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Coming Soon – A Christmas Reunion

img_4033-1On the banks of Llyn Ffynnon Las, a wish is made under the winter moon…

Carys Anwyl doesn’t much care for the man her father has arranged for her to marry, but as she is already twenty with no prospects she has little choice in the matter. She dreams of adventure and excitement, traveling a little further away from her village with each trip in the hopes she will one day get the courage to leave for good.

In the forest near Mount Snowden she meets Emrys, a young man who seems to have lost his memory, and she feels a connection with him like nothing she’s ever known. When he appears in her village a few days later, Carys’ dreams of leading her own life seem closer than ever. Unfortunately, her fiance has other plans, and as Emrys’ secrets slowly come to light she has to make a choice between love and duty that will change both of their lives for eternity.

Here’s some exciting news I’m finally able to share with you! Not only have I been lucky enough to be invited to write a book for one series this year, I’ve also got a second one coming out in November for the Christmas Wishes series!

This gorgeous cover was once again courtesy of the amazing Victoria Miller, and she’s outdone herself yet again. The back cover is going to look just as beautiful, and I’ll be revealing that at a later day.

Christmas Wishes is a series of six different holiday-themed stories from six different eras, all based on folklore or myth, and all starting with a wish. The books will be coming out starting in November with a Viking novel and ending in December in the Edwardian era. In a departure from my usual modern(ish) eras, this one takes place in the Tudor era! I’ve also never written a holiday-themed book either so I hope you enjoy it.

It’s been a lot of fun mapping this book out and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you on November 13th! Preorders are already underway and you can get mine for $0.99 and buy the whole set of six together! Here are all six beautiful covers, along with the full release schedule with handy links to everyone’s books:img_4050

11/6/18   Hela Takes a Holiday by Rebekah Lewis
11/13/18  A Christmas Reunion by Rebecca Lovell
11/20/18  The Appeal of an Elusive Viscount by Hildie McQueen
11/27/18  Christmas in the Duke’s Embrace by Amanda Mariel
12/4/18   The Magic of Gingerbread by Sandra Sookoo
12/11/18  Rebellious Angel by Dawn Brower



My Christmas Music Playlist Has Two Songs

Open Book BH 2

This week on the Open Book Blog Hop, we’re getting into the Christmas spirit by talking about our favorite Christmas songs!

As a rule, I’ve never much cared for traditional Christmas songs. Where people love to listen to certain ones over and over, I tend to cringe and say “Not Baby, It’s Cold Outside AGAIN” in my head. I have other reasons for disliking that song, but not today. Today I’m talking about my two favorite ones!

The first one is Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You. It was made famous by Billy Squier in the 80’s, and from the first time I heard it when I was a kid I loved it. It’s much more my style while still being a song that you can play at a Christmas party without having the fruit basket thrown at your head.

It was remade by a band called SR-71 on the Very Special Christmas 5 album, and they gave it more of a hard rock tinge that really hit it for me. I still love hearing either version, though I found this one completely by accident while looking for the Billy Squier version.

My second favorite is a classic from my childhood, Bruce Springsteen’s version of Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. The Boss gives the old song his own flavor, not just in the singing but also the patter at the beginning of the song. This is one of the only Christmas songs my stepdad would play without being coerced and it always brings back nice memories.

Much like the two versions of my other favorite, it adds a little rock n’ roll (and a healthy dose of saxophone) to an otherwise well-picked-over holiday offering.

The main problem with most Christmas music in my experience is that there are very few new songs. Most of the ones you hear are rehashes of the traditional favorites and I’m getting to the age where I have literally heard these songs thousands of times. There are a couple of other ones I can listen to but nothing like these two. I could even be persuaded to listen to them for a few weeks after the trees are on the curb.


Before you go, be sure to check out PJ Fiala’s latest book, Danny’s War! It’s the story of a military veteran and an artist who find love and redemption with each other, complete with love, motorcycles, and a liberal amount of drama. Check it out here on Amazon and take a look at her site (http://pjfiala.com) while you’re at it!

Now, what are your favorite Christmas songs? Share them with us!

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Granny Square Christmas Stocking

I fully planned to do some work on my Christmas exchange blanket last week so I’d have some cute squares to post here but something else got in the way!

You see, my day job has a Christmas tradition where everyone decorates a stocking and we hang them on the wall. All month long coworkers and management are encouraged to put small gifts and items into the stockings, and we take them home the day before Christmas Eve (we are closed the 24th through the 27th this year). A couple of my friends asked if they could use their stockings from last year. I asked if I could make my own.Christmas Yarn

It turned out that small skeins of yarn were 2/$5 at Michaels so I bought some bright holiday colors and went to work. I made sure that the green I bought was much greener than the one I used for the exchange squares because while they were pretty, they were a lot darker than I planned.

Stocking Square

I used this pattern from Ravelry to make the stocking, and chose to follow another user’s color scheme. The pattern called for 8 squares and I wanted it to be a healthy size, so I used an I hook and it came out kind of chunky.

Stocking Squares

Rather than single-crocheting around the edge like the pattern stated, I sewed it together with red yarn for more of a patchwork look. I also decided to enhance the Christmas stocking effect by adding a white cuff at the top and a small red loop to hang it on the wall. I kind of wanted to make the cuff larger but my hands were tired and I wanted to take it to work Thursday, since I had a three day weekend.

Christmas Stocking

Here’s the finished product! To be honest I’m not totally in love with the way the toe looks. It’s kind of blocky, and if I had it to do over I might just make 7 squares, fold the bottom one in half, and make a shorter toe. It looks good on the wall, though, and everyone really likes it. And of course, it holds goodies quite well.

Merry Early Christmas!

It’s been a little while since I posted but I bring with me a little Christmas gift, so I hope you’ll forgive me! It’s a short little story about a detective and a Christmas tree, and it introduces a couple of characters from my upcoming novel, The Detective’s Brother from Sinnful eBooks. I hope you like it and that it gets you excited to read more of my work.

I hope to post more short stories here every now and then. They’ll likely be one-offs of ten pages or less, perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or before bed. Fair warning, though, some of them might be a little steamy. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when they’re NSFW! In the meantime…

The Christmas Tree

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!