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Becca the Lab Rat

If you follow my Twitter you may have seen that I got a new job! I’m excited to report that after 16 years of working in clinics (and in one case a teaching hospital), I have traded my scrubs for a lab coat and gone to work at a reference lab.

It’s been an adjustment. I really did love the clinic I worked at, so there were lots of tearful goodbyes and hugs. The Sunday before my first day at the lab was so strange, knowing that I would be going somewhere completely different the next day. It made me incredibly sad but I know this is the best move for me.

The adjustment continues as now I have a 45-60 minute commute between Fort Worth and Dallas. I used to be able to roll out of bed, throw on my scrubs, and be at work in 10 minutes. Now I’m packing my lunch the night before, making a smoothie in the morning and heading out. I’m not about to sugarcoat the fact that the traffic is awful. In fact, I’m fairly certain that 5:00 traffic on 121 violates the Geneva Convention. I have my podcasts and am branching out into audiobooks, so it’s at least informative, and I can now drive to work without needing my GPS.

The lab is ridiculously busy, so the days just fly by and right now I’m working directly with my boss. I was nervous, but he said that I am doing really well, I’m picking things up quickly and he’s glad to have me. Things are a-ok.

Plus, the pathologists buy Starbucks sometimes.