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Tiny Kitten Toes

Well, guess who got another dang cat? If you guessed it was me, you’re very correct. I would like you all to meet my new babycat, Robin Lord Tater Tot.

If you’re a fan of Gotham, you’ll recognize that I’ve basically named her after the guy who plays The Penguin. He’s a really cool guy, an animal lover, and a great actor. Who else can convincingly do heartbroken one minute then swing completely the opposite direction to murdering someone with a beer bottle?

Anyhow, this little fritter was found by a lady who works at the bank next to our clinic and she called to see if someone could come and check to make sure she wasn’t injured. I went over and immediately fell in love. She was found in the middle of the road, frightened and weak, with her mama hit by a car on the side of the road. The lady scooped her up and brought her to the bank and the rest, as they say, is history.

There was a whole lot of hissing the first night she was home, and my husband was so worried that the other cats wouldn’t like her. As it turns out, she is Lemondrop’s new BFF. It took them a couple of days but now they play gently, chase each other, share toys and today I caught them cuddling by the window. I think she needed someone close to her own age; my other cats are 13, 8 and 7 and they don’t want to tussle as roughly as they used to. I even brought her home on Lemondrop’s birthday!


This kitten is ridiculously agreeable! She loves to cuddle, regularly falls asleep on me at night, meows gently when she wants to be fed, and has already learned to get in the big cat litter boxes, take a flying leap off the couch without hurting herself, and climb up the couch to see us. My husband is in awe of how smart she is, and you can definitely see the wheels turning in her little head. She’s only about 5-6 weeks old, so I’m a little excited to see how she does when she’s older. I think she’s going to be a good fit for our family.

I had to do a little convincing to get my husband to let me bring her home but once he met her he fell in love. My main argument was that she needed us and also that with Rufus gone we had a slot in our house for a fifth cat. She’s currently eating Royal Canin Babycat (the cutest food ever) and is doing very well. I’m excited to have a new baby in the house and can’t wait to share more pictures with y’all!