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Author Interview: Tammy Andresen

Midnight MagicToday I have a special guest on the blog, Tammy Andresen! She’s the author of Midnight Magic, which I reviewed on Thursday, and she’s an awesome lady.

What was your inspiration for Midnight Magic?

Midnight Magic was inspired by a trip to St. Louis. We visited the Museum of Westward Expansion. I was so inspired by the artifacts there. Though it is a small part of the story, I absolutely love Gateway to the West and will feature again in a historical romance!

What drew you to historical romance?

I was an English major and a history minor in college. I have always been fascinated with history. It is a story to me in and of itself. When you use it in a book, it adds so much drama. I just love that. In terms of writing romance, I can’t help it. I am drawn to boy meets girl. It is the oldest and best tale.

What are you working on right now?

I have four projects in the works. A novella, Seeds of Love, will be in a box set, Love’s Prelude. It comes out April 25th but you can pre-order it now! http://amzn.to/21sBhmT A full length novel, Taming a Duke’s Reckless Heart, is set to come out the same time. The Golden Rules of Love is in the writing process and a Pirate Novella will come out in November!!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE my job!!!

You’ve written in a couple of different eras, which is your favorite?

Most of my work is is the Victorian era. I love the development of the Untied States during that time. Regency is also very romantic!

What is your favorite genre to read and who are some of your favorite authors?

My very favorite is Jude Deveraux. Her novel, Mountain Laurel, put me on the path. Today, I love Sabrina York and Meara Platt.

Where can readers find you?

  1. The best places to find me are:






Thank you for joining me today, Tammy! Now, everyone go out and pick up her books. She’s an amazing author!


Book Review: Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic

A bad marriage has left Jessie Walsh in ruins and running for her life. She answers an ad for a Texas cook and nanny. Donning a disguise to hide her identity, Jessie can only pray that she has run far enough.

Jake Tate has his hands full with a daughter, a ranch, cowboys, Indians and cattle. But the longer Jessie stays, the more intrigued he becomes. What is this tough woman hiding underneath her large coat and square spectacles?

As passion ignites between them, the real question becomes, how long do they have until Jessie’s past threatens to destroy their future?

I loved Jessie from the beginning. Lots of historical romance novels, particularly ones set in the West, boast heroines that are tough and know what they want, but Jessie also had a softness to her that made her easy to identify with. The story of her past was told little by little in flashbacks, which made it much less of an information overload and also gave you more time to empathize with her situation and want to know more about her.

This was the first historical romance I’ve read where the heroine was physically abused in addition to being emotionally abused. It gave Jessie the push she needed to get away from her old life but it was a little hard for me to read about, though it did give the story a good realism. There were some pretty good coincidences so it was nice to have that balanced out a little.

Midnight Magic felt a lot like several books in one. At the beginning there was the meeting between Jessie and Jake that went from will-they-or-won’t-they to a rich romance, then it moved on to the fight between Jessie and her past that caused them to change scenery and say goodbye to most of the secondary characters we spent a lot of time with at the beginning. I enjoyed the journey but it really did feel like two different stories were being told at times.

I really enjoyed this book a lot. The characters were all very well written, the drama was believable, and the historical settings were rich and accurate. And of course, the romance was top notch. I loved watching Jessie and Jake’s relationship unfold with all its uncertainty, and was very satisfied with the ending and how everything wrapped up. There was a teaser for Andresen’s next book, The Golden Rules of Love at the end and after reading it I’m very much looking forward to it as well.

Book Review: The Art of Going Home

Art of Going Home

Maddie dreads going home to face the memories of her dead sister. But she must return to the tiny town after a decade to attend a funeral. As it turns out, the haunting reminders of her twin are the least of her worries…

Not given any details of her sister’s murder at the age of ten, Maddie is persuaded to track down the killer. Following one ominous clue after another, she learns the surrogate family she thought honestly loved her has been hiding the truth of her childhood for eighteen years. As suppressed memories of her past come crashing forward, Maddie begins to doubt everything she once believed. And everybody she thought she could trust.

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book last month and devoured it, but I was waiting for the book’s release so it would be fresh in your mind when you could buy it.

The Art of Going Home was originally written a couple of years ago and she is re-releasing it this week with new edits and a brand new, absolutely gorgeous cover. It’s part of the Art of Living series, the second of which is, I hope, coming out soon.

This book grabbed me from the first page and kept me reading almost non-stop. The chapters were short, which made it easy to take a break whenever I had to work and easy to pick back up when I had some time set aside to read. Where a lot of books would slow down in the middle, this one kept up the pace, introducing new characters and some family secrets that even shocked me.

I loved Madisen, even though she and I have very little in common. She was flawed and in some ways not a very good person, but as the secrets are revealed I was able to understand why she was that way. I did want to grab her and shake some sense into her a few times, though. In spite of this, I still liked her a lot. Not every heroine has to be perfect!

The romance was strong between Madisen and Zac right from the beginning, and there didn’t seem like there was going to be much conflict apart from a bit of will-they-or-won’t-they tension. It was more of a natural progression than a romance novel, which was refreshing. When there was a big conflict, it made it all the better, and when they finally got together for real it was very satisfying.

The ending itself is also very good. There’s a twist that resolves the central mystery in this book and a great lead in to the next book in the series, The Art of Retribution. There was a little teaser in the back, which made me all the more eager to read more, but I had to remind myself that unlike the Flawed series I didn’t have more to read right away. It’s a great book that I definitely recommend to fans of romance and light mystery.

Tomorrow I have an interview with the author, Nicole Sorrell, and I hope you’ll stop in tomorrow and read more about her work!

The Detective’s Brother Backstory

Open Book BH 2

This week on the blog hop we are talking about the backstory of our novel, which is quite timely now that I’m getting close to publication!

The Detective’s Brother isn’t actually the first Western romance I wrote, it was one called Framed that I wrote on a whim. I’ve always written stories that had some romantic elements to them and decided I would give a real romance a try. I had a lot of fun writing it but I was two chapters from the end when I had the idea for Detective’s Brother and started writing it instead.

I decided on Quinn and Simon’s characters by creating a headstrong, smart girl who knows exactly what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it, then going with a damaged and brooding man who would test her dedication every chance he got. Not exactly your fairytale couple, but one that was incredibly fun to write.

The main idea of the story itself was easy to write; I loved my characters and let them do whatever they wanted, even if that led me down paths that I hadn’t planned on, and the story and world expanded from there. I’ve always enjoyed the whole “dark secret” aspect of romance novels and writing about one was just as enjoyable as reading and figuring out one.

Writing historical fiction was a lot more challenging than I expected, because while I adore history and always enjoyed reading about my hometown’s beginnings as a teenager, things like detectives and what men wore under their clothes weren’t exactly in my history books. Thanks to a lot of internet searches and some thick books from the heritage section at the library, I managed to get a grasp on what Fort Worth was like in 1885 and now I can’t imagine setting my stories anywhere else.

Have you written a book too? Tell us the backstory of your novel and join the blog hop! If you have a Twitter handle, leave me a comment and I’ll tweet your book into my timeline as well!

Before you go, check out Lela Markham’s book Life As We Knew It!

Life As We Knew ItChaos changes everything!

Shane Delaney, a burned-out mercenary with a troubled past, returns home to small-town Kansas to heal his scars and quiet his demons, not planning to stay long enough for the townsfolk to reject who he has become.
He never expected the town to need his deadlier skills.

When a terrorist attack on distant cities abruptly transforms life as they knew it, the people of Emmaus must forge their own disaster plan to survive.

What would you do if the world as you know it ended today?

The people of Emmaus will find out.


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Final Edits and New Projects

The last two weeks were really exciting for me, writing-wise. My editor, Carly, got the second half of the edits back to me when I was just finishing up the first, and suddenly I was on a deadline! I spent all my days off staring at a screen and sitting on the couch working on the edits. There were some rewrites she wanted again, and of course the usual line edits.

This is my first time with an editor, so it’s been an interesting experience to have someone else reading through my work and telling me what little things I needed to change. It was the first time I’d ever used the Track Changes function on Word too. Since I’d never had anyone else working in my files, I’d never had a reason to use it. It’s actually a pretty great function! I could see what she took out and her comments, both of which were really helpful. It did make things a little hard to look at when I wrote my own changes but once all the changes are accepted/committed, it’ll look much better.

She got the last of the changes to me yesterday, so I forsee myself sitting on the couch and working on them all day tomorrow. I want to get them back to her before the weekend is out but I haven’t looked at them yet to see what needs to be done.

I have to say that my story has improved a lot since Carly came on board. This is my first romance novel, so there were some definite things that needed work, but I feel that I’ll be able to take everything she’s given me and make the ones I have in reserve better right off the ground. Of course, the second is going to be one that I already finished that is in need of a major rewrite. Maybe a project for Camp NaNoWriMo in July?

Speaking of Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m glad the first session is coming up in April because I’ve got a new project to work on!

My book manager Patti – the hardest working woman I know – introduced me a little while back to some other historical romance authors and we’ve gotten along well. Thanks to their encouragement, I’m working on a new project the likes of which I’ve never tackled before!

Up until now I have been writing exclusively historical Western romances, so this is going to be a little different – it’s still historical romance but this time it’s pirate-themed! It’s going to be pretty exciting, especially since I don’t know a whole lot about pirates. That’s what research is for, right?

What does this have to do with Camp NaNoWriMo? You can set your own word count goal, and this story is going to be closer to novella length. Plus, I’ll have friends to cheer me on and word sprints to help me get where I’m going. Of course, I’ll share some snippets with you until I can announce more about the project. I can’t wait for you to read it!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do some editing and research pirates!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I haven’t posted on here in a while, I know, but that’s because not much has been going on. I’ve started the outline for a new book and finally finished the character sheets I’ve been working on but nothing terribly interesting. I had no idea how long publishing takes but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end. The next step is a cover reveal so please look forward to that!

As a thank you for reading and your patience, I’d like to share a sexy story with you! Unlike the Christmas story, this one is definitely for adults and is not work safe, so exercise caution around kids and your boss (unless they’re into it!). And whether you have a partner or not, I hope it inspires you to get up to some Valentine’s mischief of your own!

…And Juliet the Sun

Merry Early Christmas!

It’s been a little while since I posted but I bring with me a little Christmas gift, so I hope you’ll forgive me! It’s a short little story about a detective and a Christmas tree, and it introduces a couple of characters from my upcoming novel, The Detective’s Brother from Sinnful eBooks. I hope you like it and that it gets you excited to read more of my work.

I hope to post more short stories here every now and then. They’ll likely be one-offs of ten pages or less, perfect for enjoying on your lunch break or before bed. Fair warning, though, some of them might be a little steamy. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when they’re NSFW! In the meantime…

The Christmas Tree

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!