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Free Things Are Kind of Exciting

img_3861If you’ve been reading the pieces of Absence of Intellect that I’ve been posting on Wednesdays, I hope you’re enjoying the story! I’ve had an idea about it and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy that as well.

Once Absence is completed, I’m going to re-edit it and put it up on Amazon and in KU. It’ll be e-book only and permafree, so if you missed a chapter or just want to read the whole thing from the beginning, you’ll be able to own it and read it at your leisure. It’s going to be novella length, probably around 30-32K, and hopefully it’ll spark interest in my other books.

So far I’ve written 15 chapters and have 3 more to write, so it’ll be a couple of months before any of this happens but I’ll put all the news here so you’ll be the first to know when it does. I’ll likely release it around Christmas with no preorder, so no pesky waiting!

I hope you’ll keep reading the chapters of Absence as they’re posted, and give me your feedback on them. I’m looking forward to doing this and possibly started a new story after this one is concluded. I’ve got a bit of an idea sort of rolling around in my head that seems like it could be a good novella.

There’s always the possibility that I’ll get impatient and start updating twice a week or something like that, but we’ll see where this goes. Writing is a wild ride and sometimes all you can do is hold on and hope the brakes work.


Drowned History – Free This Weekend!


My new book Only a Rogue Knows is now available on Amazon for Kindle and in KU! To celebrate, I’m offering Drowned History for FREE this weekend! If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, now is the time to do it.

If you haven’t read any of my work and want to check it out, the book will be free on Amazon from Friday, June 15 through Monday, June 18! Tell your friends, too, the more the merrier!

If you do pick up a free copy, be sure to leave me a review and let me know what you thought about it! And if you absolutely hate it, let me know too. I don’t offend easily and appreciate constructive criticism. It wasn’t my favorite part of my English minor but it really helps develop a thick skin because college can be petty.

Follow the links below to get your free copy of Drowned History, and pick up a copy of Only a Rogue Knows while you’re at it! Don’t forget, The Legacy’s Origin is also available to preorder at any of your favorite retailers!

Drowned History – FREE

Only a Rogue Knows – $0.99

The Legacy’s Origin – preorder for $0.99


Author Interview: Becca J. Campbell


I am incredibly excited today to welcome Becca J. Campbell to my blog! She’s the author of the Flawed series that I have gone crazy for and I’m super happy that she agreed to answer a few questions for me! If you’re not familiar with the Flawed series, you can check out my reviews of Empath, Outsider, and Protector, her newest one that was released in January. Now, on to the questions!

How did you get the idea for the Flawed Series?

I’ve always enjoyed stories involving unique powers: Heroes, X-Men, and even Stephenie Meyer’s unique vampires intrigued me. When I started writing, I put my own twist on the idea, leaning toward individuals with superhuman weaknesses rather than focusing on their strengths. Then I began crafting my characters, each with a unique ability, and figuring out the upside versus downside of that trait.


Do you have a favorite character and who/why?

Ethan was the most fun to write, and Alexandria is most like me, but Logan was probably my favorite. I have a pretty big crush on him. He’s like a combination of Wolverine, Edward Cullen, and my husband, with other mysterious drool-worthy qualities thrown in for good measure.


How many books do you foresee in the Flawed Series or is it too soon to tell?

The Flawed series will be four books, but following the release of book four I’ll be launching a brand new spin off series called The Uniques. The Uniques begins chronologically right after Empath, but takes a different angle as Cam Schuyler searches for a connection for why all these people with flaws have converged. It will introduce a whole slew of intriguing characters and feature even more abilities than the Flawed series does. Check out the short story Pulled for an early introduction to a couple of them.


Empath, Outsider, and Protector were all one trilogy – does Enchanter start a second?

Enchanter is actually book #4 in the Flawed series.


What are you working on right now?

Amongst several side projects, I’m currently working on finishing Enchanter (Flawed #4) so that I can publish it this summer.


What other books have you written?

I have two stand alone novels, Foreign Identity (mystery, suspense) and Gateway to Reality (science fiction). I’ve also published several futuristic sci fi/action short stories.


What is your favorite genre to read and who are some of your favorite authors?

I’ve been reading a lot of YA dystopian lately. I like science fiction that’s not too sciencey, and I love anything with super powers or time travel. Also, any story with amnesia or memory loss fascinates me. I’m not sure if I have just one favorite author, but I love Ted Dekker, Kiera Cass, and Marissa Meyer.


Where can readers find you?

I’m beccajcampbell at all of the social media outlets:

Author Website | Twitter Facebook | InstagramPinterest Goodreads Amazon Author Page

Also, I’d love to get them started on Flawed series right now, so I’ll send Empath (book #1) for free to anyone who’s interested and I’ll throw in Constricted (the short story companion to book #1). Click here to grab your free books.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Becca!

If you haven’t read the Flawed series yet, I strongly encourage you to pick up your free copy of Empath! I recommend it highly and I know you’ll be hooked like I was. Go, read!