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Training Journal: Do It for the Pancakes

I admit it, I like food. And some of the best food is the stuff you eat after a race. Tacos, Indian thalli, stuffed grape leaves, bananas, and possibly my fave part of the Cowtown Weekend: the little cup of vanilla Blue Bell. Today was no different because this morning was the Cowtown pancake social run.

Last year I had to miss it because of work but now that I have weekends off I punched the “going” button so hard I nearly cracked my screen. Not long after that my friend Gemma texted me and asked if I wanted to go together. Pancakes and a running buddy? Yes please!

When we got there it was packed because the entire Fort Worth running community advocates eating pancakes and we saw some of our friends and coaches there too! It was a lot like the Hell’s Half Acre; everyone just got together and hung out beforehand. We chatted, signed waivers, and perused the sale racks, picked up maps, and headed out into the cold to run our chosen distance. Gemma and I selected the 6 mile route because we’re slow and I have a marathon next weekend, and we were off!

One of my fave things about running with a friend is that we can chat and enjoy ourselves for several miles. We had a good time, gossiped, and hydrated properly. In spite of the hills we made really good time and everything was good until I missed a turn. I got us back on track but instead of running 6 miles we ran a little over 10K so we definitely deserved both the sausage and the pancakes that greeted us on our return.

After the pancakes, we hung out at the Cowtown office (it’s pretty big) with 200 of our closest friends. The Cowtown is one of the biggest events in town, second only to the Stock Show, and it assures that any party is going to be a runaway success. Gemma signed up for this year’s race but I am waiting to see how things go in the Houston Marathon this coming weekend. If I finish, I’ll do the half. If I fail spectacularly, I’ll try for the Cowtown full. One way or another I’m doing a dang marathon this year.

I was actually surprised by my pace this morning though! My average was 13:17 and I felt good! It gives me hope that if I can’t finish the marathon in time, at least I won’t take 8 hours to finish. Hope springs eternal, I guess!


Training Journal: Happy Thanksgiving!

In just a few short hours I will be stuffing my face with turkey, green bean casserole, and Hawaiian rolls before going to my very last holiday shift. To prepare for the bounty, I did what any right thinking person would: I ran 6 miles.

When I first started running back in 2014, I started the holiday tradition of working in the afternoon and doing a 5K in the morning on holidays. I got my very first finisher medal back then and until Thanksgiving 2014 I never even knew those existed!

I particularly enjoy running the Cox Running Club turkey day races because they’re so well put together and fun. I did a different race in 2016 and it was kind of a fiasco. The course wasn’t interesting and it ended up only being 2.8 miles, so it’s no surprise that I went back to CRC for 2017.

This was the first year I did a 10K instead of a 5K and I actually did a lot better than I expected. My hip still isn’t 100% but there was almost no pain and my knee didn’t feel like it was going to give out. I finished strong and went to find Amanda, who had done the 5K. Guess which one is sensitive to the cold?

We both had a great time and afterward Amanda treated us to Starbucks where I had a nonfat Splenda chai latte, also in preparation for feasting. Pick your battles, friends. Pick your battles.

Now it is time for a nap before going to my FIL’s house for eating and I feel like I deserve it. I also deserve the rolls. I plan to tune out any and all political discussion, not complain too much about working, tell everyone about my new job, and stuff both my face and pockets with rolls.

I really love carbs, y’all. Happy Turkey Day!

Training Journal – Happy Independence Day!



In the spirit of the goofy Snapchat pictures from yesterday, here’s one from last year. His beard is much more epic now. Today I decided to break with my tradition of the last few years and do a 10K instead of my usual 5K. I feel like I’ve progressed past the point of doing 5Ks anymore, unless that’s the only option (Christmas Day 5K, part two of the NYE Double). As Charlotte said “it takes us longer to get there than to actually run the race.”

I’ve really gotten into running in different cities and there was a 10K in The Colony, so I decided it was time to expand my horizons. I also decided it was time to expand my husband’s horizons and was super excited when he agreed to do the 1 mile fun run!

You see, my husband is disabled. For the last couple of years, extended physical activity has caused him pain due to degenerative disc disease in his back that is compressing his sciatic nerve. He’s on a ton of medication, and as I’m sure you can understand, it takes a toll on his mental health. I was hoping that getting him out and doing a 1 mile walk would make him feel as good about himself as running does for me. I am happy to say that it was a success! I stood at the finish line and watched him come over it while I waited for the 10K to start, and saw him get his medal. I’m so proud of him!img_3832

As for my own race, I was woefully underprepared for it. Since my arthritis has gotten worse in my hands, I’ve been trying to find a new medication and now that I’ve got the pain under control, I’m finally able to start running again. Unfortunately, it’s been since the Military Miles half marathon since I’ve gone running, or even to the gym.

Much like my last two races, it was hot. Extremely hot, and the sun was in my face. Oh, and I found out when we got there that I was out of sunscreen. I won’t be surprised if I have a sunburn. Ugh. In spite of the heat, the course was nice. We went around the lake and through some trails, and even though I had to go extremely slowly once I got hot I enjoyed the run. The medal doesn’t hurt either, and it’s super cute and petite. I’d love to do this race again next year when I’m a little better prepared, and maybe Eli could do the 5K. I’ve already got him halfway convinced to do the 5K on Thanksgiving while I do the 10K.

img_3827I’m so glad he and I could share the experience! He put his medal on the Saints Row IV cardboard standee we have in our place, and I put mine on the rack. Next stop is the Hell’s Half Acre 25K on Saturday, which blessedly takes place at 10:00 PM. It’ll still be hot, but as Eli pointed out, it’ll be getting cooler as I go on instead of hotter, and there won’t be any evil sun to shine in my face. I’ll keep you updated, of course!