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Halfway There

All finished with the red and green squares at last! There are twenty of the little critters, which means I get to start on the green and red ones now. Another twenty to make and they’ll be ready to box up and send off to Florida to be swapped and sent back.


How is it that they look like so many and so few at the same time?


You can see the green a lot better in this light. It’s really very pretty in real life!


I’m looking forward to getting finished with these squares so I can start working on placing and prepping the scrapghan squares to be sewn together. I’m also looking forward to a little bit of a break from squares. They haven’t posted a new swap yet and I’m sticking to my guns. If it’s not something I’m totally enthused about I’m going to skip it and work on putting these together. With my luck it will be something really good like Amethyst Royalty or Green Fields.

Right now I’m doing a rewatch of the Harry Potter movies after I finished re-reading all the books in order. We own all of the movies except the last one, all of which were given to us by my mother-in-law. She gave them to us before the second half of Deathly Hallows was out, and we rented the final movie from Redbox so I’m going to have to figure out a way to get my hands on it before I’m through. I can’t get all the way to the end and miss out on the good stuff!


Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I celebrated by staying home and working on a crochet project. Exciting, huh?

I’m a member of a crochet group that makes friendship afghans, which means that we each crochet a set number of squares, divide them among the members in the swap, and mail them to one very patient person who reboxes them and sends them out to us. It’s a lot of fun to see what everyone else comes up with, especially in our most recent swap where we used up our old bits of yarn. I’ll include pictures of those squares in another post because I really want to share what I’m working on right now.

The current swap is a Christmas-themed one that runs through October (though arranging them in a blanket and getting it put together in time to be a Christmas present is beyond my skills), which means our colors are red, green and white. I’m going with a simple granny square in two color patterns and it’s a lot of fun.


This is the center I’m working with. All of the squares are going to have a white center. We don’t know the exact number yet so I’m making 40 and will adjust it later for my own blanket.


Two rounds of green go around each center. I promise you it’s green, it just doesn’t really photograph well.


Finally, two rounds of cherry red for a real Christmas feeling!

So far I’ve got about 15 squares done so I need to get in gear if I’m going to finish on time. I may sit out the swap after this one, though. I’m going to have two blankets to assemble from the scrapghan squares and this one and I’m going to need a little time to do that. Unless it’s a purple or green swap, I can’t resist those colors.

Writing-wise, I’ve got a wonderful book manager and project manager and I’m in contact with an editor that I think will be a great asset to my team. After that I need to start looking for a cover artist. One step at a time, though!