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Schreckengast Family Folder. Online Material Published Sources Researchers. People researching this surname include: Gary Schreckengost. Biography "Startle a Guest!". Freaky Girl - "Give us your best Shot!" Hi, This is mine and my husbands first dare. He was wondering what y'all thought about me and if you would like to see more pictures. Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World - NZ Herald.

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We were naked all weekend A name like Schreckengast scare a guest would therefore be an funny innkeeper's name: These name meanings, however, may not apply to our family who traces its lineage to Jeremias Schreckengast, the first known person with the family name who lived in Wingeshausen, Wittgenstein-Berleburg late in the time of the Thirty Years War.

Franconia and Jena are a long way from Wittgenstein, for example, and the use of "schrecken" in Jena in is not proof of the meaning of "schrecken" in Wittgenstein in the s. Also, None of the explanations takes into account what was happening in Wittgenstein, the Schreckengast Heimat homeland at the time Jeremias Schreckengast appears in history, when "schrecken" was a daily reality.

Sagte man: English translation supra: So there was no more government or order in either religious or governmental affairs. They subjugated the poor people to huge, unbearable expenses, and physically beat and mistreated the people.

If a man said, 'I will report this to our merciful duke,' they beat the people even more saying, 'We are the rulers in this land, and not your duke. Every farmstead of Aue-Wingeshausen was pillaged by the godless Catholics, and the area was laid waste. In the year23 farms were able to pay the "contribution of oats" for the horses of Captain Vogt. Bybecause of the occupation and horrible administration of the occupiers, only 17 farms could pay the contribution of oats.

Inan epidemic, spread by the occupying soldiers, raged throughout the duchy Pussy wanted olathe ks. women seeking sex many farms and families had become Flasher sex video. A list of the farms, which could not give the Kontribution in for the troops of the Captain Vogt grew so large that it was nothing short of a catastrophe.

According to noted Thirty Years War historians C. Wedgwood and Geoffrey Parker: Looking to meet a beautiful sbw gunmen were hired mechanics, who with their master gunners, grooms for their huge horse teams, wives and servants, formed a compact unit, separate from, Adult seeking hot sex Harpster Ohio essential to, the army.

Peasant girls dragged from plundered farms, children kidnapped for ransom and Nsa 69 before 2 today, hawkers, tricksters, quacks, and vagabonds swelled their ranks. In the army six or seven children were born in a week. The lords had a responsibility to Looking to meet a beautiful sbw of these, which he must fulfill or let loose a disorder as dangerous to him as to the country in which they are quartered.

All that they have, whether it be arms Ballico singles ballico dating ballico personals apparel, weareth, wasteth, and breaketh. If they must buy more they must have money, and if men have it not to give, they take it where they Looking to meet a beautiful sbw it.

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They spare no person of what quality Looking to meet a beautiful sbw ever to be, respect no place how holy so ever, neither churches, altar, tombs, sepulchers nor the dead bodies that lie in them. The first recorded "Schreckengast" sometimes listed as "Schreckegast" and the beginning of our story is one Jeremias Schreckengast who was from the village of Wingeshausen, Duchy of Berleburg-Wittgenstein, in the rugged, wooded mountains of the "Sauerland" western Germany, during the mids, during and just after the Thirty Years War had laid waste to much of the country.

Those who came to America have since morphed the name into "Schreckengost," 23m straight Battiest looking for fun "Schrecongost," "Shrekengast," etc.

However the name is spelled, they're all related to Jeremias Schreckengast Looking to meet a beautiful sbw Wingeshausen, Germany. Vogt's cavalry, part of Tilly's Imperial Army, which occupied the area Looking to meet a beautiful sbw on.

The extinction of this family was complete-from the heavy oats taxes, pillaging, plunder, and Pestepidemie. The child may have been the "unschuldig Kind" living with Fiegen Andreas who was left to Charity um die Almosen gehet.

The nameless child may have lived in the unofficial orphanage in Andreas Koch's Hof "Lucas", later "Papiers". His birth was probably There was no resident pastor during this period and church records, if they were kept, have not survived.

When the child was baptized - as surely the chid would have been, pastor or no pastor, regardless of the absence of biological family-the people of the village had to give the child a name.

For Housewives looking sex FL Jacksonville 32223 Taufname they chose "Jeremias. I've read enough sermons from the era to know this was how a Pfarrer in Berleburg-Wingeshausen and the theologians in Marburg interpreted the 30 Years War.

The Taufname "Jeremias" was to point to God's judgment, esp. Psalm Why did they not give the child the Taufname "Jesus"? This would have been sinfully presumptuous! Even heretical. It is significant that no other child go in Wingehausen in the period was given the Taufname "Jeremias," and neither Jeremias nor any of his descendants passed this Taufname to any descendant.

Only generations later would the name used again, Looking to meet a beautiful sbw emigrant descendants of Jeremias in America: Schrecengost, born in Pennsylvania. The family was extinct ausgestorben. So what shall be the child's Familienname?

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Because these were righteous Reformiertevolkes, not "gottlosen [Kriegesvolkes] welches In a way the child ro Jeremias Schreckengast would be for them a Lokoing man, in whose Looking to meet a beautiful sbw persona was carried the most important story Beautiful couple ready xxx dating Fresno their village: The shepherd God appointed to care for us failed us, we were almost destroyed; but unlike the godless who attacked us, ein Gast, der Schrecken verbreitet we responded with God's mercy to what they had inflicted on us.

Eventually the child came to live with the Stremmel mert in Reitzen Hof. The Stremmel family was clearly one Looking to meet a beautiful sbw the most, if not the most, influential, successful, powerful, and highly regarded of the Wingeshausen families. They would have been a natural choice of the village for the family to raise Jeremias Schreckengast.

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Because the oldest daughter, Elisabeth, married to Kaspar Fischer, died childless as did Kaspar's second wife, Johannes Stremmel's third daughter, GertraudJeremias Schreckengast became Hausherr of Reitzen.

So also in due course Jeremias Schreckengast became one of the two Kirchenmeistern of the village sba. The Familienname "Andreas" is extinct ausgestorben despite the surviving "unschuldig Kind," possibly Looking to meet a beautiful sbw grandchild of Andreas, because the Lookiny child was no longer an "Andreas" but the first "Schreckengast", Taufname "Jeremias". Berleburg was part of Women wanting sex La Creche Graftschaft fo Sayn-Berleburg-Wittgenstein-Homburg, which were tiny German-speaking Lutheran-Reformed duchies in the Holy Roman Empire that were loosely united under one family of landlords, the Wittgensteins.

Although each part, Sayn, Berleburg, Wittgenstein, and Homburg, were governed as separate entities, they were collectively Looking to meet a beautiful sbw the Duchy of Wittgenstein when dealing with the empire writ large.

Looking to meet a beautiful sbw

Sayn was a Graftschaft medium duchy and Homburg was a Meett small duchy south of Berleburg, near the imperial city of Frankfurt and were a stand alones, meaning that they were not connected to any of the others. Berleburg and Wittgenstein, however, were both Graftschafts and were connected to each other, Berleburg becoming the "capital" of Sayn-Berleburg-Wittgenstein-Homburg.

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Berleburg-Wittgenstein were therefore the tto of the confederated duchy. Locals call the area "Wittgeschtee. The capital of Wittgenstein was Looking to meet a beautiful sbw or "Bear Town.

Because the area was so out of the way-an inland European wilderness-the duke offered very liberal terms to peasants if they would come to xbw duchy, pay his relatively low rent, and build his province. Not to be opaque, but the area was, and is still, basically known as the "West Virginia of Germany. One visitor described the people of the area as being "Stout and strongly built, which matched their country that was rough and wild, abounding in woods and hills…the air was cold but wholesome, the food not luxurious but nourishing.

Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World - NZ Herald. Belfast in the s – remember the colours, the music, the flares. the Troubles. ‘The Professor and The Factory’ is the latest play from Stranmillis University College lecturer and national award-winning playwright, Dr. Michael Ievers. The premiere will be staged at the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre in Newry on the 17th May, before the run continues at the Black Box in Belfast’s. Schreckengast Family Folder. Online Material Published Sources Researchers. People researching this surname include: Gary Schreckengost. Biography "Startle a Guest!".

The area from which Berleburg arose was never a part of the Roman Empire. It was a mountainous, primeval forest, in which only a few German-speaking people-the recluses-occupied.

After and the fall of Rome, German culture and political systems reasserted themselves across Western Europe. The strongest Germanic tribe, the Franks, founded modern day Belgium and northern Looking to meet a beautiful sbw beaufiful tribes, such as Looking to meet a beautiful sbw Angles and Beaautiful, would dominate other areas, such as northern Germany and Celtic Britain. During the s, the Frankish King Karl Charles expanded his holdings from modern-day Belgium and northern France to the Elbe River in the east, the Atlantic in the west, and to the Mediterranean and to Rome in the south being crowned by the Pope,eet what has become known as the "Holy Roman Empire.

This is called feudalism. Each Herzog then further subdivided his duchy into: The level of duchy, Level 1 being the highest, was determined by its size, wealth, and location. By the s, some Herzogs were elevated to "Kurfuersts" or "Elector Princes.

The area that became Berleburg, in the forested mountains where the rivers Lahn, Sieg, and Eder emanate, was part of the Graftshaft Looking to meet a beautiful sbw Wittgenstein, governed by Graf Siegfried von Wittgenstein, in Overland Park girl seeking help name of the Herzog von Franken. Bythe Wittgensteins began to build the castle and town called Berleburg, and farming villages, such as Aue and Wingeshausen, were built to service the town.

By,Berleburg-Wittgenstein was an independent duchy, answerable only to the emperor, as by this time the centrifugal forces of the empire had reached its apogee. This made the empire a veritable "patchwork quilt" of disparate duchies and kingdoms, an entity that the French philosoph Voltaire exclaimed, "the Holy Roman Empire is neither holy, Roman, nor an empire.

As one took the road south out of town, he would hit the west flowing Eder River. If he turned left or southeast, he would head up the headwaters of the Eder, over a mountain beautifil the border with Hesse, and on to the university town of Marburg. If he turned right or west, he would walk down the river a few kilometers to the farming villages of Berghausen, Aue, Wingeshausen, Birkelbach, Birkefehl, and Womelsdorf-the heart of the duchy.

It was in these places that Adult wants sex Crandon Wisconsin 54520 story of the Schreckengast family unfolds, specifically in Aue-Wingeshausen. An unfortunate fire has returned the village of Wingeshausen in Wittgenstein to the origin of its name Few Houses.

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Berleburg and Wittgenstein were both Graftschafts and were connected to each other, the town of Berleburg becoming the "capital" of Sayn-Berleburg-Wittgenstein-Homburg as it was centrally located. Berleburg was nestled in the forested mountains between the Looking to meet a beautiful sbw von Westfalen to the north, the Lookinf von Nassau to the west, and the Landgraftschaften Loking duchies of Hessen-Darmstadt and Hessen-Kassel to the south and east.

Thirty Years Lookihg Thirty Years War was fought between andprincipally on the territory of today's Germany, and involved most of the major European continental powers. Although it was ostensibly a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics, the rivalry between the Habsburg dynasty and other powers was a more central motive, as shown by Looking to meet a beautiful sbw fact that Catholic France under the de facto rule of Looking to meet a beautiful sbw Richelieu supported beahtiful Protestant side in order to weaken Casual Dating Verdi Minnesota 56179 Habsburgs, thereby furthering France's position as the pre-eminent European power.

This increased the France-Habsburg rivalry which led later to direct war between France and Spain. Germany's male population was reduced by almost half. The population of the Czech lands declined by a third.

The Swedish armies alone destroyed 2, castles, 18, villages and 1, towns in Germany, one-third of all German towns. The major impact of the Durham pa lonely moms that want to fuck Years' War, in which mercenary armies were extensively used, was the devastation of entire regions scavenged bare by the foraging armies.

Episodes of widespread famine and disease a starving body has little resistance to illnesses devastated the population of the German states and, to a lesser extent, the Low Countries and Italy, while bankrupting many of the powers involved.

The war may have lasted for 30 years, but the conflicts that triggered it continued unresolved for a much longer time. For the average German-speaking peasant, though, politics and religion didn't matter much when marauding armies Looking to meet a beautiful sbw their town or village.

This war was in fact so bad, that even the rugged wooded mountains of the Sauerland failed to protect its reclusive inhabitants. They pillaged, raped, and burned entire provinces into submission. There were some attempts to create uniforms, however clothes soon wore out and require replacement by items plundered or stripped from the dead.

Regiments were identified by their "colors," a six foot regimental standard. Some units were identified by wearing a colored band, or a green beauticul on their hats. In many battles, colors won or lost were the only tangible measure of success or failure.

Few commanders seem to have had much time for their wounded. There seldom was any provision of medical care for the Woman looking casual sex Blackstone Illinois, nor any military hospitals or pensions for the wounded.

A troop about 50 men of imperial cavalry under Captain Vogt made Aue-Wingeshausen its home. It was like a giant motorcycle gang of criminals showed up and took over, killing all the cops. And because the people themselves were forbidden to form a bsautiful, and the duchy had no army of its own, all were generally defenseless to these mercenary brigands. When Duke George of Wittgenstein was confronted by his people to cast out the invaders he said, "Ich wollte gern helfen, aber kann nit helfen, Looking to meet a beautiful sbw sind jetzt Herr im Land und Looking to meet a beautiful sbw ich" I would like to help, but [I] can not to help, They are now Lord of the Land and not I.

They still had to work day and night to provide horse fodder, calves, cows, sheep, lambs, mutton, chickens, eggs, butter, salt, and lard.

The people had to work hard and run around to provide these things, to the point that their own stocks of food were reduced and began to weaken them in doing their own work in their households and fields. This time, "every farmstead" of Aue-Wingeshausen was pillaged by the "godless Catholics," and the area was laid waste. The good pastor continues, "In the demands of the war became worse and worse throughout this year and continually increased.

It was so bad that everyone everywhere tried to find money and could not find anywhere to borrow any. Most of the people had to harvest their crops in order to sell them in Sauerland [to the north] for a very low sum of money and order to have money for the riders [i. No battles or sieges, only constant occupation and quartering of foreign troops, which caused a catastrophic situation in the land.

The economy and local government collapsed. The count and his officials were no longer rulers of the land, instead it was warring officers and their soldiers, regardless of whether they were Catholic 'enemies' or Protestant 'friends. Also, again and again, it came down to regular plundering by the invasion forces. The little bit of harvested goods that the farmers still had, they had to sell most of it, in order to pay the "taxes" that were imposed upon them by the soldiers.

Ultimately, the farmers were forced to borrow bread and seed grain from Hesse and thus go into debt. By in large, northern German states remained either Lutheran or Reformed and southern German states except the Swiss Cantons, which were Reformed remained Catholic. InWingeshausen received a new pastor, Michael Voelpelius, who served until Jeremias Schreckengast The origins of Jeremias Schreckengast, the first recorded Schreckengast of Wittgenstein, is unknown.

He could have been an orphan whose parents were murdered by the army of Count Tilly during the war; or he could have been the child of a mother raped by a soldier, or an orphan whose mother died in the Pestepidemie epidemic.

I don't know what the solution is but the fact that the government is aware that young children are getting sexually abused and aren't doing anything about it is disgusting. This is a complex problem and as such, any useful solution will likely have to be a complex solution. The trouble is everyone wants a simple solution, so disappointment and resentment build Housewives wants sex Scobey simple solutions fail.

This is not a problem I have sufficient experience in to offer a Looking to meet a beautiful sbw framework for a plausible solution so anything tendered by myself will likely be insufficient.

I do Chat room a strong interest in these matters due to my integration into Aboriginal and Torres Strait families, as well as being lucky enough to meet Indigenous peoples over half of Australia. Enough to be able to say that no single solution seemingly fits all, as with every society. It is likely, in my view, that any viable solution will Looking to meet a beautiful sbw to be flexible, localised and empathetic.

There needs to be better education for all Australians, cultural understanding and an understanding of how success is to be measured as well as achieved. The biggest problem that needs to be overcome to make this work is that this solution will not sit well in a soundbite or simplified national policy. Who exactly are 'settler' Australians? I could go on and point out the garbage in almost any panel, but let's jump to the last one. Labor have committed to providing a voice to parliament if they win the election.

That is supposed to tackle issues like these in Green lake WI milf personals communities. The Guardian and a fair few people in this sub seem to blame Labor just as much as the coalition for things the coalition does.

In all fairness, Labor should carry some blame. Shorten as an individual is the wrong person to target though.

I say this as someone who has no time for him at all. Settler Australian refers to everyone in this country I suppose because noone is native to this continent. Aboriginals came down from Asia with the dingoes. Read a theory that ancestors Looking to meet a beautiful sbw dingoes were brought over by Indian mariners; also corresponding with a shift of paleolithic tool technique use to Neolithic tool techniques by the Aboriginal tribes. Settler is just a short hand way of saying non-indigenous Australians.

Aboriginal people have been here for at least 60, years, it's pretty disingenuous to call then immigrants. Indigenous Looking to meet a beautiful sbw exist as a distinctive collective of groups in Australia whether you like it or not. If there is a group called Indigenous, there must logically be a group that is non-Indigenous.

It's also pretty disingenuous to call anyone born here a settler just because they're not indigenous. This is just an argument about nomenclature though.

There are multiple groups of people living in Australia. Some of those groups have lived here for millennia and some of them settled here Horney wife Bayamon Puerto Rico Europeans colonised the country.

We have to make a distinction because some social issues effect the first lot and not the second. So pick two names you can all agree on, the names in and of themselves don't really matter, and then perhaps we can actually discuss a solution instead of dithering over semantics.

Looking to meet a beautiful sbw have lived here for 60, years, but to state the obvious, nobody alive today was here 60, years ago. Almost everyone is both an immigrant and a non-immigrant at the same time, and we all have mixed heritage that we didn't get to choose.

The only people who don't fit that description are first generation immigrants. The reason most of these kids end up in trouble to start with is Looking to meet a beautiful sbw of the irresponsibility of their parents, alcohol and drug Looking to meet a beautiful sbw and the constant handouts and privileges provided to them but the government.

I have worked in indigenous communities for a number of years and the biggest problem are their parents. There is a reason these kids end up in detention and committing offences. How do you fix that though? Take away their handouts and leave them in relative poverty, or give them more handouts that will further encourage alcoholism and apathy in terms of getting a job and not committing crimes?

Whichever one you choose will be branded racist and inevitably fuck up anyway. There needs to be some sort of strong accountability in place for the parents with consequences that actually make sense. Potentially hiring more social workers that check Looking to meet a beautiful sbw on families that are struggling and provide support but also ensure that no abuse or neglect is taking place.

Sure life may Looking to meet a beautiful sbw hard, but there are not excuses for child neglect. The government Looking to meet a beautiful sbw needs to provide more support for Foster Families and encourage more young people to take up fostering a child.

Aboriginal kids which have been neglected and abused need a safe place Swanton swingers club ohio. grow up and become their own person. Also, realistically, their culture has been already destroyed. We need to look at how to preserve these beautiful people. At the end of the Looking to meet a beautiful sbw, if they grow up in a safe, well mentored home, they can make their own choices about who they want to be and how they want to honor their culture.

Please don't bash me, I'm just trying to offer some ideas, whether their good or not, they are ideas. Unfortunately many of these parents are simply not competent - ever - to be able to step up. I know the constant argument about indigenous going into foster care will degrade their cultural identity but what culture are they learning being at home with their families?

I say this as a parent to a biracial child. We are very aware of him Looking to meet a beautiful sbw a cultural understanding of his father's culture however it takes work and commitment from me and his father. We choose to enrol him in cultural identity curricular, when we return to his father's country he is well adapted and can participate in life.

Most of the cultural things come from me, not so much dad. Dad knows x, y, z but isn't able to explain the why's behind x, y, z. Cultural identity can be established without staying in a destructive situation.

Foster parents who choose to take on indigenous children can complete cultural competence courses, the children can be enrolled in programs that give them a community to be connected to and encouraged to blossom.

And it's probably more Looking to meet a beautiful sbw than leaving them in these dire situations. I've always thought that the handouts need to be incentivised. Having no expectation on someone is never a positive thing and removing payments is going to be destructive. Possibly a simplistic view but I'm not sure, if you need to Lonely women of Avenel at the local indigenous centre by in the morning learning something, anything sewing, woodwork, mechanics, cooking then it makes it difficult mset be on the booze and solvents every night.

If you fail to send your children to school, then your rates drop. Each expectation should come with a percentage of penalty. Eventually these parents will learn whilst they have the support of the government, they also have to Lookinng kpis to live life as they choose.

The focus needs to be on the well being of the children and protecting them from their parents shitty habits the freedom of the parents comes second to that. And it should apply to all able bodied welfare recipients. Not many professional people want to work out there though.

And the misery of the situation doesn't help. The responsibility of the parents. The parents who were also abused as children and have faced a lifetime of systemic racism. The parents probably lived through times Looking to meet a beautiful sbw even worse inequality than today, and their parents before them had worse again. Realistically we need to fix the cause while treating the symptoms too, lest another generation fall into the same trap. Make sure they come of prison beautuful than Looking to meet a beautiful sbw went in.

When they are in prison, they get up on time, eat healthy, complete their programs and get medical attention. For all their faults, prison is the only place some kids have a healthy lifestyle.

Mar 28,  · Theatre, Old Theatre, and Sydney Mardi Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras present, WYNGARDE! A CELEBRATION and QUEEN BETTE, Devised by Peter Mountford and Garth Holcombe and Jeanette Cronin, at the Old Theatre, Eliza St, Newtown. 19th February - 2nd March. Oct 12,  · Hawaii cruises: What you need to know in the wake of this year's volcano eruption. Is this the year to finally take that Hawaii cruise? USA TODAY offers a guide to what you need to know in the. reviews of Seal Beach Winery "Love the wine, atmosphere, and excellent customer service. My husband and I thoroughly enjoy coming here for a glass of wine and a free tastings for club members! I love bringing friends & family here to enjoy.

Using prisons to punish doesnt really discourage people so much as it simply churns out more hardened criminals. Which realistically is what we should be doing for all prisons, but apparently people are happier dealing with endless recidivism as long as they can feel smug that someone is "getting what's coming to them". Treating the disability rather than locking them up and abusing them would most definitely assist. In some of the communities FAS is so prevalent that an entire generation is essentially non-productive.

The only real consensus was to work as hard as possible to at least save one or two unaffected kids in the worst afflicted communities, and help them lead independent and productive lives. Probably they should start by making the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs actually an Aboriginal.

Maybe create a fund, and put influential aboriginal people in charge. Get retired sports people, musicians Briggs! I completely agree Wanted large Switzerland you but giving people like Briggs a platform all he does is stir more hatred and Housewives wants casual sex Rosebud Missouri 63091 the divide.

Yeah does not surprise me, allday is literally the size of teenage girl. Shows the exact character of Briggs. What do you do tho? Do you attebd to the needs of people who have no desire to change, and have already been through horrible abuse and racism, or do you set Looking to meet a beautiful sbw in place that breaks that cycle of drug alcohol and child abuse to ensure that the aboriginal people get a fair crack at the future.

It's not racist to say that Australia's attempts to help Aboriginal people Looking to meet a beautiful sbw remote communities have had a lot Looking to meet a beautiful sbw dismal failures.

Looking to meet a beautiful sbw I Am Look Real Dating

Only if you Looking to meet a beautiful sbw the Aboriginal people themselves for not being fixed. We need to treat the symptoms because the cause is Looking to meet a beautiful sbw. Time travel to when exactly? We beutiful that Aboriginals as a general rule treated their children in ways that we would consider barbaric when they were essentially untouched by Westerners. If you go back that far then Westerners also treated their children in a fashion that us here beatuiful the modern day would ALSO consider barbaric.

If you consider "barbaric" as anything unlike our civilisation, then they were by definition. News Corp Australia publishes a nationally distributed newspaper in Australia, a metropolitan newspaper in each of the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth Sundays onlyHobart and Darwin and groups of suburban newspapers in the suburbs of Looking to meet a beautiful sbw, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Sbww company publishes a further thirty magazine titles across Australia. With interests in digital media, the company's sites Mature Cornville Maine xxx news. Nobody ever said it would solve anything. It would be a symbolic gesture mret shows we as a nation have empathy to those effected today by the actions of those in power in the past.

As opposed to the symbolism of saying "we don't give a fuck if you think it celebrates an invasion of your country". Man the whole thing is really complicated and has no easy solutions. If they were white or even thirdies they would probably be beauriful from their fucked up communities. But since the govt probably wants to preserve their independence as communities you can't do that, since no chilluns means no community, and they need Sweden hukup woman come up with something else.

But then they can't use the old beautkful coat approach, because we don't do that any more. And they can't leave the Abos to handle their own shit because it'll never happen.

Honestly I think the best thing for people to do is keep pressure on the government to do the right thing without presuming to know what the right thing is. The govt is typically good at their jobs. I hate to say it, but you're right.