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Training Journal: Happy New Year!

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that I haven’t done much running this fall (and winter). Part of this is because of the new job, trying to get everything worked out and get used to my new schedule. I used to be able to run Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings, and Saturday or Sunday. Now between my commute and being exhausted from work I have had a hard time making time. Also, now that I work Tuesdays I haven’t been able to go to the Y for spin and swimming.

However! With the start of the new year my singular resolution is to get back to being fit! I’m not awful: I’ve lost 15 pounds and sleep better but I miss running. And so I am currently in search of a running challenge for the winter, hoping to get myself moving again. I’m also trying to come up with a schedule for going to the Y before work but we’ll see how that works out. Running, though. That’s happening.

In an attempt to get started on this new road I enlisted Amanda’s help to go for a run this morning. We agreed to meet after she finished at work and run for a few miles. Unfortunately there were…complications. As it turns out, a race was going on. Text message showing that there is a race happening and asking if I want to skip runningWhat do we do when a lemon falls out of the vending machine? Throw that nonsense away and get some mimosas! Amanda and I signed up and proceeded to run a very cold 5K with some other foolish mortals. It ended up being amazing. I clocked my best pace in months, started 2019 off right, and got to drink at 10:45 AM with a good friend. Me and Amanda drinking mimosas by the finish line No medal this time, but I am pleased to report that so far the new year is going my way.