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Training Journal: Jelly Legs

img_4168Last weekend was exhausting. Instead of my annual Labor Day race, I decided to run a different one on Saturday instead. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I’d never run this course before but I was excited to run in a different area.

Apparently this course was a little more challenging than the usual, because not only was the temperature rising by the second, there were so many hills that I was ready to steal a golf cart. I made it, though, and 6 miles somehow didn’t seem like much of a run with the longer ones I’ve been doing lately. I was glad to be done and pumped for the virtual triathlon on Sunday. That didn’t last long.


Amanda and I got to the YMCA, the site of our eventual demise, ready for action. We put on our bathing suits and headed for the pool to get the party started. We got in the pool around 2:30 and started the 1/4 mile swim. As I am quite slow, it took me a while to finish and Amanda was done before me. No big deal, right? I can make it up on the bike.

Apparently I forgot how long 12.4 miles is on a stationary bike. I got through it by watching TV on my phone and persevered. About 10 miles in, Amanda was starting to flame out. I was right behind her. My legs were starting to tire and my feet were hurting from the pedals because they were different from the ones at spin class and I was without special shoes. When the readout informed me it was over, I just about leapt off of the thing. And the stiffness in my quads is matched only by the soreness of my butt.

We managed to get to the park to run, and it was like stepping into an oven. We had 3.1 miles to go, though, and I kept telling myself that three miles is nothing for me. It was a struggle from the first hill to the last steps and when I crawled back to the parking lot I felt like I’d never walk again. Things actually started getting a little sparkly so I sat down in my car and rehydrated.

At the end of the day, it definitely felt like we deserved our Diva medals. Amanda forgot hers so we just posed with mine, and went home to pass out. I slept for almost 13 hours after that and I deserved every minute of that too. I don’t know that I’ll do another triathlon anytime soon, but I think I can talk Amanda into doing this one again. Maybe a year is long enough for her to forget.


Training Journal – Baby’s Second Tri

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it before but in 2008 I did an indoor sprint triathlon in Wisconsin. I was part of a triathlon training group and the indoor tri was practice for timing, transition, and the feeling of a competition atmosphere. It was a lot of fun, and I felt like I was almost ready for the Danskin Women’s Triathlon when I had to move to Chicago and didn’t get to do it. Still, I thought it was a lot of fun and wanted to do one in the future.

Flash forward to today, when I decided I was going to try and do a mini-sprint triathlon – the Spa Girl tri. I’m pretty excited about it but I was wishing I had the opportunity to practice my timing and transition. Enter the Divas Virtual Sprint Triathlon.


In 2017, Charlotte and I decided to run the Divas Half Marathon. It wasn’t an exciting route and we were disappointed by the lack of firemen by the time we finished, but we got the biggest medal we’ve ever seen and took pictures of ourselves in tiaras and boas.

The race was geared toward women, with an emphasis on inclusiveness and achievement, so I was excited about the virtual tri. I can do most or all of it indoors, it’ll give me a chance to practice timing and transition, and it’ll be as fun as the indoor triathlon I did in Wisconsin. Charlotte’s already making fun of me because I plan to put a triathlon magnet on my car but I don’t care. I’m totally going to be That Guy.

I talked one of my Possum buddies into doing it with me too, so that’ll be fun! It won’t be the same experience as the Spa Girl triathlon but we’ll have a good time and get a fancy medal to boot. I can’t wait to see the size of this thing.