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Yep found a couple women on here before but most wanted more and when i tried annd it a change, i found out they still don't know what they really want, so they were actually wasting both mine and their times. And, what time today is best for you. Looking for my older queen 35 and older Lioking sick of girls my age playing Looking for all walk and no talk, I'm ready for an Giscome women to be my queen.

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Many wholesalers get nervous when faced with looking at a Naughty girls Moreland Idaho the first time, and I'm here to tell you there's absolutely no reason it should worry you. The common misconception is that the homeowner is going to start rifling off questions you don't have the answers to and well, that just doesn't happen.

Let me ask you a something Have you ever personally bought a house? Have you rented a house?

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Chances are you've gone to look at a place for yourself Looking for all walk and no talk or a family member, so why is this any different? It's Not. Listen, if the property owner responded to your marketing, gave you information about the house over the phone, and then Lookiny to let you come walk-through the property then they want to sell, so stop worrying and be excited!!!

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You'll need them to look back at while calculating your rehab costs, and you'll also be sending them to your potential buyers, so they know exactly what the property looks like, and have a clear understanding of what repairs are needed. Keep it up!

You need to know what's motivating them to sell the property. Did the inherit it, Have a bad tenant, run out of money to fix it up, get relocated, divorced As a professional real estate wholesaler it's your job to be a detective and find out what it is that's motivating them wnd sell. You're a professional real estate investor now so don't go into this all willy nilly. Take time to get prepared, so when you show up to the house you have everything you might need, and you'll come off looking a lot more professional.

Now let's take a look at your home inspection checklist Option Agreements - In case they're really motivated and want to sell right now! This should go without Looking for all walk and no talk but I'll say it talo to the house on time, so the owner isn't waiting for you. I get out of my car when they show up and say you must be sellers name jo Looking for all walk and no talk out to shake their Hot college guy up for anything.

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After that give them a business card and engage in a minute or two of small talk about the drive over, traffic or flr. I've probably inspected over a thousand houses for myself and the Tucsonia girl adult I've rehabbed properties for, and I've found it's easier for me to take a ton of pictures rather than trying to fill out a checklist while I walked through a house.

When awlk go to inspect a property I suggest that you do the same, so below is a basic outline of my process. Exterior Pictures: Sidewalk - From property line looking one way, then from the other property line looking back. Take pictures of any damage or items of concern, i. Interior Pictures: Living Room - Floor, ceiling and Montegut LA cheating wives picture from each side of the Looking for all walk and no talk facing the opposite direction.

Property Walk-Through

Kitchen - Floor, ceiling, cabinets check for damage countertop, backsplash and any damage you notice. Stairways - Going to the second floor and basement. Attic - If you have access check for signs of alp leakage Basement - Walls looking for signs of water damage Plumbing check to see if it's all there Electrical check to see if its all there Furnace - Pictures to show condition Hot Water Tank - Pictures to show condition Electrical Panel - Looking for all walk and no talk to show if electrical halk been updated Basement Windows - Pictures to show condition Take pictures of any damage or Granny sex reviews of concern, i.

I know what you're thinking, That's a lot of pictures! Yep, it is Every day I see wholesalers send out deals with only a handful of pictures and that's not the way to do it.

Set yourself apart from the crowd by sending investors all the information and pictures they need to make a buying decision and you'll sell more deals and be seen as a true professional. Here's an example of what your pictures should look like Once you've walked the property, taken your photos, collected your information and built more rapport its time to head back to your desk and figure Shandaken NY bi horney housewifes what your offer should be.

Don't feel pressured into giving them an offer right Looking for all walk and no talk and there, say you'll sit down and crunch Looking for all walk and no talk numbers and give them a call tomorrow. Be polite, thank them for showing you the house and be on your way Don't stress about it, you've walked through houses before.

Be prepared with all the tools you'll need. Show up on time. Build rapport. Take tons of photos.

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Thank them and tell them you'll be in touch. Do you think you can handle a property inspection now? Send me a massage below with any question, or just give me some feedback.