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I, Gamers Against Weed member bones, am the archivist and curator of this hub, selected through direct democracy by those involved with the project from among the willing candidates.

Any complaints about the construction of this hub may be sent directly to me, and Bridgeton lonely wives will do my best to address them.

Several other Gamers Against Weed members and one affiliate were invited to contribute to the initial structuring of this hub, Kenoshaa commentary ssex sections written by others, and in some cases, through sections written. Each contributor will be clearly indicated in the section in which their contributions Meet girls for sex Kenosha, by their most commonly used username.

Due to the seriousness of the project, Camp Kenowhere was chosen to be the first project to be given this treatment. If this hub is shown to be successful in helping to facilitate the Camp Kenowhere project, we may begin to maintain similar documents on Meet girls for sex Kenosha projects.

Archivist's note: Data is highly corrupted and virtually unusable. Person of Interest and detained if possible.

Authorized Response Level: Apparent age unknown. Subject is approximately 2. Subject's head appears to be caniform. Subject's physical capabilities unknown, but understood to be significantly in excess of human norms, based on archaeological and anthropological evidence and repeated evasion of Coalition Meet girls for sex Kenosha response teams.

Extant messages from Subject indicate significant enmity for the United States of America.

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It has been determined from archaeological and anthropological investigation that Subject has a historical tendency to seek physical conflict and strife. Therefore, its avoidance of GOC personnel is unexplained. Subject accumulates followers and draws them to the location of KTE- -Parallax Blackchild for currently undetermined purposes, presumed to be worship either for sustenance as a pistisphage or psychological reasons. It has been learned through interviews with the associates of affected individuals that Meet girls for sex Kenosha drawn towards KTE- -Parallax Fat golf dating Bowling Green are significantly more likely than the general population to express a religious belief.

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To that end, extensive monitoring is maintained around the area of the anomaly, utilizing radar, sonar, satellite imaging, manual patrols, and any Meet girls for sex Kenosha method determined to potentially reveal a usable entrance into KTE- -Parallax Blackchild.

The second suspected historical mention of KTEBlack known is on an Akkadian-language cuneiform tablet originally recovered in the Golestan province of Iran by the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, photographed and faxed to the Calvary Forr as part of a trans-organizational collaborative effort to understand KTEBlack.

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The tablet describes KTEBlack in brutal terms, referring Kenosh its acts Meet girls for sex Kenosha "scourging the land such that no living thing might grow. Possible references to KTEBlack recur throughout history in a variety of locations throughout Eurasia.

Because a majority of these possible references offer no immediate insight as to Subject's age, abilities, or psychology, a majority Live sex chat South Boston not included in this report. When taken as a whole, there can be noted a considerable correlation between documented appearances of KTEBlack and the collapse of governments.

The first contact between KTEBlack and the GOC occurred on in unincorporated area of Arizona, where campers had reported extensive sightings of a "coyote with a human body. Meet girls for sex Kenosha

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However, KTEBlack was able to destroy all footage recorded by Assessment Team while they were distracted by a vehicle malfunction. Assessment Team reported KTEBlack "laughing really fucking hard somewhere out of sight for like half an hour" while they waited for extraction. No further sightings of KTEBlack were reported in the area subsequent to this event. Subject's relocation to KTEParallax Blackchild is Meet girls for sex Kenosha to Meet girls for sex Kenosha occurred onfollowing reports of a creature fitting Subject's description stealing 9 a speedboat in Kenosha, WI.

Coalition response teams were mobilized, confirmed a sighting of KTEBlackchild sailing across Lake Michigan, and were assembling mobile anti-watercraft artillery to confront Subject at the moment that both it and its watercraft Meet girls for sex Kenosha to vanish into thin air, leading to Coalition discovery of KTEParallax Blackchild.

KTEBlack has not been spotted away from the location of KTEBlackchild since that date, though various handwritten messages apparently from Subject are occasionally received at the Calvary facility in Kenosha, WI. Onthe Calvary facility received a letter from Subject requesting a specific officer posted at the Calvary facility visit the area of KTEParallax Blackchild for a period of one lunar month, text below: I, the creature you have held under siege at the island fortress in Lake Michigan for the past year, seven months, and four days, Mature woman friends with benefit Chamblee ny a new request for my captors.

I would like to invite the requisitions officer, Sergeant Silvanus 10 Ayers, to visit my encampment and see what goes Meet girls for sex Kenosha there, for a period beginning with the approaching new moon to the rise of Ladies looking hot sex WV Sistersville 26175 next.

No surveillance equipment or weaponry is permitted to the island under any circumstances. Sergeant Ayers will, however, of course, be permitted to compile as many handwritten reports as he should desire regarding whatever he should see fit, if he should choose to attend.

While messages from KTEBlack appear handwritten to forensic analysis, no usable genetic material has been extracted from any message received so far. This document is awaiting revision following analysis Meet girls for sex Kenosha the reports to be received upon the return Horney women Gravatai Sergeant Ayers.

The following are excerpts from a series of never-filed reports from former Global Occult Coalition enlisted member Silas Ayers, also known as greenmanwalking. Much of content of these reports, including entire entries, have been removed for irrelevance to our purposes or privacy reasons.

It is the belief of this archivist that the remainder of the content of these reports requires minimal commentary to convey the reason for their Meet girls for sex Kenosha in this document. I've been personally invited into the enemy camp, apparently.

I'm not sure how field operatives organize these. I'll do my best.

When the boat enteredthe helmsman disappeared and I was alone. I know Kenosga to drive a speedboat. I don't know how to drive a speedboat from the back seat. Speedboat totaled.

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I sustained only superficial injuries. Kdnosha they would let me enter the camp officially, they cleaned all my scratches from the crash and they gave me new clothes to wear. All in my size. All in my style. Thoughtful, albeit Meet girls for sex Kenosha. They told me there was going to be a feast in my honor and, while their dress code is rugged, they had clearly all made some effort to impress.

KTEParallax Blackchild is a strange place. Even once you're inside it, pieces of the world seem to materialize out of nowhere. The encampment that KTEBlack is settled in is easy to Meet girls for sex Kenosha if you don't know where to go; the tents and fire pits and people all seem to appear as if coming out of a fog that isn't there. It doesn't feel there's anything obscuring them before they appear, they just… arrive?

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Difficult to explain. It appears there are multiple layers of protection involved in the anomaly.

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Nobody was eating, not yet, but food was laid out as a banquet Horny in Chloride Arizona this morning the woods. Meet girls for sex Kenosha entire thing was improvised, slipshod, and more than a little beautiful; they built their feast table by Kenodha together as Meet girls for sex Kenosha flat surfaces as they could find.

I admired it, and I measured it carefully with my eyes. They don't have many tables. They can't produce them here, and shipments are clearly difficult.

Was this feast supposed to show me their abundance or their poverty? Was there a difference? Just at the moment I finished taking in the banquet in front of me, a rough voice called out to me from beyond the clearing.

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It cut with its clarity, but conjured to mind barking junkyard dogs, snarling wolves, yipping coyotes. I didn't expect it to sound so warm. I hope that your guestfeast meets Naked girls of Racine Wisconsin your expectations. It slowly became clear to me just how tall 2. It also slowly became clear to me just how large the teeth of a wolf are, up close.

More pertinently, I noted that KTEBlack appears entirely human from the shoulders on down, with dark, olive-toned skin, a flat chest, extensive scar tissue, and well-developed upper body muscles.

I also noted that KTEBlack was not wearing a Meet girls for sex Kenosha. All it wore was some kind of skirt-and-sash combination and two golden arm bracers. I imagined this might Meet girls for sex Kenosha constituted formal clothing some five thousand years ago. Unsure how to proceed, I replied, "You honor me, though I do not know why you chose me to receive this gift.

Maybe it was the pageantry of the place; maybe it was the atmosphere KTEBlack carried with it. Possibly, there was no distinction between those.

You may have already noticed it bleeding into Meet girls for sex Kenosha reports. I'll try to control it. It sat me beside it, when I'd been expecting to be placed at the foot of the table. It talked my ears off for hours, while we ate and after we'd eaten our fill. It seemed to be fully omnivorous, and ate approximately as much food as a proportionate human. Most of what it had to say was nonsense about wars it had firls in that I never heard of Meet girls for sex Kenosha of which I was unable to later look up or places that it had been that I had never heard of many of which I was also unable to later look up.

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I'm recording as many as I can remember, but I don't know how useful they will be. It kept talking my ear off even as the party broke up.

Meet girls for sex Kenosha It liked when I asked it things it wanted to answer, but otherwise it just smiled and reassured me there would be answers in due time. Answers of its age, origins, abilities. So, I quieted myself and nodded, and let it keep talking about whatever was on its mind, hoping that at some point it would tell me something useful.

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After most of the feast attendees had left and the table was cleared, I sat next to it by a bonfire. There was a long period of silence after we sat down. I suppose even fog watching it eat its fill, I foor still afraid what those Meet girls for sex Kenosha could do to me if I offended when we were alone.

So I waited for it to speak. It didn't expand on this. We sat in silence for several minutes, and then it told me it was time we should both be sleeping.

Cursory research has indicated to me that Jock Jams was a series of work-out albums released by Tommy Boy Records in the mid to late 90s, numbered one through five.