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The Peacock Blanket Begins

img_3801Sometimes you get an idea that makes you go “what the hell was I thinking?” This wasn’t so much an idea as it was a request by my mother-in-law. She saw this peacock blanket and asked me if I could make it. I took one look at it and said it looked much too difficult, then put it out of my head.

Flash forward to a couple of months ago when my friend Maggie found it and said how beautiful it was. I told her that it was probably too hard for me and it would probably take me months. She said she wasn’t in a hurry and then offered to buy me the yarn if I was willing to try. I had no excuses left. The peacock blanket was happening.

This is the pattern I used: https://www.craftsy.com/crocheting/patterns/peacock-pretty-blanket/174902


I went and bought all the yarn I would need to make the feather motifs. Because it calls for 102 of them, I ended up buying almost $50 worth of yarn. I was already rethinking the wisdom of agreeing to do this but part of me was excited. I like challenging things and it would be really satisfying if I was able to finish it. I found a good place for the enormous bag of yarn and hung it up, intending to begin it in the summer. Then I promptly forgot about it. These things happen with projects like this one.

The other day I decided to try and make one of the motifs now that the pain in my hands is mostly under control, just to see how difficult it would be. It took almost 90 minutes to make the first one. I had to start, stop, frog, start again, frog some more, consult the pattern, start one more time, then finally finish the damn thing. After all that, the first one was still crooked. I gave up and hoped that it wouldn’t show so much in the finished blanket.

img_3799Like I said, it’s going to take me until December to finish the entire blanket. My hands started to hurt by the time I finished the second motif, and I reported to Maggie that I will most likely only be able to make 1-2 of them at a time. She’s still willing to wait, so I’m willing to keep crocheting these things. Slowly.

I have to keep writing, after all!


Polka Dotty

Oh my goodness you guys, this turned out so cute! 

 Here are all the squares lined up! There are twenty-five altogether, 13 of one color group and 12 of the other, and I’m glad I started with the purple/white instead of the white/purple. Not sure why but it felt right. They didn’t come out exactly square, which I was a little disappointed about since I worked exactly to the pattern, but I figured they’d straighten out when I joined them.

 I was right! Here they are all joined up. One of my Facebook friends said they look like eyes, then we agreed that they look like a record collection. I told my husband that it reminded me of turntables. A LOT of turntables.

Here’s the finished blanket! It ended up about 2 inches shorter than the pattern indicated because I crochet a little tightly. I usually go up a hook size but thought I’d go with the pattern this time. Oh well, it still came out cute and would look great over a baby.

Here’s a little detail of the edging. I wasn’t entirely in love with it, especially the slip stitching around the border, but it’s grown on me.

This is the first time I’ve ever used a pattern that I got for free at the store. Usually I just kind of walk past them and think “oh, that’s cute” and maybe even take one, but don’t actually do anything with them. This one was just too cute to pass up, though. There’s also an adorable one on the back of this skein of yarn I’m using, and I’ve got a LOT of extra purple and white baby yarn that I could use but I’m going to be working on the mystery project next, and I’ll be getting the finished Christmas squares sometime this month. Busy, busy, but at least I’ll have plenty to update on Crochet Mondays.

If you’d like to try this pattern for yourself, you can find it here. I might suggest you just buy two skeins of each color rather than the one-pounders but that’s just me. I have a whole lot of yarn left over.

I’m Seeing Spots!

I’ve been a busy bee when it comes to crocheting! I thought this blanket was going to take longer, and I fully intended it to be a relaxing if somewhat more challenging project before NaNoWriMo. Then disaster struck. Well, not really disaster. Our swapmaster decided to do a mystery crochet-along for the holidays, starting November first. It’s supposed to be relaxing and non-challenging but trying to do two projects at once? I don’t have a good track record with that. anyway, on to the squares! 
The blanket is made of 25 squares that are supposed to be 7 inches but mine ended up being 6 and a half inches because I crochet tightly. There are going to be 12 of this color combo…

…and 13 of this one! They kind of aren’t exactly square, which I kind of think is a flaw in the pattern because if you use double crochet in the corners instead of treble it comes out square. But much like Hermione in Half-Blood Prince I was determined to follow the instructions.

And here are 20 squares that I finished last week! The blanket is supposed to be a polka dot patter but I swear they look like turntables to me. Anyway, I measured what I have so far and it’s going to be a bit smaller than the pattern but I can make up for it with an extra row on the edging. Once I sew them together they’ll be a lot flatter and more even, so I think it’ll come out really cute.

I actually made a couple more squares last night but 20 make a much nicer picture than 22 so you’ll have to wait for next week’s update to see the finished project! If you want to try this pattern yourself you can find it on the Michaels website under projects. It’s fun!