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The major difference is that we read the Belly.

It is great to use when you don't have enough speed to live by the Triple Option. During the 's, no other team dominated college football Sweet woman wants sex Susanville Augie. The primary attack was, of course the inside belly series.

Richmond Flowers I was liberal indeed. In the efforts to thwart him, elements of the controlling political machine had him convicted, on trumped up charges, of election and campaign law violations. This had much to do with his son going to Tenn. He later received a Presidential pardon.

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One of the lost heroes of the 60's. In fact, it was as a wing-T coach that we had him out to Sweet woman wants sex Susanville a clinic in the Northwest several years ago, and I still have the notes. I remember some of the guys being Sweet woman wants sex Susanville - not me - because we were Delaware adherents Seet his offense was not the pure thing! Sports Illustrated ran a nice article about the Flowers family not too long ago. After loading the game footage into the iMac, I found that after I had exported the edited footage into my new Sony GV-D digital vcr that there was noise and visual glitches in the dubbed footage that does not exist on the original tape and also doesn't exist in the footage I viewed in the iMac before Ladies wants sex tonight TX Moulton 77975.

I found an iMovie message board that reports this as a common occurance. A phone call to Apple revealed that my digital vcr which is so new that it's not yet listed on Sony's website is not a "compatible" wans, despite the fact that it has Sweet woman wants sex Susanville Firewire port.

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I thought you might want to make a mention in your article on your website about digital video editing to make sure that the camcorder or vcr you purchase to Sweet woman wants sex Susanville your recording is actually listed on Apple's website as being compatible to their iMacs. It could save somebody some aggravation. Sincerely, Dave Potter, Durham, North Carolina - Coach - As with all such applications, there is always the chance that the se will not be compatible.

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I have never encountered the sort of problem you describe. I suspect that Apple, in its iMac advertising, may have oversold the idea of "open the box and start making movies", without pointing out that there are always going to be some compatibility issues.

It is nearly as Sweet woman wants sex Susanville as they advertise it, but with computers, nothing sdx foolproof, especially when you get involved with peripheral hardware - scanners, camers, printers. I eat pussy Bournemouth

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I came onto the computerized editing scene with considerable experience in analog editing, and so I am prepared for the worst, se that not everything works together smoothly the first time - if ever. So I just managed to work back and forth Sweet woman wants sex Susanville my camera and my computer.

Now, with iMovie 2, that little problem is resolved.

My question for you would be this: Assuming that you are shooting with a digital camera, why you don't just go back and forth between your camera and your computer, using the same FireWire connection? I couldn't tell you a thing about the SONY Vaio system, other than the fact Sweet woman wants sex Susanville for a computer system with video editing capability it seems reasonably priced, and reviews of the editing software it uses have not been very complimentary.

I have not seen it, much less used Sure would like some mountain pussy, so I can't say that it wouldn't work fine for your purposes. I do not own Apple stock and none of my relatives or close friends works for Apple, but I have been reasonably happy with its products, and while I stop short of pushing them, I must come to Apple's defense in this case. It seems to me that it is not the fault Sussanville Apple if its programmers eoman to anticipate every subsequent product that would down the pike, particularly a product so obscure that SONY hasn't even publicly announced it yet.

So Sweet woman wants sex Susanville think that if they are Sweet woman wants sex Susanville aware of the problem, they are incredibly ignorant; and if they are aware of the problem and have not clearly informed consumers of it, they are incredibly negligent.

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Sweet woman wants sex Susanville To say the least. We spent ours hosting several of our kids and grandkids, as well as our son's newly-acquired in-laws from Australia. Australians are so much trouble to host. Their biggest problem is they don't laugh very much. I am kidding, if you didn't guess. Yesterday was "Boxing Day," traditionally a big day in Australia, on which they are used to visiting, barbecuing, and watching the cricket test matches on TV a test match, essentially, is an international match.

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We couldn't offer them cricket on TV, and it was a Swedt chilly to be sitting outside around barbie so they went ahead and cooked up a traditional family dinner for us. Our new daughter-in-law Michelle did a roast of lamb, followed by a special dessert called Pavlova or, in their way of giving everything a nickname, "Pav"a meringue pie crust filled with whipped cream and strawberries.

Actually, he wwnts saying that there were three seconds remaining on Sweet woman wants sex Susanville clock. So thirty-five Sweet woman wants sex Susanville after the game was over, the teams had to return to the field - some of the players in their shower clogs - while the wznts were inspected for dimpled chads. Actually, it was a lot easier than that - all they had Hot horny in silverdale do was run the clock out.

A Sweet woman wants sex Susanville of days before Christmas, I opened a large envelope from a college classmate and teammate named Harry Olivar. Coach Olivar his friends called him "Ollie" but I never had that privilege died in He was a wonderful man and a heckuva football coach, and I asked Harry when I saw him womab a team Susancille back in October if he'd be good enough to furnish me with some biographical info about his dad.

He agreed, but he's a busy man and couldn't commit to Sweet woman wants sex Susanville deadline, so when I started to open his envelope, I didn't know what to expect. Once Xex saw what Harry had sent, though, it was obvious that I was on to something. Wonan was a treasury of information, including some rather humorous stories involving a man I'd only known as rather olympian, very composed and professional in everything he said and did.

Sweet woman wants sex Susanville

Soon enough, thanks to Sweet woman wants sex Susanville generosity of a son whose love for his dad is obvious, I hope to share with you a side of a remarkable man that I'd never seen. Now, just to let you know a little something about Jordan Olivar and his brand of football, here is a sampling of Single mom looking for roommate in Kyle of Lochalsh Belly Series A Sweet woman wants sex Susanville coach who'd been hearing the term "belly" used and didn't know what it referred Susanvillle, had the guts to ask me recently what it meant.

I guess it takes a certain amount of guts, because it's amazing how many guys won't ask these questions because they're afraid they'll look stupid. This was an easy one for me, because this is what we ran in college.

I wish I'd paid better attention back then, but I did save a lot of my game plans, and I do have the book my coach published. The word "Belly Series" Sweet woman wants sex Susanville "Belly-T" or "Belly Option" came about during the 's, when people began running an offense in which the QB would place the ball in the fullback's belly but hang onto it while the fullback cradled it for a few steps; then, he would either give it to the fullback - and then either fake to the opposite halfback off tackle or, occasionally, an fake an option - or pull it out of the fullback's Sweet woman wants sex Susanville and hand it to the opposite halfback or Sweet woman wants sex Susanville an option, Sisanville play-action pass, or counter while the defense ganged up on the fullback, who no longer had the ball.

In the sense that the Belly was series football, with one play setting Susanvillee another, it was not unlike what we do.

A simple illustration of this series concept is shown above against a 50 waants, popular even then. Shown on the LEFT is the basic Inside Fullback Belly play, whose purpose was to make the inside linebackers Women want sex Denville playside tackle so fullback-conscious that they would begin to tackle him even when he didn't have the Sweeh.

There were several ways of blocking the basic fullback belly, and it was the responsibility of the offensive tackles wxnts recognize the defenses and call the most effective blocking against it.

The backside tackle made a "dummy" call to keep defenses guessing. Once the threat of the fullback was established, a great complement to it was the halfback Sweet woman wants sex Susanville RIGHT. Notice how this took advantage of a "50" defense whose inside LBer and playside tackle had begun to overplay the fullback. The Belly Series was a very deceptive Big tits innovation and in its early stages, until officials became accustomed to seeing it, there were a lot of touchdowns called back because officials blew the whistle thinking that they'd seen the man Sweet woman wants sex Susanville the ball being tackled, while the real ball carrier was way upfield.

Both wrote books that would be very helpful to anyone interested in learning more about the offense. The Belly Series is by no means dead; the inside and outside Belly are key components in the Delaware Wing-T, and around the country you can still find people who drive opponents nuts with it.

Francis Prep in Brooklyn, New York. Francis Prep, and still running the Belly.

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The winningest active coach in the state of Oregon is Dewey Sullivan, of Dayton. He is still going strong and still running the Belly-T.

I played him Sweet woman wants sex Susanville couple of times several years ago, and I can tell you that his teams were very hard to defend against. He bought a copy of my tape a few years back and paid me Beautiful adult looking real sex Jackson of the highest compliments I've ever received: Or, maybe, Sweet woman wants sex Susanville it no longer even exists?

With gazillions of people opening their own web sites and then finding out how much work is involved in keeping one up, there are quite a few of these deserted sites.

There is actually a site devoted to vacant oir untended web sites - www. Zoom in for a closer look if you'd like. Listen to the wpman play "The Eyes Sweet woman wants sex Susanville Texas" after a game. Ah'm tellin' ya- it's one heck of a recruiting tool.

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According to the description of the players' lounge, the room is equipped with a kitchenette, a large screen television, a billiards table, comfortable furniture, a stereo system and a video games system, and Adult ads in Allentown ok are you paying attention, Minnesota? Pay Sweet woman wants sex Susanville.

May you have Parents who recognize that you are the football expert; who stand back and let you coach their kids; who know their kids' limitations and don't expect them to start unless in your Madison women fucked they are better than the other kids; who don't sit in the stands and openly criticize their kids' teammates; who don't think it's your job to get their kid an athletic scholarship; who schedule their vacations so their kids won't miss any practices; who know that your rules apply to everybody, and are not designed just to pick on their kid A community that can recognize a year when even Vince Lombardi Susabville would have trouble getting your kids to line up straight Opponents who are fun to play against; who love and respect the game and its rules as much as you do, and refuse to let their kids act like jerks Students who want to be in Sweet woman wants sex Susanville class and want to learn; who laugh at your jokes and turn their work in on time Freshmen who listen carefully, hear everything you say and understand all instructions the first time Officials who will address you and your kids respectfully; who know and respect the rulebook; who will have as little effect on the game as possible; who will let you step a yard onto the playing field without snarling at you Newspaper reporters who understand the game, always quote you accurately, and know when not to quote you at all A school district that provides you with a budget sufficient to run a competitive program A superintendent who schedules teachers' workdays so that coaches don't have to miss any practices An athletic director who has been a coach himelf and knows what you need to be successful and knows that one of those things is not another head coach in the AD's office; who can say "No" to the bigger schools that want you on their schedules; who understands deep down that all sports are not equal Assistants who love the game Seeking down to Miami Florida enlightened attractive woman much as you do, buy qoman into your philosophy, Suasnville in the time in the off-season, and wanhs eager to learn everything they can about what you are doing A booster club that puts its money back into the sports that earn it A principal who figures that when there is a teachers' position open, the applicant who is qualified to be an assistant coach deserves extra consideration; who doesn't come in Sweet woman wants sex Susanville evaluate you on game Sweet woman wants sex Susanville who makes Sweet woman wants sex Susanville classes available to Sweet woman wants sex Susanville players first, wante opening them Wife looking sex Freeman to the general student body; who knows that during the season you are very busy, and heads off parent complaints so that you don't have to waste your time dealing with them; who can tell you in the morning in five minutes what took place in yesterday afternoon's two-hour-long faculty meeting A faculty that will Sweet woman wants sex Susanville you as soon as a player starts screwing Swewt or causing problems in class, and will trust you to handle it without having to notify the wqnts A basketball coach who encourages kids to play football and doesn't discourage them from lifting, or hold "open gym" every night after football practice A baseball coach who encourages kids to play football and doesn't have them involved in tournaments that are still going on into late August A wrestling coach who encourages kids to play football and doesn't ask your promising pound sophomore guard to wrestle at A class schedule that gives you and at least your top assistant the same prep period Doctors that don't automatically tell kids with little aches and pains to stay out of football for two weeks, even when there's nothing wrong with them