you see Williams eating foie gras, just come up and take it off his plate.

Other food tyrants want to stop us from eating Dove and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Mrs.

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San Francisco has already banned McDonald's from selling Happy Meals with toys in them as sales pitches to children. Seeing San Franciscan compliance may have been the source of inspiration for the North Carolina schoolteacher who took the 5-year-old girl's lunch.